Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween, don't let the gobblins get you!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beautiful day

It turned out to be a beautiful day. From a low of 37 to 77. A forty degree difference! From using the heater, to turn the A/C on! This weather plays havoc with my sinus. I was a bad girl, did not go to Ft.Worth. I really intended to, but just didn't, so tomorrow is another day, I hope! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Freezing weather

The weatherman said it got down to 30 degrees last night. It was cold, but I was nice and warm with my electric heater and electric blanket in my bed room. I close off the living room area, and it helps keep me warm. I am cold natured anyway. I think because of age, and I take aspirin and lasix. This morning was warm, and I set about doing my chores, emptying the black tank, back flushing it. It still reads two third full. My sugar dropped down too low, so I really didn't do all my chores. I did check the water level in my battery. Never got around to taking the trash to the dump. Saving that for tomorrow! I hope to make it to Ft.Worth tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2012

New Heater

When I left for the Wal Mart at Hillsboro,TX yesterday  the sky was very dark and foreboding, I hoped I got back to Whitney before the rain. It is only about 20 miles to the Wal Mart. I looked for the heater my friend had bought and liked very much. I found the Lasko, but the one I ended up with doesn't have a remote control. It was $49.95, and I didn't think I really needed the remote for the difference. Mine was $34.95 and suits me just fine. It kept my downstairs nice and warm last night.

I almost made it back before the rain, I did get a little wet getting my packages in the rig. One thing about my heater, I can not use toaster,microwave or anything else when the heater is on. I kicked the breaker first thing this morning, forgot I had the heater on. I am on 30 amp here, so I really need to move to a site with 50 amp. I have been toasty warm all night and today. Temps expected to drop into the 33 tonight, so we will see how that works. I won't run the furnace, or fireplace. If the temps get down to freezing for any length of time, I will have to turn furnace on low to keep my pipes from freezing, but I don't expect that to happen this early in the year. We will be back in the 70s by next week, this is Texas you know!  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Jason's Mobile RV came yesterday and finished up the work on the RV. He replaced the vent caps that seem to be missing. Not being able to get on top of the rig before I bought it, I didn't know they were gone. Fixed now! He also installed two 12 volt plugs, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. Now, I can run my 12 volt fan if I don't have electricity for some reason. I wanted one in the kitchen because when the slides are in I can't get to the cook stove. I can get to the refrigerator. I will have to Plan Ahead. So, now I am looking for 12 volt hot pot, or maybe a single burner. Some way to have some hot water, or maybe a frying pan. Any ideas?
Tomorrow is a Wal Mart day. Look for a new electric heater. Weatherman says here comes a cold front! Time to drag out the long handles!   

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ghost are still here!

Seems my "ghost" is still here. This time he is using my computer! Night before last, about 3 am, I get up to open the roof vent. I said before I can't sleep at night. This night I was so hot, and the air was on, just not coming on. So, I opened the roof vent over my bed, when I turned to go back to bed I noticed a light on in the downstairs. It dawned on me, it was my computer! It was turned on, just as pretty as you please! No, I didn't go down and turn it off, figured the ghost would when he was though!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ghost ??

I think I have a Ghost living with me in my rig! About a week ago, my fireplace suddenly came on by its self. I just turned it off, thinking that was odd. The remote for the fireplace is lying next to the remote for the TV, I thought I had just picked up the wrong one. Then a few days later, I get up and come down to the living room and the fire place is on! Well, it was a bit chilly so I left it on to warm up the room. I thought that was nice, to come down to a nice warm room! Then a couple of days ago, it comes on again, all by its lonesome. This time, it's not so nice as I had the A/C on. This time I turned off the main switch for the fireplace. That Ghost will just have to live by MY rules!
Today was really nice and sunny, one of those days you remember why you live in Texas.
Once again I didn't sleep well. I think it is watching late night TV. I have been watching old Perry Mason movies. I must say they are better than anything new even if they are in black and white. One thing I have noticed about all these old movies, all the women seem to have 18" waist lines! How did I get so fat? I do remember having an 18" waist line, even after having three kids! The young girls of today seem to be much heavier. Maybe it is caused by watching too many TV shows and munching!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New neighbors

This morning my new neighbors pulled in. Really a big 5 th wheel, and just before them a huge motorhome. The motorhome moved on but the fifth wheel parked right beside me. When I looked out the window I couldn't believe how low they were to the ground! Never seen this before. They must have auto levels, but still I think they should have put a block under the front jacks. I wouldn't want my rig to be so close to the ground. It does rain here and some time water stands at least an inch or so. 

Dumped the black tank, it's only been one week! Hooked up the back flush hose and let it back flush for at least an hour. The level still doesn't read empty. I may try running the hose in through the house and down in the toilet. Would be nice if I had some one to turn the water off and on outside! Otherwise I didn't do diddle. The wind was blowing and it was a little chilly out side.

So, I came in and took a nap. Now I am ready for the debates tonight!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kandi feels better!

Kandi is feeling better. She doesn't seem to be scratching her nose. She is eating well, drinking water and going potty. So glad this med is helping her.
It has been a very windy and stormy day. The wind is horrible, 30 mph with gusts to 50 mph. It really rocks this RV, and those awing toppers over the slide out flop and make terrible noises. Some people put their rooms in when the wind gets up, but I can't use my kitchen when my rooms are in, so they will just have to stand it. It is hard for me to sleep when all that is going on!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Kandi goes to the Vet

Yesterday was a nerve wracking day. Kandi has been scratching at her nose for several weeks. I mean really scratching with both front feet and whining at the same time. So I made an appointment with the Vet. here in Whitney. She also has a large "bump" on her shoulder. I noticed it after her grooming the first of Sept. I was not happy about her being razor burned so badly when I had told the groomer that she razor burns real easy, and to scissor her when possible. I really didn't know if the bump was from razor burn, or if she fell off the grooming table, or if it was there before the grooming. Then I got worried it might be a tumor! You know how us "Moms" get about our babies. 
The vet seems to think she has allergies, and says the bump is not a tumor. He said she also had a slight ear infection, which might contribute to her scratching at her nose. He gave her a steroid shot, and ear medicine. She seem really out of it today. She does eat well, so guess she is feeling OK. She isn't scratching at her nose as much either. Eighty Four bucks! But she is worth it. I don't need anything anyway.   I have been so stressed from worrying about Kandi I haven't done a thing today. Guess I needed a little down time.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New topper installed

Jason's Mobile RV Repair was scheduled to be here at 11:00 am to install the slide out topper and do a few other things. I set my alarm for 8:00 am, I know that is not early for some of you, but it is for me, plus I didn't sleep well for fear I would be late! I did get up when the alarm went off. Got dressed just before 11 so I would be ready when Jason came. Went to the bathroom, and alas the floor was wet! This is the second time this high dollar electric toilet has leaked all over the floor. So, I go outside to see what's going on, dump the black tank, come back in and dry the floor. Run water thru the toilet,go back out side to check again. The carpet in the underbelly is wet, so I know it has been leaking for a while. Go back inside and sit down to rest, when Monica, Jason's wife called to say he was running late. OK, no big deal. Got the toilet to stop leaking, cleaned up all the water. Rest in my recliner. Monica calls again, Jason's hung up in Meridian, a little town not far from here. Now, I am getting anxious. I was tired and wanted to lie down. At 2:15 pm he shows up. Monica right behind him. It doesn't take anytime at all to install the new topper fabric. He tells me how sick he has been, just getting over west nile, bronchitis, and now sinusitis. I tell him I wasn't in a hurry, it could have waited. I ask him about the toilet and he starts looking into that. It has only been a week and half since I dumped and it should not have been full enough to overflow. So, he flushes it several time, and decided there is obstruction in there (poop) causing it to back up before it is full. Flush again. Anyway, long story short, he says to put two of my chemical packages in and dump as soon as the level read full. Even though it's not full. Meanwhile, a bystander come and tells me to put sugar in the tank, fill with water, wait 3 or 4 hours flush. That sugar will dissolve anything! Never heard of such a thing, have you?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Cold snap

It was about 42 when I finally crawled out of bed at 10:00am. I ran the furnace last night along with the fireplace. Really was leery about turning it on because the previous owner said they had never used it! This is an 2004 Montana, that's 8 years old?Well, it crackled and popped but didn't explode so guess I'm OK. Used the electric heater in my bedroom last night and along with electric blanket was almost too warm. Didn't sleep well at all. Cold, so cover up, hot, kick the covers off. Some areas were in the 30s. So guess I am lucky after all.
My repairman is coming tomorrow to install the slide out topper I ordered, and I plan to ask him about the furnace and a few other things. Of course he picked a day when the wind will be 20mph. He is just getting over west nile virus, so I haven't pressed him to do the work. I will be here at least one month, maybe more. I don't like running the furnace, I had rather have my Catalytic heater, but haven't had it installed yet. One thing at a time you know.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cold day

It was 46 degrees this morning when I finally struggled to get from under my electric blanket. Even Kandi didn't want to get up. Too cold for us. I ran my electric heater in my bedroom, closing the door to downstairs all night. It kept us nice and warm. The electric fireplace was turned on when I came downstairs. It is just not going to keep the RV warm. I turned the furnace on also and after it warmed up the fireplace does a fair job. I am on 30 amps and the fireplace is 15 amps. So, I have to be careful or I will trip a breaker. I think if I were on 50 amps, I could possibly run the fireplace and one electric heater in the bedroom. 
I can't seem to get anything done for reading on my Kindle. I am reading Punctured (Las Vegas Mystery), so far it has kept me interested. The best read I have had lately The Grail Conspiracy a Cotton Stone adventure. I couldn't put it down. Now you know why I can't get anything done! I do love my Kindle and I'm thinking of giving myself a Christmas present of the new Kindle HD.Does anyone have that one?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cold day

It was a chilly 54 degrees this morning. So, I turned on the Fireplace for the first time. I'm not sure I have it set right, but it does give a little heat and a beautiful glow. I don't think it will keep me warm if the temps drop to freezing! It is pretty, and romantic. 
Yesterday was a busy day for me. Thanks to my neighbor Bob, I got LP. He saw me trying to take my tank off and came over to help. So nice to have someone help you without having to ask! He put the tank back on when I returned from the LP place. After a short rest I went to the Dollar store to get dog food, and then to the little grocery store here that has a by the case sale about once a year. Bought a case of my favorite Tamales and some other good buys. Reese potato salad and cole slaw. The absoult best cole slaw I have ever bought! Didn't know they made it, I will be getting more of that. Was so tired by then all I did was watch TV. 
Today is the Oktoberfest in downtown Whitney, but I was just too cold to go. Looked like it would be another good one, street dance tonight and many vendors. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another great day

Another beautiful day. Yesterday was windy, but sunny. I talked to the "office" and asked about having the maintenance man trim the tree that was scraping the side of my rig, and please to move the picnic table closer. It wasn't any time at all until Kandi alerted me to a visitor  The maintenance man was here and trimmed the tree, and had more fellows come and move the table for me. Great service! Now, if I can just get help with my LP tanks, I'll be in good shape for another month or so. I still haven't heard from my repair man,concerning the fabric to repair the slide out topper. I hope he does the job before this Friday as we are expecting rain again. I made it to the Post Office today to pick up my mail. Seems like it's always late. Stopped by and got diesel $3.89 gal. Sure hasn't come down any. The little grocery store here has by the case sale about once a year. So, I may drop by there tomorrow and get my favorite Tamales! 
I am wondering if anyone has tired the dried dinners from Cabelas?Just add hot water. 
Guess I will watch the debates tonight. I don't think I will learn anything new!

Monday, October 1, 2012

September is gone!

I have been in a "funk" all month. I think it is because one year ago I lost my oldest daughter. Really sad to remember her death. She fell and broke her hip, and during surgery had a heart attack.She never came out of it and passed away 9--30-2011, at 55 years old. Such a waste, and yet here I am an old woman, still kicking. Not kicking too much these days. Feeling a little depressed. Saturday it rained here all day, and yesterday was cool and cloudy. I could never live in an area where the weather was dreary and damp. 
I feel like I need to be making some plans to move on, just not sure of where. So, instead I just stay in bed. I can do that pretty good!