Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving right along

Signed the contract on the house Sat. so every thing is A-OK. Closing is Feb. 21 and I have to have everything out. I have a really big job ahead of me. I am having another "sale" this week end, and then will call Salvation Army to pick up the rest. Got to say, I am sooo tired of having sales. I don't mind selling individual things in the paper, but really tired of "sales". I am still looking at RV's, just can't decide what I want, or rather what I can handle. Looking at class c, I have had one, and they are pretty tight for living in full time. Then I still think a Van might be the right choice, but they cost so much money, and the ones I can afford have so many miles. Then , I'm back to a fifth wheel. I still have the truck,hitch,brake controller, extra fuel tank, so I basically already set up. Well, I really think it all depends on my health. Have started my Pradaxa, and it makes my stomach hurt. I hope it will level off soon and I can tolerate it. It is a blood thinner, and I have been cold ever since I started it. Guess I will have to go to Yuma! Their winter temps. are in the 80s. Gee, I may just do nothing at all!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Got the blah's today

I always start out with good intentions, sometimes they disappear really fast. Hit me right after breakfast, felt I would "pass out" if I didn't lie down. I have been trying so hard not to take a nap in the after noon. Alas, I did doze off for about 45 minutes. Oh, well. What I had planned for today will have to wait until tomorrow. I think my blood sugar is way out of whack. I try not to talk about my medical problems too much, I know they must be boring! 
More good news, I have another offer on the house! Isn't that great! At least I feel like I am getting some where. 
It was about 30 when I woke up this morning. If the weather warms up some I may try a trip to the house to load my truck and make a quick run to my storage bldg. in Whitney. I have been debating weather to rent one here in Cleburne, or just keep making the trip back to Whitney. If I get another RV then I would be based in Whitney again, and would be smarter to keep it there. But, if I don't get RV and stay in Cleburne, then it would make more sense to get one here and move the one in Whitney here. Sure would cut down on diesel and travel time. I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens to the house, and how fast I have to be out of it. My lease here is up the first of March. Gee, doesn't seem like it has been a year, but it has. Got to say, I have enjoyed having a large refrigerator and ice make, and most of all not having to get LP. Also so nice to call maintenance, and I don't have to pay. I have a lot of deciding to do.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Good news!

A lot of good news from this ole gal. I think things are finally looking up. Went to the house and with my daughter boxed up most of my stuff I had brought from my storage bldg. to sell. It is ready to go back to my storage bldg, just couldn't load it in my truck. Talked to my buyer and he is still interested and ready to sign a contract! Called my real estate agent, she tells me we have had another inquiry. Maybe things will work out after all. 
I am placing ads on e-Bay classified ads for some of the furniture I have for sale, as well as fliers to post here at the apartments. 
I am getting a little stronger everyday. After not driving my truck since Dec. 22 it started. now if I can just get my new tag on!
And, after consulting with my insurance co. they will pay for my Pradaxa and at a reasonable price.
Looks like I may be on a roll!
I keep reading all the blogs, and have noticed quite a few are really not about travel any more, so I don't feel so bad about posting my non travel blog! However, I hope that will change soon. Still looking at RV's. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finally getting better!

I am finally feeling better. I don't know what hit me, a new strain of the flu, or something different but I was really sick. I am finally doing better, just weak as a kitten. Some good news, I think I have a buyer for my house. Didn't want to jinx it, so I won't say too much. My estate sale/garage sale was a total failure, but I will list some of the furniture in local newspaper, and on e-Bay. One of my readers asked why I didn't send it to a place that took estate sales leftovers. I did find one, but they only keep it for a certain amount of time, if it doesn't sell, then you must pick it up, or pay them storage fees. After so long a time, it belongs to them. I figure if I going to give it away, I will chose who will get it! I think between my daughter and grand daughter I can find a place for most of the furniture.
Still looking at RV's, but have doubts about ever going full time again. However, I have been know to change my mind! I received my Trailblazer magazine from Thousand Trails and of course it profiles Arizona. My heart "sings" when I see pictures of AZ, always loved the desert. Maybe someday:)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Missed Christmas

I missed Christmas altogether. I made a trip to Wal Mart and stocked up for the coming Christmas week end and my Dinner with my kids. By Thursday night I was really sick. Thought I could shake it off,but not to be. By Friday, I was really sick, bed fast. I think I should have gone to the hospital, but I was not able to drive and did not want to expose anyone to my germs! The flu bug got me I am sure. I had a flu shot in Oct. but this must be a "new" strain. I was so sick, all I could do was lie in bed and moan. My faithful dog, Kandi, was a good nurse. She laid right beside me against my back. Just like my own personal hot water bottle! Guess she knew her Momma was sick. I had baked some chicken breast, and had noodles, so all I had to do was grab something out of the fridge. Really couldn't eat anyway. I tried to keep a close eye on my sugar, make sure it didn't drop too low. Gave up on taking my new meds. will just start over again. My daughter came Christmas day and brought my gift, and cleaned my kitchen. I only managed to stay up about an hour that day. I did lose 6 1/2 lbs. Now I am feeling better, staying up for most of the day. I do regret not getting to see my grandson and grand daughters. 
Santa was good to Kandi, he brought her a new ball, and squeaky toy. She has been a very good girl all year. She loves her ball most of all but brought her "dead rat" looking thing to bed with us. Sorta un-nerving to wake up with a dead "rat" staring back at you. But she is such a good girl, I don't mind sharing my bed with her toys and chew bones!
I hope every one had a good Christmas and the coming year will be fantastic!