Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flap Flap!

Yesterday I did manage to go to a dealership that carries accessories for trucks and got brand spankin new mud flaps. Took about an hour, they had to weld the bracket that was broken, all total was $75.00. The mud flaps were only $12.00 each! Anyway, had to have them, don't want a "green stamp". It was really hot and I think I got a little too hot. But, that didn't stop me from looking at a used fifth wheel! The lot is right next to where I had my mud flaps installed, so I just had to look. It was really to hot to be in the RV for long, with no a/c. so I just did a quick run through. It is a "vintage" Dutchman, in pretty good condition. I did not like the bedroom.There are several things I would want to look at again, when it's cooler. I do think he is about $3000.00 to high. I told him that too, I think he might come down some, but first I would want the A/C and fridge to be on before I even went any further. It does have a place for my washer dryer. That is important to me. Too old to haul clothes to the laundry mat. 
Enjoyed today with my daughter Cherry, we did a little Thrift Store shopping and Mickey D's for lunch. I am tired, and in pain tonight, so I'm off the bed.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do you know the Laws?

Thanks Vera, it's nice when you do have a companion to share breakfast and duties with!
While unloading my groceries the other day I noticed one of my mud flaps was gone! I really don't know when it came off. But, in Texas it is the law if you have dual wheels, you must have mud flaps! So, I am wondering, do you know the law in the states you are travelling through? Different states have different laws, some are nuts! California for instance, you can't sit in a parking lot with your engine running ! It's because of pollution.  


Visitor Center, Silver City,NM
Cabin , Silver City New Mexico
When I first got my fifth wheel, I went to a camp out in the piney woods of East Texas. Very soft dirt, and of course I had to back up to get to the electric, and so I could get my slides out. Backed right over my mud flaps and ripped them off. Went to town and got a couple of kids at a service station to punch new holes in them and raise them up a couple of inches. I might get some that have that naked lady on them or maybe the Marlboro Man!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Are You an Early Bird?

Thanks Teri for your comments, I think we travel just alike!
Do you get up early to get on the road? Or, do you take your time, and have coffee and breakfast first?
                                                   Casa Grande Ruins,Casa Grande,AZ
Several years ago, my husband and I traveled with another couple every now and then. They always wanted to get up about 4:30, they would take their coffee with them and hit the road. Some where down the road, about day break we would stop and eat a big breakfast. By noon, they were ready to pull into a rest area and take a nap. I was just getting awake and ready to "boogie". This is not the way I like to travel. It is nice to be retired and take your time. I always have my coffee and cereal in the comfort of my nightgown, in my own rig. I can then plan my days driving, and make notes about the last days adventures. I also like to keep track of my gas mileage  and cost in general. Then by about 9:30 I am on the road. By that time, all the people trying to get to work are past me, and I don't have to fight the traffic. When I had a motorhome, I didn't do so much planning, but I found pulling a 37 ft fifth wheel, I needed to know more about pull outs, and RV parks that I could get in, and most of all, get out of. I have been in situations where I had to turn that fifth wheel around, or back out. That is not fun! Best to know before you go! I traveled to Dothan, Alabama about the second year I had my fiver. My daughter and grand kids lived there and I stayed a month. I stayed in the Clean RV park, right next to the Fair Ground. Coming back to Texas, in Mississippi, I had trouble finding a gas station with diesel that I could get into. One place advertised, down the road just a few blocks off the main road had easy in and diesel. Well, when I got there it had closed, gone out of business, AND had chains across the drive. So, I couldn't even get in to turn around. I had to go miles and miles down that little road, afraid I would run out of fuel, (something you don't want to do in a diesel) finally found a spot in the road wide enough, no traffic coming, so I turned that sucker around, just getting in the ditch a little bit. When I did get back to Texas, I started looking into getting a 50 gallon tank in the bed of my truck, with a switch inside that I could just "flip" and run on that tank. Best investment I ever made. From then on I didn't worry about running out of diesel!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Questions?

Thanks Teri for your comment. It brings up another question of course. When you travel from A to B, do you plan your stops, or just stop when the need occurs? I always look at my maps for rest areas that are about 100 to 200 hundred miles apart, and before getting into a big city. I don't really like the ones that have restrooms, because of all the big rigs that use them. I don't ever use public restrooms, if I don't have to. Why have a expensive RV and not use your own restroom? There are cases where you don't have a choice. Just a easy on and off will do me just fine. 
What do you do when you stop for a break? Get a snack, use the restroom, and then hit the road again. But, wait, aren't there some things you NEED to do before pulling back out on the highway? Do you check your tires, not with a gauge, just do a walk around? You see truckers hitting their tires with a"stick", there's a reason for that. Do you feel your hubs? Make sure they are not hot? I try to run my route on Microsoft Streets and Trips, showing all of my stops, and allow about 15 minutes for each stop, and thirty for lunch. That way I can arrive at the RV park feeling pretty good, not in a hurry to set up so I can eat or go to the bathroom. You really need to get out and walk around about every two hours. Maybe do some jumping jacks! Wouldn't that peak someones day?
When I am going from A to B, I look for RV parks that are easy off and on. Hopefully they will be level. I don't put my slides out, don't connect to water, or sewer, just the electric. Speaking of KOA, they are so expensive I rarely use them, but, they are good about having different rates for different sites. If you don't need all the bells and whistles, then they are a little cheaper. I look for Passport America discount parks also. I am a Charter  Lifetime member of Good Sam, their discount parks give a 10% discount. Just about saves the tax. There is a KOA I like to stay at going west on I20 at Abilene,TX. It is on the wrong side of the highway if you are heading west, but I don't mind doing the turn around. There is a really nice one in Amarillo,TX too. They have a grill and will bring your order to your site. It is usually ready by the time you get set up.
How many of you are "early birds" do you get up and hit the road before sunrise?
                                                       Casa Grande Ruins,Casa Grande,AZ
Helen, glad to see you have joined my readers. Let us know about your "doozie" RV parks!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Emerald Cove RV Resort

What kind of RV park do you look for when you are traveling? Thinking about some of my RV park choices I have made in the past and wondering if I would repeat them. This park in Earp,CA is a membership park, and I WOULD NOT go back. It is a nice park, but, really hard for big rigs to get into, and no TV or cell service.
So, I am wondering when you are traveling down the road, what is important to you in a RV park? Close to the highway? Easy in and out? What is your "must have", maybe a swimming pool, nice showers, WiFi. What do you look for, discount parks, membership parks,KOA ? I didn't list State Parks because they are usually too far off the highway, and they are not cheap either. Do you look for Wally World free parking? 
Inquiring minds want to know! 

Monday, August 1, 2011


It is 107 today. 31 days of 100 degrees or more temps, the record is 42 days in 1980, we may break the old record. There have been nine deaths in Dallas County, and one in Tarrant. None here that I have heard of. The cattlemen are selling off their live stock, making lower prices for beef now, but next year it will mean higher prices for beef. No rain and all the hay, and corn fields have burned up. That means everyone will be paying more for food. You could start a "victory" garden, but with no rain, what's the use. I think hard times are coming, and we should be "saving" for that rainy day! Grasshoppers are eating everything, there is just nothing for the animals to eat! Reminds me of Bible times.
Cooked my last rump roast I had bought on sale before I left Whitney. Had plenty of carrots, onions and potatoes around it. So good. I thought I could freeze some, like a TV dinner, but I think I am going to eat it all! I think I did a lot better buying groceries in Whitney. The little stores there seemed to "compete" with each other, and one week you would find really good deals at one, and the next week the other store would have good buys. David's grocery often had "case" sales. Always a good buy.

My back is still killing me. I totally think it is my bed. Have not had a good nights rest since I moved here. Still looking at RVs on the "net" and keep finding Motorhomes I really like. One thing, they sure don't have any storage space. I would really have to down size my clothing, and all my cooking stuff. Would hate to give up my washer dryer, and ice maker. I think I have solved the ice maker thing, by buying a portable one, it will make ice when plugged in a 12 volt plug. It is way too hot to go looking at RVs. That will have to wait until a cold front!