Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Doing nothing

I had fully intended to go to the bank today, and maybe the store. I had a change of plans. I spent most of my time today in the bathroom. Sure you get my meaning! My back began hurting also, I was afraid to get too far away from the "facilities".
So, I looked at RV's online. There is one just down the street from me. It is another Montana. I had so much trouble with my last one I swore I would never buy another one, and here I am looking at one. It is a lot smaller than my Big Sky. The Big Sky was 37ft and this one is 35. It has a rear kitchen   which I think I might like. I just have to make sure I can get to the fridge when the rooms are in. I don't put my rooms out every time I stop. It does have a place for a W/D, but it is for one of those all in one washer and dryers. I have a stak-pak, which I took out of my rig and am using  here in my apartment. I would have to sell mine in order to buy one of those which happens to be on sale right now at Camping World. I do want a washer dryer. You know some places charge $2.50 to wash a load of clothes? It cost $1.25 a load here.No computer desk, which is a minus. Two recliners, I don't need two. I am going tomorrow to take a look see. I also found one in Houston,TX, that I like but it has the fridge on a slide out and I have always heard, Never buy one of those. Will have to look into that more. Something about not enough air gets around the fridge. A trip to Houston would cost me, about $400.00-$500.00. Diesel is $4.00 a gallon here, and I would have to rent a motel down there, probably for two days. A lot of If's. The Montana here is 2008, and the RV in Houston is 2004. The Montana here is a little more than I wanted to pay, but, with the expense of going to Houston, it's not that much difference. The big difference is having to buy another W/D! Mine is getting old, and it would be nice to have a new one. I have had a Splendide before, its OK, I don't need much anyway. I usually just put my dirty duds in the washer, and when I get a load, wash. My sheets, I have to do one at a time, but with those RV W/D you cant't wash a load and dry a load at the same time. If you are in a park, one that includes electric then I make sure I wash everything I can! Of course heavy rugs would still have to go to the commercial laundry. I don't want any more rugs anyway! Anyway I AM looking. My lease is up here tomorrow! I am not going to say anything unless they do. Then I will give them my 30 notice, and explain that it might run over a few days. They just pro rate it, no problem. Just not looking forward to MOVING again. Already have in mind what to take, and what to dump. I carried my full set of Corning Ware cookware around with me for six years. I never used it! So, it's going up for sale, or to storage. Dumping all the clothes I don't wear, or like. Computer software? Got to go through that and see what still works on my Dell. 
Any hoo, I am serious as a heart attack about moving.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finally over!

Yesterday was closing and it went smooth as glass! So glad it's done and over with, now to get on with it.
Today I seemed to be very tired and spent most of the day "napping". I guess it's the let down after  dealing with the house for all these months. Tomorrow I plan to go to the bank and maybe the store. Going to be a beautiful day. Thank you Lord.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's Saturday, I don't want to get up!

Kandi is lazy this morning, she says she doesn't have to get up if she doesn't want to!
She was lazy, and so am I. Didn't do anything today. Yesterday I made a pot roast in my slow cooker, it was as tough as shoe leather! I did vacuum and mop my kitchen. 
Closing on the house is Monday. I hope it goes OK. I have had so much trouble with this title company. It is their underwriters. My real estate lady isn't happy with them either. At this late date, I would hate to change title company's but if it doesn't happen Monday, I may have to. I hope I don't lose my buyers.There are people still calling the real estate company about the house. They don't take the sign down until after closing. Maybe all will work out.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rain drops keep falling on my head! Step-Dad and his cattle

I think it's time for the rain to STOP! Gee, I have had more than my share. Trying so hard to get out of the house by the appointed time. Friday, my daughter,her finance' and I went to the house to try to get the last of the furniture out. I had called several places to GIVE furniture to them, Salvation Army didn't want it, United Union Gospel Mission didn't want it and finally Harvest House, a shelter for battered women, knew someone who needed a fridge. So, after a few phone calls to this person, I explained to him, I wanted someone to take both the fridge and gas cook stove. He did call me and let me know he found some one to take the stove, and he wanted the fridge. He showed up with his "helper" a lady that looked very fragile. Couldn't get the fridge through the door! Had to take the doors off the fridge to get it through the door! Meanwhile, the lady was going thru the stuff we had piled up to go to the dump. I told her to take what she wanted, after all it was going to be thrown away. Have you ever seen the show the Pickers? Well, I have never witnessed anything like that for real! They even came back and took more stuff. I did tell them if you want it take it. I found out from talking to the lady that she lived in a mobile home, and used a wood stove for heat. She was very poor, the man and his wife lived in a shack with no heat or water! I am glad they were able to use, or sell what ever I gave them. I truly hope it helped them. They seemed like they were very good people, but you never know. My main thing was to get the house cleared out, and that did happen. While walking around the kitchen among boxes, I tripped and fell. I could not get up for the life of me. Had to call my daughter to come help me. When she got to me, I told her I was taking a nap! Checking to count to cracks in the floor! Well it took her and her boyfriend to get me up. Shortly after that I went home. She finished the job, and let me know all was out of the house. To tell you the truth my fall jarred me pretty good. Made my hip start hurting, but I am better now. The next day was Sat. and it was raining. I had to go back to the house in the rain to meet a fellow I had hired to haul off the trash. He showed up with his rain gear on and loaded his pick up and trailer with trash bags, and the remaining items the "pickers" didn't take, including two good twin beds, and one box springs. Goodwill won't take mattress! Nothing wrong with the beds, or the box springs, they weren't even dirty. Off to the dump they went. Such a shame to just give away stuff, and people won't even come get it. 
  The reason for working so hard to get out of the house is because the buyers wanted to close on the 21st. Well, that didn't happen either. There seems to be a glitch with the Title, and my step-dad who is in a nursing home, and doesn't even know his own son! So, needless to say I am Totally wiped out, my guts are tied in knots. I realize that things will work out, I will be so glad. This has been so stressful.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone had a nice day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Workin' Hard

You know I am. Closing day is fast approaching, and still have a lot to do. My daughter and her fellow came with a cattle trailer to haul off stuff to the Goodwill Store. My grand daughter and her three kids plus one she was keeping came, and my other grand daughter and her fellow came, my son in law, her father and step mom came. Guess who sat in a chair and watched! Me, of course. They did get a lot of "stuff" loaded, and off to the the Goodwill Store, guess what, they wouldn't accept the sofa/hide a bed, because it had a mattress, wouldn't accept a console TV or two stereos, what happened to their needing goods, to keep the handicapped busy? Thought they taught people how to repair TVs and computers etc. I won't be sending anything else there. Won't shop there either! I thought they were a little high in price anyway. Things are getting done. I am hoping the weather will hold and we can get out soon. It snowed here today, just a dusting, and now light rain. It was really cold in the house. No heat, just a couple of portable heaters, and they DID NOT keep the house warm, plus people keeping the door open, and then saying, it's cold in here? I appreciated all the help, and it was a nice visit with my gkids!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Busy as a bee!

The last few days have really been busy. One last garage sale, which netted $0, so glad that is over. NO MORE GARAGE SALES, EVER! I am done. Closing is the 21st and I have to have everything out of the house by then. My poor daughter is doing all the work. I just sit and "supervise". I hope the weather holds, and we can get everything out before it rains. I am in a lot of pain, and just really tired at night. Most of the time I don't even read the blogs. I have some items listed on e-bay that I must check on every now and then. My energy level is very low. I take vitamins but they don't seem to make me more energetic. I take so many pills I rattle when I walk!
Tomorrow the grocery store, and it's going to rain. Life is grand? 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Who Dat?

Wonder who that good looking chick is?

Wooden Bridge Old Alaska Hwy

This is a old wooden bridge on the Old Alaska Hwy. We camped right under it, and drove over it on our way out.

Liard River Provential Park,BC

Wonder where the car wash is? Alaska puts an oily substance on the roads to keep the dust down. Boy, it sure makes a mess on vehicles. The metal running boards on our truck was so slick, I had to be really careful.This was a beautiful park, no hookups and no one else in the park. We did eat out when we got the chance. My mother and step dad had been up the year before and warned us not to eat the beef, because Canada didn't have inspections like the US. Shoot, we ate everything we could. Course you know french fries come with "gravy". First time I had ever had that. We had breakfast and lunch in the rig, and most of the time supper too. But when we got the chance we ate at restaurants. My favorite hamburger was at Pink Mountain, loaded with gravy. And, I lost about 15 pounds!

Alaska bound! /Dawson Creek, BC

My husband and I made a wonderful trip to Alaska. We didn't even leave Texas until Sept. 1. There was a chance we might get caught in snow storm, but that didn't happen. We had been to Canada before so we just made a straight shot up through Great Falls,MT and stopped at Calgary, then to Edmonton. I loved Edmonton, went to the big Mall, at that time it was the largest in the world.

Pictures of Alaska

Here are some pictures from a trip to Alaska. This is our second travel trailer, a 26 ft Cimmeron, by Fleetwood. When we sold it, bought our first fifth wheel (37ft) the couple that bought it was just thrilled to get such a clean trailer, she said, "I bet you hardly used it", my husband and I just smiled. 

Trip to Wal Mart

Yesterday's trip to Wally world wasn't too bad. I got a place to park pretty close to the door, close to the Pharmacy. Thing is, I still had to stand in line to get my RX, then, step over to the window for your package/ pharmacist asks if you have had this before. What a pain in the butt. Been taking it for years! Got to find a better place to get my refills. The reason I chose Wal Mart was so I could get a refill anywhere I traveled. Speaking of meds. my pain doctor had started me on Gabapentin generic for Neurontin,before Christmas. When I got so sick, I stopped all new meds. Couldn't stand the thought of another capsule. I am back on it and I think it does help my pain going down my left leg. It is for people with nerve damage. I am hopeful I can do without the shot in my back. I would really like to try something else before that happens. 
When I made it to the check out lane, a package of sugared donuts just jumped into my cart! Well I just had to have them. Ate one as soon as I got in the truck, along with a pain pill. 
Garage sale was supposed to start today, didn't happen. After all my efforts of making sure I had my meds., paid my rent, got my mail. Packed all the stuff I take to the house, money pouch. some snacks. empty sacks etc. My daughter cancelled this am, I didn't think an old woman should be there alone, so I didn't go either. Went back to bed and took a nap, I was tired. Even doing that, I sold a washer/dryer and twin bed. How's that for an old broad?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1997 Itasca 31 ft motorhome

In 1997 after my husband died, I bought this Itasca motorhome. It didn't have any slides, but it did have a queen size bed in the rear. I drove this motorhome until I bought my fifth wheel in 2002. I made many camp outs, from east to west without a tow car. Then I bought a 1992 Saturn for a tow car, towed it for many miles with only minor problems(battery). It was very uncomfortable to sit in and watch TV. TV was in the overhead, which I liked, but it had sofa, and dinnett booth. Couldn't see the TV from the sofa without turning your head, so had to sit at the dinnett, not comfortable. So, I went to bed and watched TV in there on a small one that also had a radio. Of course, when I lie down to watch TV, I go to sleep! Very small kitchen, the oven was a laugh, stored my can goods, grocery's, under the sofa.But I sure had a lot of fun and went to many camp outs and Escapades!


This is what I have come to! My mother didn't use a walker until she was in her 80s. I bought this one from a resident here at the apartments for a good price. I thought it would help me get down the hall to the mail boxes, and office. Some times I get a package and have a hard time walking and carrying a box. This way I can sit it on the seat and push it down the hall. It really isn't a long hall, it's just my hip and back hurts and before I can get back to my apartment I need a rest. A long time ago, when I attended camp outs, I saw some people using what looked like a three legged stool with an umbrella handle. When tired you just folded the seat out, sat and rested for a while. One lady said it was nice, but a little heavy to carry. Anyway I thought the walker  was a deal, and it folds and easily goes inside my truck. 
Signs of old age?
Yesterday was a really hard day, I went to Wal Mart and they did not have the electric cart, so I had to walk the store, I had a lot to buy and my prescriptions to pick up. Well, guess what, my meds. were NOT ready. I had called them in several days ago. I waited for two of them, and finally today got a call the other one was ready. Now, another trip to Wally world. Was not in my plans. Ah  the plans of mice and men!