Sunday, October 30, 2011

Moving forward

Seems like time drags by some time, and some time it just flies! Some years ago my mother left me a house, letting my step dad live in it until he remarried or not longer could live there alone. Well he is in a nursing home and it seem has been there for several months. I was just notified it was now up to me to "do something" with the house. My step brothers had been managing things, now, my turn. So I put it up for sale. It is almost two acres, and the house, from the out side looks good, but, needs a  lot of work. Work I am not able to do, and I sure can't keep up that much yard. It is a shame to see it go. It has a large Oak tree in the front that must be over 100 years old. It is so big. Pecan trees too. Had I been younger or in better shape I might have tackled the job. Not now. The house is full of "stuff" from my Aunt, and my Mother and twenty eight years of collecting. So, I am having an Estate sale. I have hired a lady to run it for me. She has a crew that comes, with their tables, cleans and prices and set everything up. She does all the advertising, and the clean up afterward. I hope this will go fast. The weather is getting colder, and wet. I don't want to have to pay utilities very long! So, that is one thing that has been keeping me busy. I have doctor appointments scheduled for this month too. I am having trouble with my eyesight and guess sometime in the not too distant future I will have cataract surgery. Although the doctor says I have a lot of damage from diabetes. 
My computer was down for a few days, so I got behind in reading the blogs. I had to restart it from a previous date. Now, everything seems to be OK. So, it goes, and goes :)

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ays I have a lot of damage from diabetes.  My computer was down for a few days and I got behind on reading the blogs. Had to re-start it from a previous date to get going again. So, it goes

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I am here

just reading the blogs. I know this is supposed to be a travel blog, and I am not traveling at this time. I see a lot of people are in the same mode as I am in. I still enjoying reading their blogs, and try to keep up every day. The days seem "long" to me, guess I am just refueling my strength at this time. 
I keep up with my RV clubs activities, and wish I could join in! The SOLO's are planning a big GTG in  Death Valley,CA "49"ers encampment at Furnace Creek.  I was hoping I would have some kind of RV by now. Then there is the SOLO'S annual meeting in  Quartzsite, AZ on Plamosa Rd in January. And, I really don't want to miss the Blue Grass music in Blythe,Ca Jan. 20! I could keep busy and happy all winter! So, I am once again "looking" for a rig.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tough week

It's been a tough week, glad it is over. I haven't done much but set and "think". Daydream might be a better word. I can't get over the cost of funerals these days. When Laurel Land Cemetery started in 1940s my grandfather bought six lots. Down through the years, prices have gone up and up. I expected some increase, but they are just unreal. There should be a law against "gouging". I have bought several lots for my children, and me. In 2006  when my son was murdered, I used one lot. His funeral was a little over $6000.00. Now I needed the one next to him for his sister. Now, it would be over $9000.00 for the least expensive funeral! Can you imagine? Keep in mind, that does not include the cost of the lot. So that leaves cremation. Their cremation was $3500, not cheap. So another place was found, guess what, they used Laurel Lands crematory!I know a lot of people are opting for cremation, it is not something I want for myself. Just to bury her Urn in her lot, I already own, is over $1200! I just think there should be some sort of legislation to prevent funeral homes from "gouging" people when they are already hurt and upset. I know that most people can't afford that kind of money.
Of course I know that everyone should plan for their own burial, with insurance, or a pre need burial policy, having buried or been included in making arrangements for most of my family, I did just that.
A lot of people are now donating their body, this is one thing Escapee's RV Club speaks of, again, not for me. They handle everything including a no-cost cremation to keep it simple for you.
On top of everything else my dog has been sick. It just never ends!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sad Day

Last night my oldest daughter passed away. She would have been 56 Oct. 22. After many months in a nursing home, she now is at peace. Even though I was expecting this, it is still hard. So, my little brood of four, is now one. Parents are not supposed to outlive their children.