Thursday, December 27, 2012


One advantage of my neighbor parking so close is, he is knocking the wind off me! Ha Ha!
I am running on my fresh water tank just fine. I also have some gallon jug of water I drew up, and bottled drinking water.After the pump thawed out, I left it on and so far hasn't froze up again.
Jason's Mobile RV came today to look at my bedroom vent. He said it was just crumbling apart, and I had him check the other ones too. I will replace three of them, just the plastic lid part. The Maxx Air Vent covers look OK. They are really worth having. If I had not had them I would be looking at a Hole in the ceiling. It is cold again today, wind not so bad. I think it its 28 right now at 4:00 pm. In for another cold night.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

I hope everyone had a "Merry Christmas"!
Mine was really cold. Howling winds, and temps dropping to single digits. The dinner was at my house, and I had for the first time in my life, a Cajun fried turkey, dirty rice dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry orange relish, and a fruit salad I made, and rolls. My daughters boyfriend was sick, so he didn't come. Cherry and I had a nice dinner, and she gave me a handbag,(we have a thing for bags) and a jacket. In spite of the cold wind shaking the rig, we had Christmas music, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, homemade cookies,candy and a whole lot of Love.
It's really been cold at night, I am trying to conserve on my LP and not run completely out. Cherry disconnected the water from the outside faucet before she left, so I wouldn't have to. I am doing fine on water from the holding tank, plus water I had drawn up. The water pump did freeze, and took a little while to thaw, and draw from the fresh water tank. I spent a miserable night, couldn't get warm. My own fault, should have left already for warmer country, just where that is, I don't know!

Crowded conditions?

With so many empty spaces, why would this guy park so close to me? I know I'm not that good lookin

Friday, December 21, 2012

Laugh if you want to

but it worked! After listening to the flip flop all night, I discovered the roof vent over my bed had been damaged in the wind. I have Max Air vents over all my roof vents, otherwise I would have had a big hole looking back at me. I tried different size pillows, none fit sung enough, and then I thought about this piece of windshield cover I had cut up to use on my front door glass. So, I get on the bed, on my knees to tape it over the vent opening, promptly fell. Almost hit Kandi who was in bed. I rolled around like a big rubber ball trying to get up, all the while, Kandi is barking her head off, and trying to help me. I sorta fell between the mattress and the sliding door to the bed room. I finally managed to get in a position to hang my feel off the bed, sit up and stand up. About this time my Daughter calls me, and I try to explain the situation. She tells me to wait and she will come tomorrow and see what she can do. Well, after I rested awhile, I tried it again and did manage to use duck tape to hold it over the vent, thus preventing the cold air to come in when the vent flopped open. During the night, the darn thing fell, scared Kandi to death. I give up!
So, today Cherry and Delbert come and Cherry get in the bed on her knees, and is able to re apply duck tape and so far it has stayed up. I know I will have to have it replaced, but maybe after the holidays. What a night!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wind blowing at 50 mp

I see no one is making any comments on my blog. Should I quit writing? Oh, well it is mostly for my own record anyway.
Last night was the night from HELL, high winds, up to 50 mph rocking this trailer. It rocks from side to side, feel just like you are going over sideways. Those toppers over the slide room are a pain, they make so much noise, combined with the wind, I got no sleep. So, I had this great idea to put just my bedroom slide in. Would have been no big deal, but I had been cleaning out the closet looking for some winter clothes, so I had clothes on the floor and well as boxes. About 3 am I thought what the hell, I'm not sleeping anyway, so I get up and start stuffing clothes back in the closet. Figured out how to keep my electric blanket hooked up when slide was in. Kandi is in bed, asleep, really just watching me. So, I put the slide in, she goes nuts, barks, shakes, and cries. I never thought it would scare her so much. The rest of the night went pretty good, except for this banging I hear just over the bed. Got up and turned the light on, I thought the roof vent was gone, but no, it was there. Well I will deal with it tomorrow when it is daylight and I can see!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Windy day

I think half of New Mexico has blown in!It has been very windy, gusts up to 40 mph. This rig has been rocking all day. Tomorrow will be the same, but the temps will also drop. Great. My allergies are driving me nuts.
I have had some difficult days, with my sugar dropping too low. For the first time in my life I thought I would faint. Not a great feeling, I can tell you that. All I could do was hang on to the counter and pray for Jesus to help me. He did, always does.
I was very scared. Have felt really bad for the last few days, not feeling well enough to drive into Cleburne to my doc. office. I think today I was just plain lazy, went back to bed when I should have gone to the Post Office. Maybe tomorrow will be better, I don't mind it if it's a little chilly, just don't like the wind. I have seen big rigs,18 wheelers blown off the road, I am not trying to outdo them!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Just had to say it! I won't live long enough to see that number again. 
Took my trash to the dumpster, went to the post office, and to the Family Dollar Store. Not much in the paper, but I get my grocery ads, some time I find good buys. 
It was cold again last night, 26 degrees, but nothing froze so I'm OK. Another cold night and then we will warm up some. I think I may have to get LP tomorrow, or the next day. I was trying to get both tanks filled at once, I have to ask someone to help me, and that way I won't have to bother them again.
I usually don't send out Christmas card anymore, but there are a few people I like to keep in touch with, so I bought a box of 10 cards.
Kandi isn't feeling well tonight, been throwing up. So hard to know what to do when they can't tell you. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cold night, but I was warm and cozy.

The temp got down to 28 last night, but my electric heater along with my Buddie heater kept me warm. At bedtime I turn the Buddie heater off. Ran the furnace at 55 so my water lines in the bays wouldn't freeze. At 9:30 this morn there is a knock on my door. Park maintenance man was there to tell me my water filter had frozen and burst, he would turn off my water for a few minutes, and take the filter off, then turn water back on. I had a small lake at my steps. 
That was about the extent of my day. Kandi is wearing her new sweater, which is a little tight. She needs to lose a little weight, or maybe get a hair cut.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cold you say?

It was down to 34 degrees this morning when I managed to climb out of bed. Anything under 50 is too cold for me! This evening the TV doctor said that cold weather is very hard on heart patients. That's all it took, got my maps out, trying to decide the best route to get to Quartzsite. I called a fellow over at Thousand Trails that installed my quick disconnect for my Catalytic heater, and of course he is too busy to do it. Now,where to get it installed?Really didn't want to haul this thing to Camping World, 70 miles away to have it done. 
It is going to get to the 20s tonight, and I didn't get all my outside work done. Oh, well.
  I bought Kandi a new sweater for her Christmas, it's blue. I may have to give it to her early. It is so cold, course she does have plenty of hair!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Feeling better today,

I am feeling better today, my legs still are having charlie horse's. I was doing pretty good until a brought in a case of drinking water from the truck. Pulled something, so I limped along, and made it to the Post Office. I bought a book of "Forever" stamps but did not get Christmas stamps. Seems I never use all of them. Then to the Family Dollar Store where I bought Kandi a doggie sweater,collar and leash boxed set for her Christmas. I will go back and get her a "a squeaky toy" before Christmas. She has a stocking, but it is in storage, so I may just get her a new one! Spoiled? Naw!
Last night the weather man asked does anyone know where Tok,Ak is? I answered back to the TV, yes, I've been there! Well, it was only -58 degrees. then he shows a picture of Fairbanks,AK, -40 degrees this morning. Been there too. Could be that's why I am in Texas? We are expecting some really cold weather by this Monday, so, if I am able tomorrow I will pump out the water I have stored in my fresh water tank, been in there since May, refill with fresh water with a little water freshener. So if it freezes I will have water to flush and do dishes. I have already filled two gallon jugs with drinking water, and I have that case of bottled water so I should be good to go. My LP is getting low, but I think I can make it without buying more until maybe next week. I have a Mr. Heater that uses one pound LP bottles, just in case I need them!
I HATE cold weather. I so want to get out of here before the real winter sets in!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Feeling better

I didn't know that being low on Potassium could make you feel so bad. I also didn't know that taking Potassium would make me so sick! It does not sit well on my stomach. I may have had another bug also, but the  Potassium still makes my stomach hurt. Yesterday I felt pretty good, and went to the Post Office to pick up my mail, it had been there over a week and all my ads were already outdated. I intended to go again today, but I didn't feel well, took a nap instead. Really haven't been able to keep up with the Blogs or my e-mail. Maybe I will get straightened out before Christmas! It has been wonderful weather here in Central Texas, but this coming Monday that will change as a cold front is coming in. I am not ready for that!
I have been looking over my Blog reading list, and see that some have not posted in a year! I am thinking of deleting those,but I don't want to offend anyone that is just a "reader". 
I am still not sure of any travel plans for this winter. I keep hoping, but just can't seem to get excited about going any place. I had thought of going to the Texas coast, Rockport, for the winter, but I can't seem to get in touch with the manager of the RV park where I wanted to stay. I did talk to her, and she said she would call me back as soon as she got to the office. Guess she hasn't made it back to the office yet, that was over a month ago! She's not very interested in me staying with her? Well there are other places, just in case she does not know it!

Monday, November 26, 2012


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my daughter at her house in Hillsboro,TX. 
I had some blood work done on Monday  before Thanksgiving, and on Wed. the doctors office called me to tell my my potassium level was too low. Well, I knew something was off as I have been feeling so bad. I thought the last time I had my blood work done it was too low. So, I am taking Potassium, 10 m. once daily. It is making me so sick. I read the side effects and seems I have them all. I have been really short winded, and I still am. The potassium really does a number on my stomach, I have gas like you wouldn't believe, stomach cramps, and my stomach burns. I am trying to stay with it, he only gave me 20 then I go back for another blood test. I am so hoping I will feel better. Don't feel like cooking, so my diet is not that good, just grab what I can. I didn't realize that a low potassium level could make you feel so bad and cause a heart attack.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!
Sunday was my daughter Cherry's birthday. I went to her house in Hillsboro, just 14 miles from me.Took her a cake, card, and a Christmas Cactus.
When she was born my husband and I along with her 13 month old sister lived in Lincoln, Nebraska. Cherry was born on November 18 th 1956. you figure out her age! It was the largest snow storm of the season. I was told when I went into labor to go to Omaha, Nebraska to deliver, and since this was my second child, not to tarry. We followed the snowplow all the way from Lincoln to Omaha. My wonderful little land lady kept my oldest daughter, Scarlett for me. Such a nice lady, took me in like I was her child. I WAS a child. I could have walked and got there in plenty of time. Cherry was stubborn about coming, and she is still stubborn!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Waiting for the next shoe to drop

The wind is blowing about 30-40 mph. It really is rocking this rig. The slide out rooms act just like wings! I don't like the toppers over the slide out rooms. I would never have had them put on, but the previous owner did, so I am stuck with them. They are very noisy when the wind blows them. I had one new one, to replace one that was in bad condition. It had holes in it, I was afraid it would rip, and thus cause damage to my slide out. Now, I am wondering if the other ones will have to be replaced before I was planning on it. New, depending on how large they are, they cost about $400.00 each. I have three slides, so you can see that is a lot of money. I thought about just having them removed, but everyone I talked to said they liked theirs, and it would help keep sun and rain, and tree limbs off. Any hows, seems like there is always something to "fix" on these RV! Maybe the wind will just blow me somewhere for the winter!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just Chillin

Haven't been doing a lot the last few days. I have been a little under the weather, pain in my back and leg cramps. I found Aleve helps more than anything. Yesterday I made it to the Post Office, and grocery store. They had cabbage on sale for 45 cents lb. So, this afternoon I made cabbage and sausage, with carrots and potatoes. It was soooo good. I think I will have just enough for tomorrow.

The Post Office lost my mail from my mail forwarding service. I will make another trip tomorrow to town and hope they have it by then. If not then I will have a few choice words to say to them. Escapee's mail service e-mails me when they sen my mail, which was last Friday. It surely should be here by now. I think it is the PO, they have a new person working, and I think it just got "lost".

I am still trying to decide where I want to go for the winter. How do You decide where you will travel? Do you go to see the amusements, or family, or maybe the weather is the reason? I think I am looking for warm weather!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Doing chores

Yesterday was a "chore" day. First I gave Kandi a much needed bath, then I need a bath! Then wash all the wet towels I used bathing Kandi. I discovered these great Tide Pods. No more spilling powder or liquid soap. I think they are great for RV'rs, if you have a washer/dryer or if you have to take your clothes to the laundry. They don't take up much room, weigh nothing at all, easy to use, just drop one in the washer and start filling with water. The only draw back I see, is if you have only one or two garments, such as reds, or blacks you want to wash alone, you wouldn't want to use as much detergent. I guess you could use dishwashing soap to do just a few garments. I traveled in my class C motorhome years ago and without a tow car for years. That meant hauling the laundry to the laundry room of the RV park. Sometimes, I could park close, sometimes not. I had a mesh laundry bag with a pocket for your soap, dryer sheets etc. I usually took a pocketful of change too. That is when I decided I wanted a rig with a washer/dryer, even if it was a small one. I am happy with my Sears Stak Pak washer dryer. This is the second one I have had, wouldn't trade it for anything. Check them out. I get mine at the Family Dollar store for $4.50 a package of 14. That is 32 cents a load, not too bad is it?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween, don't let the gobblins get you!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beautiful day

It turned out to be a beautiful day. From a low of 37 to 77. A forty degree difference! From using the heater, to turn the A/C on! This weather plays havoc with my sinus. I was a bad girl, did not go to Ft.Worth. I really intended to, but just didn't, so tomorrow is another day, I hope! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Freezing weather

The weatherman said it got down to 30 degrees last night. It was cold, but I was nice and warm with my electric heater and electric blanket in my bed room. I close off the living room area, and it helps keep me warm. I am cold natured anyway. I think because of age, and I take aspirin and lasix. This morning was warm, and I set about doing my chores, emptying the black tank, back flushing it. It still reads two third full. My sugar dropped down too low, so I really didn't do all my chores. I did check the water level in my battery. Never got around to taking the trash to the dump. Saving that for tomorrow! I hope to make it to Ft.Worth tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2012

New Heater

When I left for the Wal Mart at Hillsboro,TX yesterday  the sky was very dark and foreboding, I hoped I got back to Whitney before the rain. It is only about 20 miles to the Wal Mart. I looked for the heater my friend had bought and liked very much. I found the Lasko, but the one I ended up with doesn't have a remote control. It was $49.95, and I didn't think I really needed the remote for the difference. Mine was $34.95 and suits me just fine. It kept my downstairs nice and warm last night.

I almost made it back before the rain, I did get a little wet getting my packages in the rig. One thing about my heater, I can not use toaster,microwave or anything else when the heater is on. I kicked the breaker first thing this morning, forgot I had the heater on. I am on 30 amp here, so I really need to move to a site with 50 amp. I have been toasty warm all night and today. Temps expected to drop into the 33 tonight, so we will see how that works. I won't run the furnace, or fireplace. If the temps get down to freezing for any length of time, I will have to turn furnace on low to keep my pipes from freezing, but I don't expect that to happen this early in the year. We will be back in the 70s by next week, this is Texas you know!  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Jason's Mobile RV came yesterday and finished up the work on the RV. He replaced the vent caps that seem to be missing. Not being able to get on top of the rig before I bought it, I didn't know they were gone. Fixed now! He also installed two 12 volt plugs, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. Now, I can run my 12 volt fan if I don't have electricity for some reason. I wanted one in the kitchen because when the slides are in I can't get to the cook stove. I can get to the refrigerator. I will have to Plan Ahead. So, now I am looking for 12 volt hot pot, or maybe a single burner. Some way to have some hot water, or maybe a frying pan. Any ideas?
Tomorrow is a Wal Mart day. Look for a new electric heater. Weatherman says here comes a cold front! Time to drag out the long handles!   

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ghost are still here!

Seems my "ghost" is still here. This time he is using my computer! Night before last, about 3 am, I get up to open the roof vent. I said before I can't sleep at night. This night I was so hot, and the air was on, just not coming on. So, I opened the roof vent over my bed, when I turned to go back to bed I noticed a light on in the downstairs. It dawned on me, it was my computer! It was turned on, just as pretty as you please! No, I didn't go down and turn it off, figured the ghost would when he was though!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ghost ??

I think I have a Ghost living with me in my rig! About a week ago, my fireplace suddenly came on by its self. I just turned it off, thinking that was odd. The remote for the fireplace is lying next to the remote for the TV, I thought I had just picked up the wrong one. Then a few days later, I get up and come down to the living room and the fire place is on! Well, it was a bit chilly so I left it on to warm up the room. I thought that was nice, to come down to a nice warm room! Then a couple of days ago, it comes on again, all by its lonesome. This time, it's not so nice as I had the A/C on. This time I turned off the main switch for the fireplace. That Ghost will just have to live by MY rules!
Today was really nice and sunny, one of those days you remember why you live in Texas.
Once again I didn't sleep well. I think it is watching late night TV. I have been watching old Perry Mason movies. I must say they are better than anything new even if they are in black and white. One thing I have noticed about all these old movies, all the women seem to have 18" waist lines! How did I get so fat? I do remember having an 18" waist line, even after having three kids! The young girls of today seem to be much heavier. Maybe it is caused by watching too many TV shows and munching!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New neighbors

This morning my new neighbors pulled in. Really a big 5 th wheel, and just before them a huge motorhome. The motorhome moved on but the fifth wheel parked right beside me. When I looked out the window I couldn't believe how low they were to the ground! Never seen this before. They must have auto levels, but still I think they should have put a block under the front jacks. I wouldn't want my rig to be so close to the ground. It does rain here and some time water stands at least an inch or so. 

Dumped the black tank, it's only been one week! Hooked up the back flush hose and let it back flush for at least an hour. The level still doesn't read empty. I may try running the hose in through the house and down in the toilet. Would be nice if I had some one to turn the water off and on outside! Otherwise I didn't do diddle. The wind was blowing and it was a little chilly out side.

So, I came in and took a nap. Now I am ready for the debates tonight!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kandi feels better!

Kandi is feeling better. She doesn't seem to be scratching her nose. She is eating well, drinking water and going potty. So glad this med is helping her.
It has been a very windy and stormy day. The wind is horrible, 30 mph with gusts to 50 mph. It really rocks this RV, and those awing toppers over the slide out flop and make terrible noises. Some people put their rooms in when the wind gets up, but I can't use my kitchen when my rooms are in, so they will just have to stand it. It is hard for me to sleep when all that is going on!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Kandi goes to the Vet

Yesterday was a nerve wracking day. Kandi has been scratching at her nose for several weeks. I mean really scratching with both front feet and whining at the same time. So I made an appointment with the Vet. here in Whitney. She also has a large "bump" on her shoulder. I noticed it after her grooming the first of Sept. I was not happy about her being razor burned so badly when I had told the groomer that she razor burns real easy, and to scissor her when possible. I really didn't know if the bump was from razor burn, or if she fell off the grooming table, or if it was there before the grooming. Then I got worried it might be a tumor! You know how us "Moms" get about our babies. 
The vet seems to think she has allergies, and says the bump is not a tumor. He said she also had a slight ear infection, which might contribute to her scratching at her nose. He gave her a steroid shot, and ear medicine. She seem really out of it today. She does eat well, so guess she is feeling OK. She isn't scratching at her nose as much either. Eighty Four bucks! But she is worth it. I don't need anything anyway.   I have been so stressed from worrying about Kandi I haven't done a thing today. Guess I needed a little down time.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New topper installed

Jason's Mobile RV Repair was scheduled to be here at 11:00 am to install the slide out topper and do a few other things. I set my alarm for 8:00 am, I know that is not early for some of you, but it is for me, plus I didn't sleep well for fear I would be late! I did get up when the alarm went off. Got dressed just before 11 so I would be ready when Jason came. Went to the bathroom, and alas the floor was wet! This is the second time this high dollar electric toilet has leaked all over the floor. So, I go outside to see what's going on, dump the black tank, come back in and dry the floor. Run water thru the toilet,go back out side to check again. The carpet in the underbelly is wet, so I know it has been leaking for a while. Go back inside and sit down to rest, when Monica, Jason's wife called to say he was running late. OK, no big deal. Got the toilet to stop leaking, cleaned up all the water. Rest in my recliner. Monica calls again, Jason's hung up in Meridian, a little town not far from here. Now, I am getting anxious. I was tired and wanted to lie down. At 2:15 pm he shows up. Monica right behind him. It doesn't take anytime at all to install the new topper fabric. He tells me how sick he has been, just getting over west nile, bronchitis, and now sinusitis. I tell him I wasn't in a hurry, it could have waited. I ask him about the toilet and he starts looking into that. It has only been a week and half since I dumped and it should not have been full enough to overflow. So, he flushes it several time, and decided there is obstruction in there (poop) causing it to back up before it is full. Flush again. Anyway, long story short, he says to put two of my chemical packages in and dump as soon as the level read full. Even though it's not full. Meanwhile, a bystander come and tells me to put sugar in the tank, fill with water, wait 3 or 4 hours flush. That sugar will dissolve anything! Never heard of such a thing, have you?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Cold snap

It was about 42 when I finally crawled out of bed at 10:00am. I ran the furnace last night along with the fireplace. Really was leery about turning it on because the previous owner said they had never used it! This is an 2004 Montana, that's 8 years old?Well, it crackled and popped but didn't explode so guess I'm OK. Used the electric heater in my bedroom last night and along with electric blanket was almost too warm. Didn't sleep well at all. Cold, so cover up, hot, kick the covers off. Some areas were in the 30s. So guess I am lucky after all.
My repairman is coming tomorrow to install the slide out topper I ordered, and I plan to ask him about the furnace and a few other things. Of course he picked a day when the wind will be 20mph. He is just getting over west nile virus, so I haven't pressed him to do the work. I will be here at least one month, maybe more. I don't like running the furnace, I had rather have my Catalytic heater, but haven't had it installed yet. One thing at a time you know.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cold day

It was 46 degrees this morning when I finally struggled to get from under my electric blanket. Even Kandi didn't want to get up. Too cold for us. I ran my electric heater in my bedroom, closing the door to downstairs all night. It kept us nice and warm. The electric fireplace was turned on when I came downstairs. It is just not going to keep the RV warm. I turned the furnace on also and after it warmed up the fireplace does a fair job. I am on 30 amps and the fireplace is 15 amps. So, I have to be careful or I will trip a breaker. I think if I were on 50 amps, I could possibly run the fireplace and one electric heater in the bedroom. 
I can't seem to get anything done for reading on my Kindle. I am reading Punctured (Las Vegas Mystery), so far it has kept me interested. The best read I have had lately The Grail Conspiracy a Cotton Stone adventure. I couldn't put it down. Now you know why I can't get anything done! I do love my Kindle and I'm thinking of giving myself a Christmas present of the new Kindle HD.Does anyone have that one?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cold day

It was a chilly 54 degrees this morning. So, I turned on the Fireplace for the first time. I'm not sure I have it set right, but it does give a little heat and a beautiful glow. I don't think it will keep me warm if the temps drop to freezing! It is pretty, and romantic. 
Yesterday was a busy day for me. Thanks to my neighbor Bob, I got LP. He saw me trying to take my tank off and came over to help. So nice to have someone help you without having to ask! He put the tank back on when I returned from the LP place. After a short rest I went to the Dollar store to get dog food, and then to the little grocery store here that has a by the case sale about once a year. Bought a case of my favorite Tamales and some other good buys. Reese potato salad and cole slaw. The absoult best cole slaw I have ever bought! Didn't know they made it, I will be getting more of that. Was so tired by then all I did was watch TV. 
Today is the Oktoberfest in downtown Whitney, but I was just too cold to go. Looked like it would be another good one, street dance tonight and many vendors. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another great day

Another beautiful day. Yesterday was windy, but sunny. I talked to the "office" and asked about having the maintenance man trim the tree that was scraping the side of my rig, and please to move the picnic table closer. It wasn't any time at all until Kandi alerted me to a visitor  The maintenance man was here and trimmed the tree, and had more fellows come and move the table for me. Great service! Now, if I can just get help with my LP tanks, I'll be in good shape for another month or so. I still haven't heard from my repair man,concerning the fabric to repair the slide out topper. I hope he does the job before this Friday as we are expecting rain again. I made it to the Post Office today to pick up my mail. Seems like it's always late. Stopped by and got diesel $3.89 gal. Sure hasn't come down any. The little grocery store here has by the case sale about once a year. So, I may drop by there tomorrow and get my favorite Tamales! 
I am wondering if anyone has tired the dried dinners from Cabelas?Just add hot water. 
Guess I will watch the debates tonight. I don't think I will learn anything new!

Monday, October 1, 2012

September is gone!

I have been in a "funk" all month. I think it is because one year ago I lost my oldest daughter. Really sad to remember her death. She fell and broke her hip, and during surgery had a heart attack.She never came out of it and passed away 9--30-2011, at 55 years old. Such a waste, and yet here I am an old woman, still kicking. Not kicking too much these days. Feeling a little depressed. Saturday it rained here all day, and yesterday was cool and cloudy. I could never live in an area where the weather was dreary and damp. 
I feel like I need to be making some plans to move on, just not sure of where. So, instead I just stay in bed. I can do that pretty good!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time really flys

Time really flys when you are having fun! It has been almost one week since I moved from Thousand Trails to Sun Country. I really haven't done much. Took my time in getting everything "tweaked" and went to the P.O. and grocery store. Isn't that a busy week? Oh, well I will do better next week. Sun Country has a nice club house with activities almost daily. Of course I haven't been yet, but give me time and I will. I am not in the best spot, there is a cedar tree right at the end of my space, and when the wind blows it rubs on the very end of my rig. I did asked if it could be trimmed, but so far no one has done that. I may just get my clippers and try it myself. 
I had trouble with my computer for a few days, and wasn't able to get online. I had to go back and restore from a different date. Seems all is working fine now. Time to watch the new shows! Later.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Moved back to Sun Country

Rental cabin at Thousand Trails Lake Whitney
 cabins rent for about $85.00 per night for members

fenced in dog run.\
I was booked in Thousand Trails Lake Whitney for two weeks, but when I arrived, they didn't have a full hook up site. I decided I would go back to Sun Country RV Resort a few days early as my holding tanks were pretty full. I really didn't have much to do before leaving as I was never hooked to the sewer, just the one water hose and moving stuff around inside to get the rooms in. I did check the battery for water, and found it dry. Add distilled water to the battery. I thought this move would be super easy, and I would get out early, NOT. My daughter Cherry came about 10:30, brought my RX she had picked up for me. We chatted awhile not being  in a hurry. Then the fun began. Put the rooms in, backed into the hitch, no problem there, all was needed was to put the front electric jacks up. Did that, and then you must push the legs up by hand. Frist one came up fine, second one would not budge! Then Cherry noticed the foot pad was loose on the second jack. The pin that held the foot plate on had come off. Lesson here is to carry extra. But the leg would not come up no matter what we did. So, I called the Ranger station and asked if anyone was there that could come and help me. It wasn't long until maintenance man Randy came. I have know Randy for several years and was glad to see him! He worked the leg over, eventually taking the foot off. Was really glad to get that worked out. We finally left the park about 1:00 pm and made our way the mile or so to Sun Country. The office is closed until 3 so didn't stop, just went to my site. Pulled in and got set up, but what to do about the leg with no foot. Well, we just put the foot pad back on the leg, minus the pin and let her down! I will have to find another pin or a nail or something to keep the foot from falling off and loosing it. While cooling off outside, I noticed Jason's Mobile RV Repair next door. I know Jason and he is a great repair man! Jason came over and took some measurements to replace the slide out topper, and put in some 12 volt plugs for me. Forgot to ask him for the pin. Well things work out don't they?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moving again

It's almost time for me to move again. Time flys when you are having fun? Well, maybe not so much fun. It has been cloudy, and damp, and rainy, and now we have a cold front that passed through last night. Temps are in the 80s, so thank goodness it won't be so hot when I move. I am going back to my old standby Sun Country,for the next month. I need to take my rig and have some work done. I haven't made any appointments yet, if I can get it done here in Whitney, then I will. I may have to go to Camping World in Ft.Worth. If that is the case, then I will have it all done in one place.
I am still trying to decide if I want to go to the Texas Coast for the winter, or, head west. I really want to go to AZ for the winter, but the price of diesel is still right at $4.00 gal. Decisions, decisions. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

To continue, Monday, Sept. 10 th

My site A 32

A Neighobor

My rig in A 32

Behind my rig, trail to Lodge


It's only about a mile down hwy 933 to the Thousand Trails park. I was really wiped out as was my daughter. At the gate, there is a sign to "keep right" and I did. Parking at the Ranger Station to check in. I saw the Ranger in the shack, but she didn't come out to register me. So, after a few minutes, I got out of the truck, left the engine running and air on for my dog, and walked up to the door. She opened the door, I said I thought you would come over to my truck to register me. She replied, (rather sarcastically ) you have to come over here to get your paper work. OK, I said, I am somewhat disabled, and have a handicap license plate. Most of the other parks have you stay in your rig, out of the traffic, and the ranger comes to your window. I asked if there were any pull through sites, and she says, yes, we have plenty of pull throughs as a lot of people left this morning. By now it is about 4 pm. I find one pull through with full hook ups. Pulled in, begin to set up. I ask my daughter to hook up the electric, and turn air on in the rig as it was hot. She tells me, the air won't come on. I check the connection to the electric box, and she checks the connection to the rig. The breaker on the box won't stay on. Great, I call the Ranger and report it, and I am told they can't do anything about it, all the maintenance people go home at 4:00 pm. So, we put all the stuff back in the RV and pull out to look for another space. You have to pull out and around the roads to come back in to the pull through sites. I see several, but they are not full hook up sites, no sewers. Well, OK I can handle that for a while. I dumped everything at Sun Country. So, I pull in, put my blocks down, try to get level. Even though I am not level, I unhook, connect the electric, and my daughter connects the water. Guess what! NO Water. The handle to turn the water on is completely gone. Now it is 6:00 pm and I am totally shot! I tell my daughter to go on home. I can't do any more today anyway. I have drinking water, and water in the fresh water holding tank. I call the Ranger at 9:00 am sharp the next morning, and the maintenance man came right away and turned the water on. So, I am Semi boondocking. I did a drive through the park yesterday and all the pull throughs are full except for the one with no electric. 
All I can say is Thousand Trail Lake Whitney is not in good shape. I wonder what happens to my dues I pay every year? It is not spent to repair roads,trim trees, or update the sites! I am wondering if it is worth it to keep Thousand Trails membership?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well, it's Monday Sept.10 time to move to

Down town Whitney,TX
Thousand Trails Lake Whitney, just one mile down the road. No problem, right? Wrong. My daughter came about 10:30, check out time is 12:00, shouldn't be too bad. All we had to do was unhook the water hoses, put stabilizer  jacks up, hook up and go. You know about Murphy's Law. It sure applies here. Worked and worked to get the water hoses, and the garden hose disconnected. Neither one of us could do it. I found some "spray" and sprayed all the connections. Finally got them loose, and I put the back jacks up. Now all we had to do is back into the king pin. It took several tries to get lined up, then decided the jaws were not locked, so would come off the truck and try again. Well, they would not unlock, or lock. Lower the king pin, try, nope, raise the king pin, try to get off, nope. Stuck for some reason. By this time it is way past my lunch and my sugar is dropping, so went to get a McDonald's. Came back and sat in Cherry's car to eat, because I had Kandi with me, the rig was already disconnect from the elec. and the rooms in, too hot to go in there. While sitting in the car, we saw a fifth wheel under one of the covers, and decided to go and ask him for help, thinking he must know about fifth wheels. A very nice older man came to the door of his Cedar Creek fifth wheel and yes, he would come and help. He said it was back pressure (yes, I do know about that) and he released the brake, put the truck in N, and it came loose, trailer fell off the blocks, but did not hurt my truck. Scared the you know what out of me! But, then he backed it in, and made sure the jaws were locked around the king pin before he left.
It is about 3:30pm by then, so off to Thousand Trails. That will have to wait until tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trouble,Trouble and more Trouble

Could anyone have more trouble than I do? 
I am too cold to get up!
Sunday in preparation to move from Sun Country  to Thousand Trails Lake Whitney, I decided to start getting ready by dumping my black tank, and back flushing it. My daughter would come Monday morning to help me move, I thought I would at least have half of it done. So, I cleaned my kitchen really good, took my shower, washed two loads of clothes. Everything was ready to dump. So, I go out to do that, and my RV door locked behind me! I had not taken my keys with me, something I always do, but I was aggravated at Kandi for crying wanting to go with me, and I didn't pick up my keys. So, here I am locked out of my rig, no phone,no truck keys either. So, I walked across the street and asked my neighbor if he could help me, he came with a key he had and tried to "jimmy" the door but no luck. I told him I do have a trap door down to my bays, if he knew someone small they could crawl up from under and gain entry and unlock my door. Well, he took off walking and brought back a neighbor that was not as heavy as either one of us. Had to take stuff out of the bay but he was able to scrunch under and come up through my trap door. He then just came out my front door,stepping over all the trash I had bagged, ready to take to the dumpster. How embarrassing is that? I will have an extra key made and hide it outside! Then I did dump and back flush the black tank. Put the sewer hose away, then tried to disconnect the green garden hose from the back flush connection. No way I could unscrew it. They more I tried the more the hose twisted. I finally just gave up and left it to do Monday when my daughter would be there to help me. All we had left to do was disconnect the water hoses, put the back stabilizers up, hook up and go. Should be simple right? Nope! More on that tomorrow.  

Friday, September 7, 2012

A hard day at the beauty shope

So hard to be a lady, just spent the day at the beauty shop. All those other "girls" barking their heads off, and the fellows just lay there and watch. How do you like my pink bows? I'm driving all the boys nuts!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting ready to move again

Had the oil changed in the truck today, also the fuel filter, and air filter. So, I am about ready to start preparing the RV for the road. 
Monday I will move back to Thousand Trails Lake Whitney for another two weeks. Then, I don't know, it just depends on how I feel, and how much work I can get done on the RV. It's for sure I will have the wheels pulled and bearings repacked. Of course there are some other things I would like to have done, but I am working with a limited budget you know! It was 101 here today, I am looking forward to some cooler weather, hope it gets here soon!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My spot at Sun Country RV and Golf Resort

Moving from Thousand Trails, about one mile down the road, was a bitch this time. My daughter came to help me, I really thought I didn't need any help, as it turns out I did! We got into this space, actually the wrong space just as it came a nice shower. Ringing wet, we took a break and went for lunch. Having this much trouble makes me doubt my abilities to do this alone. I really want to make a trip west one more time. I have been getting my truck ready, got my inspection sticker Friday, $14.50. It's cheap because it's a diesel. Now for oil change, and fuel filter. That fuel filter will be $$. Then I will start on the trailer. There has been some discussion on whether I need to have the wheels pulled and re pack the bearings. I think this needs to be done. I can't find any maintenance records on this rig, so better safe than sorry. I want to have the breaks checked also. This is a holiday week end and this park has more rigs than I have ever seen before. Also they have part of the park closed for upgrading the electric and water. I will be here for another week, don't want to be on the road on Labor Day!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sun Country RV Park

To catch up, Sunday was a day I didn't feel very good, so I did not get ready to move until Monday, the 27th. Then of course I had everything to do. My daughter came to help me, and about that time we heard the thunder! It was just one of those days, when hooking up wasn't easy. We got to Sun Country RV Resort and Golf in the rain. I had to stop at the office and check in, so I just told them I would be here one week. She gave me a site number and for some reason it just wasn't easy to get in, and I wanted a tree! So, I took the one I liked and called and told her where I was, she said OK. From there we tried and tried to get level. Just one of those days again. We were working in the rain, so after getting unhooked we took a break for lunch. Came back and worked on getting level again. This was a very hard move for some reason. I still don't have a picture of my site, maybe tomorrow. Today I worked on getting the sewer hooked up and back flushed the black tank. The pictures are of some of the lease spaces here. Some are small mobile homes, some are RVs. I am looking at a few lease spots, just can't make up my mind. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moved to Sun Country RV and Golf Resort

No pictures from my site at Sun Country,due to the rain.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Not a lot going on

I did hear from Amazon, and they did refund the money they charged me for my "free" books. They were very nice to deal with and my refund was made promptly, even though they said it would take three to five days, it was only a couple days. So, one of the offered "free" books was How not to RV, so I did download it, and they didn't charge me for it!
One thing I have discovered about RV'rs by reading their blogs, we all seem to have that "eating" thing down pat! BB lives on Spam, Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches! 
I cleaned the a/c filter today. I have to climb up the ladder to do that. I bought a package of filter material at WM and was able to make three out of the one big sheet. Well, shoot, I couldn't find it. I searched and searched, can't imagine where I put it. So, just took the old one down and washed it, put the fan on it to dry, and put it back up. Climbing up that ladder does a number on my hip. Just puttered around the rest of the day. Trying to figure out how to fix my desk drawer, and the day/night shade at my dining table. 

I have two grandsons that live in Panama,FL so I am keeping an eye on the storm. I do hope they are making plans to evacuate. You know these "young" kids think they can handle anything! Young and dumb! I remember that.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A restful day

Yesterday was a busy day for me. A trip to town, and the grocery store. Took my trash out, brought my ladder in from the truck. I have to get up on the ladder to clean the A/C filter, and also I want to get my truck cleaned out. I thought I might make the drive to Ft.Worth today (70 miles one way) to Camping World. I decided I wasn't up to that, and needed to make a list. I want to get my truck washed while I am there. It won't fit through the drive thru car washes and that leave a "hand wash" only wash, or I could do it. Those car wash power washers about knock me down, and I don't do a really good job, so I thought I would splurge while I was close to one that did hand washing. My moving day is Monday, guess I will go back to Sun Country for a week or two. By staying here for two weeks free, it just about paid for my new batteries for the truck. My inspection sticker runs out the end of this month too. I am "sorta" making plans to travel to Albuquerque,NM for the Balloon Fiesta in Oct. Everything is planned in Jello, for the moment. I haven't decided if I am really up for the trip. It will be "boondocking" and this rig is not ready for that. I will have to have my Catalytic heater installed before I can do that. Not everyone here in Texas will do it, they say it is not legal because it isn't vented. But, last time, I found someone to do it for me, and never had any problems. I kept the heater when I went from the Big Sky to my apartment. I kept a most of my RV stuff. Must have known I would be back! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Well, now what? Can this poor drawer be fixed? Shall I get out the glue and duct tape? 

It's been raining here all day. Nice, slow rain. A much needed rain, but I forgot to put my lawn chairs away again. Last Saturday they got a good washing, and Monday when I checked them the pads were just about dry. Never dreamed it would rain again today. I am not complaining, we needed the rain and the high today was 73! Rain makes me sleepy, so I have had a nice nap today. Wouldn't do for me to live in a place where it rained a lot, I would never get anything done.

I am still looking for LED flashlights. I have one lantern type that takes "D" cells. Can you believe a pak of D cells it almost $4.00? That was at the dollar store too. My lantern take four "D", so that is $8.00 just for batteries. Just as soon have a whole new lantern!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Forgot to mention Amazon. I have really been enjoying my Kindle reader and getting free books from Amazon. Me and My Dog sent a link to me to sign up for FREE books. I really have been getting some great books, including cook books. I don't have WiFi here at this park, so I have to send it to my PC then transfer by USB cable to my Kindle. That shouldn't make any difference. I am going to leave the cookbooks on the PC and just transfer the books to Kindle. So, NOW, Amazon is charging me for the last two books I downloaded. I have contacted them, we will see how they respond. I have bought a few books also, and was thinking about looking for some new flashlights. I need to replace all of my old ones. I would like to have at least one lantern type, any comments?

12 volt fuses/trouble with Amazon!

Forgot to mention my trouble with 12 volt system. While I was at Western Auto getting new batteries, I happened to remember having a 12 volt light bulb in my purse that I needed to replace. The fixture is on the wall by my computer desk and I really need the light. So I ask if they had it, and the lady said I think so. She handed me a package of two bulbs, $2.19. So, later that day I thought, OK, I will try my new bulbs so I can see what I am typing on the computer. Knocked out everything 12 volt. I saw the breakers were all on, so it meant it blew a fuse. I first had to find my stash of fuses. After all, its been a year and half, and I didn't remember where I put them. So, to solve the problem, I took a nap!
When I got up, I thought I have to fix that. I know that fuses control a lot of stuff in an RV. The ref. brain, converter etc. The big problem is the breaker box is at the entry door, low to the floor, and I couldn't figure out how in the blue blazes I was going to get up, once I got down to fix it. I was still in my night gown, so I threw on a cotton duster, got all my stuff together, flash light, fuse box with different fuses,glasses, and a stool to pull myself up. Opened the front door, and sat down with my legs hanging out!  I was so lucky, some one had numbered all the fuses and all it took was to find the one for the kitchen! Put in new fuse and let there be light! Didn't have any trouble getting up, but was glad no one saw me in that position.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Changing RV sites

Monday my move from Sun Country to Thousand Trails did not go easy. First of all it was HOT. Second of all, truck wouldn't start! Had to call Good Sam Road Service again! We arrived at Thousand Trails, just a mile down the road, about 1:00 pm. Hot, Hot, Hot. got set up and let the rooms out, crunch, the slide out hung up on my desk drawer, pretty much crunching it. My daughter was able to get it out, and we got the slide out. No damage to the slide, just the drawer. Next day too hot, and I am pooped, so didn't start the truck. Then Wed. I need to go to town and pick up my mail, and grocery shop. Truck wouldn't start! Again, Good Sam to the rescue. Same fellow, we gotta stop meeting like this! Got truck started, and I went to Western Auto in town, and yes, two new batteries. I'm done with dead batteries! Finally in the trees, and today that wet stuff fell all day. Wonderful cooling rain. I had almost forgotten what it felt like. Surely this next week will be cooler, and I will feel like getting some work done.