Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New topper installed

Jason's Mobile RV Repair was scheduled to be here at 11:00 am to install the slide out topper and do a few other things. I set my alarm for 8:00 am, I know that is not early for some of you, but it is for me, plus I didn't sleep well for fear I would be late! I did get up when the alarm went off. Got dressed just before 11 so I would be ready when Jason came. Went to the bathroom, and alas the floor was wet! This is the second time this high dollar electric toilet has leaked all over the floor. So, I go outside to see what's going on, dump the black tank, come back in and dry the floor. Run water thru the toilet,go back out side to check again. The carpet in the underbelly is wet, so I know it has been leaking for a while. Go back inside and sit down to rest, when Monica, Jason's wife called to say he was running late. OK, no big deal. Got the toilet to stop leaking, cleaned up all the water. Rest in my recliner. Monica calls again, Jason's hung up in Meridian, a little town not far from here. Now, I am getting anxious. I was tired and wanted to lie down. At 2:15 pm he shows up. Monica right behind him. It doesn't take anytime at all to install the new topper fabric. He tells me how sick he has been, just getting over west nile, bronchitis, and now sinusitis. I tell him I wasn't in a hurry, it could have waited. I ask him about the toilet and he starts looking into that. It has only been a week and half since I dumped and it should not have been full enough to overflow. So, he flushes it several time, and decided there is obstruction in there (poop) causing it to back up before it is full. Flush again. Anyway, long story short, he says to put two of my chemical packages in and dump as soon as the level read full. Even though it's not full. Meanwhile, a bystander come and tells me to put sugar in the tank, fill with water, wait 3 or 4 hours flush. That sugar will dissolve anything! Never heard of such a thing, have you?

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