Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Big Mistake!!

After spending a few nights in my apartment I feel I made a BIG mistake. I am not happy there at all. I know people will think I am totally nuts, but, I am just not happy. Don't know what I will do. I can get out of my lease, because it is a senior housing, just by giving a thirty day notice. I haven't even unpacked. Even Kandi seems happier to be back in the RV. We are here for a few days. I was supposed to be out of  here today, but after talking to the manager, I can stay as long as I wish! I know my family will really be unhappy with me. The RV life just gets into your blood and it is really hard to break the addiction. Unless you have "lived the life" you just don't understand! It is the freedom that comes with the lifestyle. Who knows what I will do???

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gee Whiz!!

This moving is not an easy thing. Seems like the harder I work the worse things get. Most of the day I was in tears. Don't know why, just one of those days. Yesterday I took Kandi to the groomer. That was a waste of time. I took one look inside and decided not for my dog. First she said $33.00, and if matted really bad $10.00 hour extra. But she couldn't give me a firm price, and she would either be ready in two hours, or maybe it would be 5 or 6 o'clock! Gee, I just walked. Who needs that kind of a groomer. I have had three poodles and never had any groomer like that!
I have been boxing up stuff and haven't even started on my kitchen or bedroom. I didn't know I had so much stuff! Yeah, I did know! My apartment is junked up too! It is very nice, but no microwave, so I am trying to think of something to "cook" that just needs heating up. I was thinking I might go and spend the week end there and try to unpack a few things. The beds I ordered from Sam's Wholesale are the weirdest looking thing, but they are comfortable. I need to get a mattress pad and some sheets for the twin size one. I have been looking for my camera for days, well today I found it, in my desk drawer! Maybe I can post some pictures of the pond behind my apartment. Here is my empty kitchen!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank You

First let me thank all my readers who wished my daughter well and sent prayers. She has not made any improvement. Her children are still going to keep her alive and put her in a nursing home. This is not my wishes, but it is not my call. I want to remember her laughing and smiling as my last blogger picture of her. She was happy and her eyes were just shining. 
I am really stressed, don't know which way to turn. I have so much to deal with all at once. I think I would have been better off to just get new stuff, and quit paying on the storage bldg and let them have it! All my furniture is too big for a tiny apartment. I am hoping I can sell some of it or maybe trade for something I need! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trying to move

What a trying day! Sat. my family and their "boyfriend's" showed up about 10:00 am at the U-haul place, this is also my storage bldg. I rented a 26 ft truck, ( could have done fine with a 17 ft) and then the fun begin! I just sat in a chair and gave "orders" and still was worn out! I can't believe anyone can collect so much junk! My advise is to "lighten" the load now, before you have to move. So many keepsake stuff, hard to get rid of, but I sure can't fit into my apartment. My grandmothers old sewing machine, but then what can I do with it? They got my furniture and boxes I wanted loaded in about two hours, then we headed to Cleburne to the apartments. I had "scoped" it out before hand as to the best place to park the moving van and that worked out good. With a break for lunch they got me unloaded by 4:00. We did come by the trailer first to get things out to go to the apartment. My combo washer/dryer was the hardest to take out! Couldn't believe it, the guys had to take the doors off, the sliding interior door, and the hardware on the cabinets to get it through the hall and out the front door. They didn't have as much trouble with my recliner, or TV. So, here I am, TV in the bedroom, half of my junk in the apartment and half in the RV! The apartment just has a "trail" through it, and after cleaning and still packing the RV I am really tired. Tomorrow I must make a trip to the apartment. Friday I got a call from Buena Vista there was stuff in my doorway, boxes and big packages, that I needed to see about. So I had to make a run to Cleburne, first called my family who met me there, and yes, it was part of my beds I had ordered! They were to be delivered tomorrow, so I must go again. Maybe, just maybe I will get all the pieces tomorrow. I am glad Eric and Amy met me, I could have never gotten the big box in. I can't express how tired I am tonight. I can't type, and can't think! So, I am going to lie down and watch a little TV!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buena Vista Senior Apartments


Nothing New

My daughter is still not awake. She did open her eyes, but didn't seem to respond to anyone. The doctors don't see that as an improvement. Her children are the ones that have to make the decision to take her off life support, and they are leaning toward not doing that, but continue as is for the time being. The hospital will move her to a facility that can take care of her. They are not giving her any drugs at this time. This wouldn't be my choice, if it were me, I would just want them to let me go. I will make sure this directive is added to my records. 
This has been a very hard two weeks. Too much to deal with. I am dreading the move, yet looking forward to it. I ordered beds from Sam's Wholesale, I hope I didn't make a mistake, but if I did and I don't like them I will sell them on e-bay! I got a full size for me and my dog, and twin size for my little bedroom/studio. That way if I need someone to stay with me I will have a bed for them or maybe a guest?
Moving day is Sat. March 19 th. I am not prepared to move. 
I went to the post office, and the vet's, the bank, then to Wal Mart for grocery, and diesel! It was 5:30 when I got home and I was exhausted.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

More ,how can I take any more?

My heart is broken, once again. I don't know how I can stand anymore. Just too much. My oldest daughter while walking to the store tripped on a piece of re bar where someone was repairing the sidewalk and didn't cut all the stubs off. She broke her hip. This is the same hip she had already had surgery on. Was taken to JPS (John Peter Smith) hospital in Ft.Worth. This happened on a Friday March,4th I think. They did surgery on her hip on Sunday. She never really came out of it. Then Sat. almost a week later she went into full cardiac arrest. She was given CPR for 10-20 minutes. She has no brain activity. She was having seizures and was getting meds to stop them. She is on life support, there is no hope for her. 
I know my readers were wondering why I haven't written any thing. Needless to say, I just don't have the heart. I am still moving to my apartment, I just don't know how or when.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Eagle or Chicken?

I was reading "Thoughts for the Road" this morning, by Kay Peterson, Escapees RV Club Co-Founder and Director about her and husband Joe trip to New Zealand. Something struck a nerve with me. People are Eagles or Chickens. The Eagle people seem to do adventurous things just for the adrenalin rush, others are content to "scratch" around in the dirt, are called Chickens. I think at one time I might have been an Eagle, but age and illness will make you a "chicken". Chickens will never soar through the air, but scratching around the surface uncovers many wonders. Kay is a wonderful writer. 
All that to say, I didn't go to the apartment today as planned. I just didn't feel good, and it looked like rain. So, I called and re-scheduled, they were not too happy with me, oh well.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back at Thousand Trails Lake Whitney

Back at Thousand Trails Lake Whitney for two weeks. Feels like old home week. The Ranger knows me by name, and always says welcome home! I moved in yesterday without any problems. I am not happy with my choice of a site. Too many trees, they need to be trimmed back. But, this is their Grand Opening week end and the park seems to be in gear for that. They are celebrating Sat. with cake and ice cream, isn't that swell, they are celebrating MY birthday! Ha, Ha. Thousand Trails does that the first of every month to celebrate every ones birthday in that month. How old am I?  Older than DIRT!