Friday, December 7, 2012

Feeling better today,

I am feeling better today, my legs still are having charlie horse's. I was doing pretty good until a brought in a case of drinking water from the truck. Pulled something, so I limped along, and made it to the Post Office. I bought a book of "Forever" stamps but did not get Christmas stamps. Seems I never use all of them. Then to the Family Dollar Store where I bought Kandi a doggie sweater,collar and leash boxed set for her Christmas. I will go back and get her a "a squeaky toy" before Christmas. She has a stocking, but it is in storage, so I may just get her a new one! Spoiled? Naw!
Last night the weather man asked does anyone know where Tok,Ak is? I answered back to the TV, yes, I've been there! Well, it was only -58 degrees. then he shows a picture of Fairbanks,AK, -40 degrees this morning. Been there too. Could be that's why I am in Texas? We are expecting some really cold weather by this Monday, so, if I am able tomorrow I will pump out the water I have stored in my fresh water tank, been in there since May, refill with fresh water with a little water freshener. So if it freezes I will have water to flush and do dishes. I have already filled two gallon jugs with drinking water, and I have that case of bottled water so I should be good to go. My LP is getting low, but I think I can make it without buying more until maybe next week. I have a Mr. Heater that uses one pound LP bottles, just in case I need them!
I HATE cold weather. I so want to get out of here before the real winter sets in!


  1. It's no fun not feeling well. Hope you get to do some traveling and get somewhere warmer