Monday, December 10, 2012

Cold you say?

It was down to 34 degrees this morning when I managed to climb out of bed. Anything under 50 is too cold for me! This evening the TV doctor said that cold weather is very hard on heart patients. That's all it took, got my maps out, trying to decide the best route to get to Quartzsite. I called a fellow over at Thousand Trails that installed my quick disconnect for my Catalytic heater, and of course he is too busy to do it. Now,where to get it installed?Really didn't want to haul this thing to Camping World, 70 miles away to have it done. 
It is going to get to the 20s tonight, and I didn't get all my outside work done. Oh, well.
  I bought Kandi a new sweater for her Christmas, it's blue. I may have to give it to her early. It is so cold, course she does have plenty of hair!


  1. Hopefully it will warm up in a few days. I had to turn on my heater today.

  2. the sweater set is so cute!! Don't worry, we're in Texas, the weather will warm back up soon enough. But yes, it's colder where you are then where I am.