Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Feeling better

I didn't know that being low on Potassium could make you feel so bad. I also didn't know that taking Potassium would make me so sick! It does not sit well on my stomach. I may have had another bug also, but the  Potassium still makes my stomach hurt. Yesterday I felt pretty good, and went to the Post Office to pick up my mail, it had been there over a week and all my ads were already outdated. I intended to go again today, but I didn't feel well, took a nap instead. Really haven't been able to keep up with the Blogs or my e-mail. Maybe I will get straightened out before Christmas! It has been wonderful weather here in Central Texas, but this coming Monday that will change as a cold front is coming in. I am not ready for that!
I have been looking over my Blog reading list, and see that some have not posted in a year! I am thinking of deleting those,but I don't want to offend anyone that is just a "reader". 
I am still not sure of any travel plans for this winter. I keep hoping, but just can't seem to get excited about going any place. I had thought of going to the Texas coast, Rockport, for the winter, but I can't seem to get in touch with the manager of the RV park where I wanted to stay. I did talk to her, and she said she would call me back as soon as she got to the office. Guess she hasn't made it back to the office yet, that was over a month ago! She's not very interested in me staying with her? Well there are other places, just in case she does not know it!


  1. Please be careful taking potassium because it can make you have a fatal heart attack if you take too much. I eat a banana every day and try to have potatos often because they also have potassium. No french fries though - I think that the frying process removes all the nutrients! If I were you I would do a google search for "foods rich in potassium". Good luck.

  2. THe rockport manager maybe lost your phone number? I'd try again if that's what you want. wow good info from Gypsy, I did not know that