Thursday, December 22, 2011

Insurance won't cover my Pradaxa

I may have to use a different blood thinner. I chose Pradaxa because blood testing wasn't so much of an issue. My pharmacy has contacted my doctor, so maybe he can "push" it through.
Meanwhile I have been so sick with a cold. Couldn't sleep last night because I couldn't breathe. To add to my problems, my dog Kandi was sick too this morning. She seems to be OK today and we both took a long nap this afternoon. So, guess I won't sleep tonight! I am looking forward to seeing my great grand daughter twins, and my grand son who is in the Air Force and stationed at Great Falls, MT.
I do hope I a over this cold by then!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Life is not always a bowl of cherries

Some time it's the pits! My estate sale was so bad I don't even want to talk about it. A complete bust. I did advertise, put signs out etc. People came,but bought "junk", small stuff. The city allows two sales per year, so I've had my two. I will now advertise in classifieds of the local newspapers, and on e-bay for the furniture and other items for sale. This means I will have to go to Joshua, about 14 miles away to show items by appointment. Not what I wanted to do. After the first of the year I can have two more "sales". 
Not feeling good has a lot to do with my not wanting to do any more sales. I went to a pain management doctor, and after listening to my heart, he would not give me any injections. He said I had Afib and needed to address that first. So, it was off to my PCP, and then to heart doctor, and EKG. Sure enough I do have Afib. They will be putting me on Pradaxa when I get the results back from the Labs my PCP did. Seems like everything is hard to do, no one can sync with each other. Tomorrow I am going for Echo Cardiogram. Then what? I don't know, but I can tell you I don't feel well, so short of breath. It's been a "bitch" just getting my bed made up today. My hip is still hurting, even though I have some new meds. for that also. Old age is NOT fun. I hope I can get to the point I can at least take care of myself and walk my dog.  :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baking bread

I was rainy today and cool, so I decided to make some more bread! This time I used a different recipe,it calls for raisins, but I used chopped dates. I love dates! It also has applesauce, and brown sugar. I think the applesauce gives it a nice texture and it is sweet (use unsweetened) So good! I could barely wait the 20 minutes to cool before cutting. Did I mention it also has Oatmeal in it? I need to lose about 60 pounds, and this is NOT the way to do it.  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wheat Bread

Wonder who ate that first slice? The Grinch? It was a little "dense" but good. I made a small loaf 1 1/2 lbs, I think I should have made the 2 lb loaf! Home made bread doesn't keep long, so you know I just have to eat it all!!
I started a crochet project today. Haven't done that in a while. I decided to make a Christmas cover for my commode tank top. Just measured and making a simple topper with maybe elastic going cross wise the tank top. I have been doing some decorating, just some things I had in my fifth wheel. Usually I make a new Christmas decoration every year, but have not been in the mood for the last several years. I am trying!!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More on Xpress Redi Set Go

I am using my Xpress Redi Set Go just about everyday, love it! Yesterday I made my version of Mexican Pizza. I put one corn tortilla spread with my pinto bean mixture of mashed bean, and hamburger meat, with Pace Salsa, then stacked another one on top also with the pinto bean, meat mixture and topped with shredded Mexican cheese. Set timer for 4 mins. It came out great. Top with shredded lettuce,tomatoes, sour cream if you like.
Tonight, after working at the house I was in a hurry to fix supper. So, I fired up the Xpress, sprayed it with pam, and put my seasoned pork chop on, timed it for 7 mins. Again it was good. I am dying to try something sweet in the mini muffin pan!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Xpress Redi Set Go!I

I broke down and ordered one! I have received it and used it a few times. I believe I will really like it when I use it a little more. I have a Betty Crocker  sandwich make and it is similar. Wondering if any one else has a Redi Set Go, and if you like it, and any recipes you really like? I am hoping it will replace the George Foreman grill, that I don't like! That thing makes my hamburger patty hard, of course I know it is supposed to drain the fat off, to be more healthful.
Has anyone tried the "Bullet"?Just trying to update my kitchen a little. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Way too full!

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner at my daughters with way too much food. I did major damage to my diet! Not only that, she sent me home with a big plate of food! So, today was another off my diet day! My sugar is a little off at 178, really not too bad with all the pie and goodies I ate. Tomorrow is another day, start my diet over again. Seems like I do that at least once a week! I would love to find some good veggies. I enjoyed my stay one winter in South Texas because of all cheap fresh food, oranges, and grapefruits. I think if I find a rig soon, after the Estate sale is over, I might just go down there for awhile. The grapefruit should be in season now, along with oranges. I do better with the grapefruit, it doesn't make my sugar get too high. But for today, it's just plan for tomorrow. One day at a time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving. I am going to my daughter's house. This is the first year in a long time we will be together for Thanksgiving. 
We are still working on the Estate sale, hopefully that will happen the first week-end in Dec. I am really ready to be "done" with that! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Keep an eye out

for antiques while you are at the thrift stores! I know quite a few of you like to shop at the thrift stores,Goodwill etc. This is a McCoy flower pot and is a collectible. 
Most of them are signed on the bottom, but some just have USA.
My daughter and I, mostly Cherry worked at the house yesterday for several hours. I managed to unpack some of the Christmas Decorations I had in my booth at the Antique Mall when I closed it down. I also have crystal stemware and a few glass vases. I have a table with a red table cloth and a table set up with Christmas sales. I will take pictures when I get it all organized. Meanwhile today was a "work at home" day. I need to get caught up on my house work, and paper work! Still researching prices on e-Bay, which in time consuming.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trip to Wal Mart

I am in so much pain it is hard for me to go to the grocery store! I was really late leaving, but was lucky in getting a parking place close to the store. I did have to parallel park. Ever try that in a F350 Dually?
I haven't done it in a while, but I did it! Got a cart and was able to ride it right out to my truck, so it wasn't bad at all. 
Tomorrow my daughter and I are going to the house again to work some more. I am not in the mood, but we have so much to go through before the sale. I think the best thing to do with some of the dishes and glasses is to put them in a box, and label whatever amount we want for them, rather than price each one. The estate sale will be after Thanksgiving for sure. I am still researching some antiques, pottery for one thing. There are several pieces of Frankoma, if you are familiar with pottery.
Well, we will see if I can walk, after tomorrow! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Is this a Chippendale??
My daughter and I have been trying to get ready for an Estate sale. Really, my daughter is doing the work, I am just "there". There is so much stuff in that house, some my Mother's and some my Aunt Ann's. My aunt collected some antiques, and I think her mother in law did also. Seems strange to be there and my mother not there, sitting at the desk, with her open Bible. Time changes everything. 
My back is really hurting me, so much it is hard to stand long enough to fix something to eat. I still don't have a microwave, maybe I need to buy one!
I have a doctor appointment with a pain management doctor, Dec. 12. I really need something before then. Maybe I can tough it out!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Work day

Yesterday was a work day, today a going to the doctor day!
I really didn't work hard at all. My daughter Cherry actually did all the work, I just supervised. We cleaned my storage bldg. it looks better, but sure is not empty! We are taking a lot of stuff to the "house" for the estate sale. I do hope it all sells. I sure don't want it to be carried back to the storage.
Storage bldgs. are such a loss. Nothing in there is worth what I have paid for in the last six years I have had it. Don't know why anyone has a storage bldg. no matter what you get for your "stuff" you are still just giving it away, so might as well give it away in the first place. 
I had a doctors' appointment for today anyway, but as it turns out I really did have reason for going, beside my back. I am having my back xrayed and then will go to a pain management doctor. Hopefully I can get some relief!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Bread

                                                             Sunbeam Bread Machine
                                                              bread pan "bucket"      
                                                 ingredients used for basic bread
Got my bread machine out and put ingredients in the bucket. Had trouble waiting for it to be ready. Smelled so good. I was a little disappointed it didn't rise as much as I thought it should. I always make a small loaf, one and half pound loaf. Bread machine bread doesn't have all those preservatives, so it doesn't keep as long. Well I don't have to worry about it keeping, I ate most of it! Mmm good.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bread Machine

It's time to get the bread machine out. I have had a bread machine for years. It started one time when my hubby and I were in Las Vegas. In those days there weren't as many stores and bread was very expensive. I decided I would not pay over $3.00 for a loaf of bread! We were planning on retirement and would spend a good deal of time in Las Vegas. When we got home I did buy one, and made bread often for many years. When I moved from my house to go full time, my bread machine was sold. After a few years of full time , solo, in my fifth wheel I bought a Sunbeam bread machine at Wal Mart for about $54.00. It is a little different from my old one but make good bread, and most of all easy to use. I think it is a great thing to have in an RV. You can put together a loaf of bread and time it to come on during the night, and be ready in the am in time for breakfast! So many great receipts, I like the ones that have raisins, or dates. I love dates. When I moved to my apartment I tossed all my bread making "stuff". Now, gradually I have bought new bread flour, and other ingredients. So in the morning, just as our cold front comes in I will start my bread! Yum. 
I tried to groom Kandi today. She did not corporate at all. I made one or two passes with the clippers, and she jumped down and hid under the bed. Well, I will get her tomorrow. I have been taking her to the groomer here in Cleburne, and I like the way she looks when she comes home. I thought we were having rain and I just didn't want to get out. We had no rain until around eight or so, and not much then. I did see where Oklahoma was having Tornadoes, and Earthquakes! I would hate to be in an RV in the path of a big tornado. In Texas we seem to have tornadoes all year long. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Slow Sunday

Slow day, got that extra hour of sleep. I did remember to set the clocks back, but seems my TV programs are off~! I have been told I can advertise on talk radio for some one to cut the tree down for the wood. So, I may try that, I really can't afford to have to tree removed. One person told me it would cost $1000,00 to cut and remove it. Didn't help my mood any at all!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Before wind


This is the house I inherited from my Mother in 2000. My step-dad was allowed to live in it as long as he kept up with repairs, (didn't do that) paid the insurance and taxes. Now he is in a nursing home, and I am now responsible for the house. It is in bad repair as well as the yard is in a terrible mess. It sits on almost two acres. A nice little wind came thru a couple of days ago and this is the results. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trouble posting to blogger

It seems my last post did not post correctly. I don't see any place for comments. Maybe it's me.
Any way things have changed again. The lady I thought would do the Estate sale for me has backed out. I guess she got a job with a larger profit. That leaves me and my daughter to do it. I am really not able to stand and wash dishes, sort stuff and price things. Guess I will try. I have some things in my storage bldg. I will get to go in the sale also. I had a booth in a Antique shop and these are new bronze western statues, also some Christmas things that should sell. I guess it will be a good way to clear out my storage bldg. Seems like things change day to day. :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Moving forward

Seems like time drags by some time, and some time it just flies! Some years ago my mother left me a house, letting my step dad live in it until he remarried or not longer could live there alone. Well he is in a nursing home and it seem has been there for several months. I was just notified it was now up to me to "do something" with the house. My step brothers had been managing things, now, my turn. So I put it up for sale. It is almost two acres, and the house, from the out side looks good, but, needs a  lot of work. Work I am not able to do, and I sure can't keep up that much yard. It is a shame to see it go. It has a large Oak tree in the front that must be over 100 years old. It is so big. Pecan trees too. Had I been younger or in better shape I might have tackled the job. Not now. The house is full of "stuff" from my Aunt, and my Mother and twenty eight years of collecting. So, I am having an Estate sale. I have hired a lady to run it for me. She has a crew that comes, with their tables, cleans and prices and set everything up. She does all the advertising, and the clean up afterward. I hope this will go fast. The weather is getting colder, and wet. I don't want to have to pay utilities very long! So, that is one thing that has been keeping me busy. I have doctor appointments scheduled for this month too. I am having trouble with my eyesight and guess sometime in the not too distant future I will have cataract surgery. Although the doctor says I have a lot of damage from diabetes. 
My computer was down for a few days, so I got behind in reading the blogs. I had to restart it from a previous date. Now, everything seems to be OK. So, it goes, and goes :)

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ays I have a lot of damage from diabetes.  My computer was down for a few days and I got behind on reading the blogs. Had to re-start it from a previous date to get going again. So, it goes

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I am here

just reading the blogs. I know this is supposed to be a travel blog, and I am not traveling at this time. I see a lot of people are in the same mode as I am in. I still enjoying reading their blogs, and try to keep up every day. The days seem "long" to me, guess I am just refueling my strength at this time. 
I keep up with my RV clubs activities, and wish I could join in! The SOLO's are planning a big GTG in  Death Valley,CA "49"ers encampment at Furnace Creek.  I was hoping I would have some kind of RV by now. Then there is the SOLO'S annual meeting in  Quartzsite, AZ on Plamosa Rd in January. And, I really don't want to miss the Blue Grass music in Blythe,Ca Jan. 20! I could keep busy and happy all winter! So, I am once again "looking" for a rig.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tough week

It's been a tough week, glad it is over. I haven't done much but set and "think". Daydream might be a better word. I can't get over the cost of funerals these days. When Laurel Land Cemetery started in 1940s my grandfather bought six lots. Down through the years, prices have gone up and up. I expected some increase, but they are just unreal. There should be a law against "gouging". I have bought several lots for my children, and me. In 2006  when my son was murdered, I used one lot. His funeral was a little over $6000.00. Now I needed the one next to him for his sister. Now, it would be over $9000.00 for the least expensive funeral! Can you imagine? Keep in mind, that does not include the cost of the lot. So that leaves cremation. Their cremation was $3500, not cheap. So another place was found, guess what, they used Laurel Lands crematory!I know a lot of people are opting for cremation, it is not something I want for myself. Just to bury her Urn in her lot, I already own, is over $1200! I just think there should be some sort of legislation to prevent funeral homes from "gouging" people when they are already hurt and upset. I know that most people can't afford that kind of money.
Of course I know that everyone should plan for their own burial, with insurance, or a pre need burial policy, having buried or been included in making arrangements for most of my family, I did just that.
A lot of people are now donating their body, this is one thing Escapee's RV Club speaks of, again, not for me. They handle everything including a no-cost cremation to keep it simple for you.
On top of everything else my dog has been sick. It just never ends!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sad Day

Last night my oldest daughter passed away. She would have been 56 Oct. 22. After many months in a nursing home, she now is at peace. Even though I was expecting this, it is still hard. So, my little brood of four, is now one. Parents are not supposed to outlive their children. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Chillin!

I enjoy reading the blogs, but have been really depressed and haven't felt like posting. I am depressed over my oldest daughter who is in a comatose state and in a nursing home. Last week she was in Hospice, not expected to last very long. This week, she is doing better, and they moved her back to the nursing home. She is on my mind day and night.
I am not happy in the apartment, and just don't know how I am going to get out. Some way I will, just haven't figured it out yet.
I just keep asking for strength, and guidance.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trouble with Blogger?

Seems like I am having trouble with Blogger. Some of the blogs I read are not updating. I tried to contact Pidge by e mail to see if she is ok, and was not able to send e mail. What is going on?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lake Whitney,Texas on fire!

This is just across the dam from where I had my lease lot at Thousand Trails. I always worried about fire when I was there. There was so much dry brush just behind my rig. I walked all through the fields and found stashes of dead tree limbs they had cut and old wooden post. I thought if it ever caught fire, I would never get hooked up in time to get out. I saw on my Facebook page they had moved campers to Bay Landing TT/N preserve at Bridgeport, Texas. However there has been many fires close to it also. The reason they had the Whitney preserve  campers move was, they have no electric. There are many park models there, I wonder what those people will do.
Spent most of the day, daydreaming about getting back on the road, and what kind of rig I would get.
I think, because I already have the truck, hitch,brake controller, which is pretty new, I should look for another fifth wheel, smaller, and hopefully easier to handle. We will see. When I am making plans to travel, to the desert of course, I am Happy! If I thought I would have to live here the rest of my life, I think I would just cut my throat!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More smoke and fires today

So many homes lost in the Bastrop,TX area. About seven hundred so far. Many people only had fifteen minutes to get out, and let the animals go. Many horses,cows,goats, and pigs were found wandering around and without food or water for days. A shelter has been set up for the animals as well as people. People that have lost everything are helping feed and water the animals. Ain't Texans great? I am proud to be a Texan, we all pull together and help one another. Have to say we have wonderful fire fighters from all over the states come to help us. People are just amazing! Firemen as far away as Alaska, and N.Dakota are here to help. Hope we will get a good rain soon. I have heard from some of my RV friends that live in that area, and so far they have not lost their home. I haven't been out today, I do have a heart problem and don't want to breathe any "smoke or haze". I think most of my breathing problems are from allergies anyway.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Smoke in the air

There seems to be smoke in the air. Not too bad here in Central Texas. I have RV friends that live close to Bastrop, and Austin. I have been hoping to hear from them. One lady live close to Holland,TX and doesn't do computer stuff! The scenes on TV of the fires are really sad. So many homes lost. We need a good long soaking rain. I may have to get out and do my raindance. Seems like I remember when I was a kid and we were in a drought, air planes salted the sky. 
The weather was a little cooler, but not really blanket weather for me. We had 63 days of temps over 100, most days 107, so I am grateful for any drop of temp. Pretty soon, we will all be saying it's too cold! 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cold front?

Texas may be on "fire" but we sure are having some nice weather. A little cold front came in yesterday with strong winds, not good for our fires, but it reduced the temps to a daytime high of 80. It is dropping to 50 tonight. Time to break out the blankets! I feel so much better in cooler weather. It has been so hot I really haven't felt like doing anything. It is an effort just to go and get my mail. The wind gusts of 30 mph didn't help my allergies, but I took a "pill" and seem to have less sneezing and dripping today. Otherwise, just biding my time, hanging in there.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flap Flap!

Yesterday I did manage to go to a dealership that carries accessories for trucks and got brand spankin new mud flaps. Took about an hour, they had to weld the bracket that was broken, all total was $75.00. The mud flaps were only $12.00 each! Anyway, had to have them, don't want a "green stamp". It was really hot and I think I got a little too hot. But, that didn't stop me from looking at a used fifth wheel! The lot is right next to where I had my mud flaps installed, so I just had to look. It was really to hot to be in the RV for long, with no a/c. so I just did a quick run through. It is a "vintage" Dutchman, in pretty good condition. I did not like the bedroom.There are several things I would want to look at again, when it's cooler. I do think he is about $3000.00 to high. I told him that too, I think he might come down some, but first I would want the A/C and fridge to be on before I even went any further. It does have a place for my washer dryer. That is important to me. Too old to haul clothes to the laundry mat. 
Enjoyed today with my daughter Cherry, we did a little Thrift Store shopping and Mickey D's for lunch. I am tired, and in pain tonight, so I'm off the bed.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do you know the Laws?

Thanks Vera, it's nice when you do have a companion to share breakfast and duties with!
While unloading my groceries the other day I noticed one of my mud flaps was gone! I really don't know when it came off. But, in Texas it is the law if you have dual wheels, you must have mud flaps! So, I am wondering, do you know the law in the states you are travelling through? Different states have different laws, some are nuts! California for instance, you can't sit in a parking lot with your engine running ! It's because of pollution.  


Visitor Center, Silver City,NM
Cabin , Silver City New Mexico
When I first got my fifth wheel, I went to a camp out in the piney woods of East Texas. Very soft dirt, and of course I had to back up to get to the electric, and so I could get my slides out. Backed right over my mud flaps and ripped them off. Went to town and got a couple of kids at a service station to punch new holes in them and raise them up a couple of inches. I might get some that have that naked lady on them or maybe the Marlboro Man!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Are You an Early Bird?

Thanks Teri for your comments, I think we travel just alike!
Do you get up early to get on the road? Or, do you take your time, and have coffee and breakfast first?
                                                   Casa Grande Ruins,Casa Grande,AZ
Several years ago, my husband and I traveled with another couple every now and then. They always wanted to get up about 4:30, they would take their coffee with them and hit the road. Some where down the road, about day break we would stop and eat a big breakfast. By noon, they were ready to pull into a rest area and take a nap. I was just getting awake and ready to "boogie". This is not the way I like to travel. It is nice to be retired and take your time. I always have my coffee and cereal in the comfort of my nightgown, in my own rig. I can then plan my days driving, and make notes about the last days adventures. I also like to keep track of my gas mileage  and cost in general. Then by about 9:30 I am on the road. By that time, all the people trying to get to work are past me, and I don't have to fight the traffic. When I had a motorhome, I didn't do so much planning, but I found pulling a 37 ft fifth wheel, I needed to know more about pull outs, and RV parks that I could get in, and most of all, get out of. I have been in situations where I had to turn that fifth wheel around, or back out. That is not fun! Best to know before you go! I traveled to Dothan, Alabama about the second year I had my fiver. My daughter and grand kids lived there and I stayed a month. I stayed in the Clean RV park, right next to the Fair Ground. Coming back to Texas, in Mississippi, I had trouble finding a gas station with diesel that I could get into. One place advertised, down the road just a few blocks off the main road had easy in and diesel. Well, when I got there it had closed, gone out of business, AND had chains across the drive. So, I couldn't even get in to turn around. I had to go miles and miles down that little road, afraid I would run out of fuel, (something you don't want to do in a diesel) finally found a spot in the road wide enough, no traffic coming, so I turned that sucker around, just getting in the ditch a little bit. When I did get back to Texas, I started looking into getting a 50 gallon tank in the bed of my truck, with a switch inside that I could just "flip" and run on that tank. Best investment I ever made. From then on I didn't worry about running out of diesel!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Questions?

Thanks Teri for your comment. It brings up another question of course. When you travel from A to B, do you plan your stops, or just stop when the need occurs? I always look at my maps for rest areas that are about 100 to 200 hundred miles apart, and before getting into a big city. I don't really like the ones that have restrooms, because of all the big rigs that use them. I don't ever use public restrooms, if I don't have to. Why have a expensive RV and not use your own restroom? There are cases where you don't have a choice. Just a easy on and off will do me just fine. 
What do you do when you stop for a break? Get a snack, use the restroom, and then hit the road again. But, wait, aren't there some things you NEED to do before pulling back out on the highway? Do you check your tires, not with a gauge, just do a walk around? You see truckers hitting their tires with a"stick", there's a reason for that. Do you feel your hubs? Make sure they are not hot? I try to run my route on Microsoft Streets and Trips, showing all of my stops, and allow about 15 minutes for each stop, and thirty for lunch. That way I can arrive at the RV park feeling pretty good, not in a hurry to set up so I can eat or go to the bathroom. You really need to get out and walk around about every two hours. Maybe do some jumping jacks! Wouldn't that peak someones day?
When I am going from A to B, I look for RV parks that are easy off and on. Hopefully they will be level. I don't put my slides out, don't connect to water, or sewer, just the electric. Speaking of KOA, they are so expensive I rarely use them, but, they are good about having different rates for different sites. If you don't need all the bells and whistles, then they are a little cheaper. I look for Passport America discount parks also. I am a Charter  Lifetime member of Good Sam, their discount parks give a 10% discount. Just about saves the tax. There is a KOA I like to stay at going west on I20 at Abilene,TX. It is on the wrong side of the highway if you are heading west, but I don't mind doing the turn around. There is a really nice one in Amarillo,TX too. They have a grill and will bring your order to your site. It is usually ready by the time you get set up.
How many of you are "early birds" do you get up and hit the road before sunrise?
                                                       Casa Grande Ruins,Casa Grande,AZ
Helen, glad to see you have joined my readers. Let us know about your "doozie" RV parks!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Emerald Cove RV Resort

What kind of RV park do you look for when you are traveling? Thinking about some of my RV park choices I have made in the past and wondering if I would repeat them. This park in Earp,CA is a membership park, and I WOULD NOT go back. It is a nice park, but, really hard for big rigs to get into, and no TV or cell service.
So, I am wondering when you are traveling down the road, what is important to you in a RV park? Close to the highway? Easy in and out? What is your "must have", maybe a swimming pool, nice showers, WiFi. What do you look for, discount parks, membership parks,KOA ? I didn't list State Parks because they are usually too far off the highway, and they are not cheap either. Do you look for Wally World free parking? 
Inquiring minds want to know! 

Monday, August 1, 2011


It is 107 today. 31 days of 100 degrees or more temps, the record is 42 days in 1980, we may break the old record. There have been nine deaths in Dallas County, and one in Tarrant. None here that I have heard of. The cattlemen are selling off their live stock, making lower prices for beef now, but next year it will mean higher prices for beef. No rain and all the hay, and corn fields have burned up. That means everyone will be paying more for food. You could start a "victory" garden, but with no rain, what's the use. I think hard times are coming, and we should be "saving" for that rainy day! Grasshoppers are eating everything, there is just nothing for the animals to eat! Reminds me of Bible times.
Cooked my last rump roast I had bought on sale before I left Whitney. Had plenty of carrots, onions and potatoes around it. So good. I thought I could freeze some, like a TV dinner, but I think I am going to eat it all! I think I did a lot better buying groceries in Whitney. The little stores there seemed to "compete" with each other, and one week you would find really good deals at one, and the next week the other store would have good buys. David's grocery often had "case" sales. Always a good buy.

My back is still killing me. I totally think it is my bed. Have not had a good nights rest since I moved here. Still looking at RVs on the "net" and keep finding Motorhomes I really like. One thing, they sure don't have any storage space. I would really have to down size my clothing, and all my cooking stuff. Would hate to give up my washer dryer, and ice maker. I think I have solved the ice maker thing, by buying a portable one, it will make ice when plugged in a 12 volt plug. It is way too hot to go looking at RVs. That will have to wait until a cold front! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

25 days of 100 or more

We are in a heat wave here in Texas. Twenty five days of 100 degrees or more. What's bad, it doesn't cool off at night. The low this morning was 86. This is the highest low ever recorded! I will be glad when this heat wave breaks. I don't feel like doing anything.What we need is a hurricane!
I was reading my Trailblazer magazine from Thousand Trails, and this issue they feature Washington state. It really looks inviting. So many nice TT parks in Oregon and Washington. If I live long enough to get another rig, that is where I am heading! With Thousand Trails, I can stay two weeks free in each park, all the way up the coast and back down! I also belong to RPI, Resorts Parks International, and there are a number of them on the west coast too. I don't know if I will renew my membership with them or not. They keep going up, and the park rates keep going up. Used to be $10.00 per night for TT members, now it's $18, if I read it right, and $2.00 for reservation fee. I have been a member of Thousand Trails/Naco since 1983 and am trying to keep my budget where I can still pay my dues of $550.00 year. Not easy on low income. It may get even lower, who knows. Looking at class c motorhomes', and possible tow car. Guess you can tell, I don't want to just sit here. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

How Hot is It?

It's so hot, I saw a squirrel picking up nuts, using pot holders!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

And the heat goes on

It was so hot in Cleburne,Texas today, I saw two trees chasing a dog! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No I don't want to

 I am tired! I have been in the "Spa" all day!
I have been bathed,blow dried, poofed, and powdered, and had my nails done.
I am sleepy, I want my bed!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Curtains

Curtains for my utility room. Just below them I keep my ironing board and iron. I forgot how to use it but it is there, makes a good folding table. My stak-pak washer (from my rv) is to the right of the curtains. The window looks out on the hallway, no view. I didn't have any trouble putting them up this time. They cost a total of $4.00, from the Dollar Store. Not bad?
Still hot and humid. Humidity is 49%, it feel like a steam bath.
Having computer problems. I think it is something I downloaded from Google! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

16 days of triple digits!

That's right, sixteen days of temps 100 or above, but take heart, it's just going to be 99 tomorrow!
Today was a peaceful day, did a little mending I had been putting off. Tried on clothing, some I thought was too small actually fit, and some too large. So, I feel I am making a little headway in clearing out my "junk" pile. Next time I move to an RV, it will be less to haul.
Judy, one of my readers says Gypsy and I have the same problem. I think we do, I just wish I had discovered what I wanted BEFORE, I rented an apartment. I do like my apartment, just not apartment living, and I sure didn't sign on for so much cleaning. I must have been drunk! I didn't remember how much dusting, moping, and vacuuming there was to keep house. House work is not very rewarding, as it is never finished. 
I have added a new Blog to my list. Desert Messenger,Quartzsite. This is a newspaper, very interesting, if you are a Quartzsite boondocking person. The Mayor there is a member of the LoWs , and a nice fellow. It will list all the shows and dates, probably not until Oct. Hot and tired, going to bed! 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nothing New

Nothing new going on here, just trying to keep cool. I was 106 here yesterday. Just too hot to get out and do anything. 
My daughter Cherry, came Thursday and we played Bingo again. Didn't win a thing. Guess I shouldn't have griped about winning a package of purse size Kleenex last time we played. It was nice, package of 9, so I won't gripe any more.
I am still sorting through clothes, and have a "pile" for Goodwill. It's not a job I like, so, that is why I keep putting it off. I keep thinking I will loose weight and they will fit, yeah, right!
I enjoy reading the Blogs, even tho most people don't seem to be traveling much this summer. I am still "looking" for a RV. One day it's a small travel trailer, the next, a class b or c, and the next, back to a fifth wheel, just smaller. There is an RV dealer close by that is having a Super Sale this week end, but I am just not able to look at RVs in triple digits. You know they wouldn't be hooked up to have A/C.
I will just keep trying to figure out what I want, then, go looking. I like some of the 22-24 ft. trailer, but they seem not to have space for a recliner. I have to get my feet up. One I looked at was ARTIC FOX, it had a bed, no sofa, or chair. I don't think I would be happy with that. Meanwhile, I will try to get rid of my junk. I have several items listed on e-Bay right now. One is my Honda EU1000 generator. Really wasn't sure if I wanted to sell it, but, I think I had rather have the money, than the generator.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Or hardly working? My new white curtains have been draped over my ladder at the foot of my bed for about a week. Every time I wake up during the night, I see this ghostly figure at the foot of my bed, unnerving me, until I wake up slightly and remember it's my drapes! Today, I decided I would get them hung, period! Well, everything is harder for an old lady. First off I had to disconnect the TV from the Dish, then unplug from the wall, and after that move the sewing machine my TV was sitting on, just so I could get the ladder up to the window. I was already tired by then. My brackets are the double ones, for shears on one rod and the draperies on the other. The nails that came with the brackets would not hold in the sheet rock. I knew better, I just thought I would try anyway. Finally I found some sheet rock anchors in my "tool" box, that would fit that bracket. So, back up the ladder I went, pounded it in and positioned the bracket, and screwed the screw in, the bracket had a center hole, and that is where I placed the screw. The top and bottom hole is for the nails, which wouldn't hold, so I left them off. Back down the ladder, move the ladder over to reach the other side. I carefully measured, to make sure they were the same distance from the ceiling, and edge of the window. Then I pounded the sheet rock anchor in the place I had marked with my pencil. Placed the bracket and then screw in the center hole as I had done the other side. For the life of me, I could not get it screwed in. I was having to reach over to the left, and hold my bracket with my right hand and try to screw the bracket in the anchor with my left hand. Now, I am NOT left handed, and I found this very hard to do. I kept dropping the bracket, so I tried holding the bracket with my left hand, reaching over my shoulder with my right hand to screw the bracket, well this didn't work either. Had to take a break, as my back was killing me. While sitting in my recliner, on ice, I thought, I have a cordless drill, just get it out, and use it! Move the ladder again, get the drill, find the right screwdriver thingy, up the ladder with the drill in one hand and holding on with the other one, couldn't hold the drill up long enough to drill. Too heavy. Then I tried leaning really hard on the ladder, and holding the drill with both hands, still couldn't do it. Damn, being old is not fun! Had to go and rest again. My sugar was dropping too low, so I took a break and had a bite to eat. Sweat pouring off me, but I am determined to hang my drapes! So, up the ladder I go again, to heck with the drill, I took my little nub of a hammer and hammered the screw in, and then the screw driver and clung to the ladder with my right hand, screwed that sucker in. Then I noticed that I had hung the brackets upside down. Well, they are staying that way! I hung up the shears first, no trouble, then the drapes. The draperies have tie backs, so I again had to try to screw in a hook for the tie backs. Couldn't do it, so I used thumb tacks. Got them started, and then my trusty hammer, wham,wham, and we are done! Don't breathe to hard, if they fall, I will have to ask for help. As I said the brackets are upside down, and they are going to stay that way. Kandi is so upset during all this, she stayed under the bed. I am tired, and I still have more drapes to hang, but not today.My back is killing me, so I took 1/2 pain pill, I have tried ice, and now I think I will get the heating pad out. I will be so sore tomorrow, I may not be able to get out of bed!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hot again today

Hot again today in Cleburne, it got to 102 and I felt it too. A pleasant day, my second born daughter came to visit. First time she had seen my tiny apartment. 
It was Bingo day to boot, so we went to play Bingo,and I got to yell BINGO! I didn't win much, just a package of pocket tissues, but it was fun to win something.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lady Raye

Tonight was entertainment by Lady Raye. She put on a good show as usual. I forgot my camera, so didn't get any pictures! Lady Raye does country western with a smidgen of Rock n Roll. Even the people in electric chairs try to do the "twist". I think my Rock n Roll days have turned to "rocking chair" days!
Came home early and popped a top of cold Miller Chill!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 1

Yesterday was July 1st and I was supposed to be out of the parking lot by 9:00am again. I left at nine and it seems no one else was going to move.
In any case I had to be in town early, so it was OK. I did a little shopping, went to Goodwill, didn't find anything there. Then went to Cleburne Thrift. I had not been there before. I found a small love seat I would like to get for my little apartment. I just need to find someone to unload it for me when I get it to the apartment. My next stop was Big Lots, a lot like Dollar store, but more merchandise. Bought a curtain rod, and mattress pad for the twin bed in my "guest" room.Then on to Wal Mart,  I thought I would get a McDonald's chicken sandwich, but when I got there, the line was too long to wait. No electric carts were available either, so I had to walk the store. About half hour later I was in so much pain, I could barely take it. I went to the deli and bought some popcorn chicken to snack on as I shopped. Wal Mart had fresh corn on the cob for 15 cents ea. I just brought three ears, but wished now I had bought more and put them in the freezer. I keep forgetting I have freezer space now! Also bought some tomatoes, still on the vine for 89 cents a lb. I had a very good supper last night of fresh corn,tomatoes, boiled potatoes with butter! Not on my diet, but so good. 
Today I made a wonderful Pineapple sugar free pie.
My friend and fellow blogger, Helen, had on her blog. She is a full timer, living in her fifth wheel at Rockport,Texas. This year she solved her towing  problem with the purchase of a travel trailer to take to her "summer" home in IA. No more towing a big RV. She will have a winter home in Texas, and summer home in IA.  Check out her recipes! She post a new recipe every month. This pie called for a ready Graham  cracker crust, but I think it would be just as good in a serving dish, without the crust!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Didn't make much headway~

I went to my storage bldg. in Whitney,TX yesterday. I was supposed to have my truck off the parking lot by 9: am, but when I left, no one was here busy power washing the parking lot. No one else seemed like they intended on moving their vehicles, I needed to go to Whitney anyway. It is a hard drive  because of all the road construction. I talked to the manager of the Storage place about getting some help. He gave me a card with a place that would help, for $40.00 an hour, with a two hour min. yeah, right, I am going for that deal! It was just too hot to do much. My bldg. is stuffed from front to back. I was only able to work my way back just a little, so as to get a path toward the back. When you step inside, the heat really hits you. I did throw away some boxes, and took a few thing to the church for their thrift store. By then it was lunch time and I went to Sonic drive in to get a hamburger. If you have never been to Sonic, you know you park on one side, and the car hops roller skate around waiting on you. I am wondering why some "dude" on the other side always leaves his headlights on in the daytime, thus shining in my eyes? I like their hamburgers and fries, they have a drive in here, but they are not as good! I then went to the Family Dollar store for a few, just have to have items, and stopped by the beauty salon and got my senior haircut. $10.00, a good buy, I think! By the time I returned to Cleburne I was really tired and shaky. Just can't do much in this heat any more. When I got here about 4:00 pm I could see the men working on the back side of the bldg with the pressure washer. I don't think anyone moved their vehicle,except for me!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am going to go to the storage bldg. Thursday and was thinking about all the stuff I want to get rid of. Among this stuff is hundreds of slides my hubby and I made down through the years. Does anyone know how to scan slides? I think there is a way to scan them into Picasa, and then on to disk. I hate to throw away all my pictures, but don't want to deal with slides, projector etc. 
Another hot day, I went to Lowes and got too hot. Thought I would pass out. I managed to get one of their electric carts, but it quit on me before I was through shopping! Guess that saved me some money!
I did download free app from Google. I read it on Rick's blog. It works great on my Droid phone.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Triple digits

We are having triple digits here in Texas, but are expecting a "cold" front tomorrow. It will be 99 instead of 100. Can you really tell the difference?
I have been researching motels that accept pets and have found a good site, they also list motels that have kitchens. Haven't found any Motel 6 in Arkansas close to Mountain View yet. I even found motels in Las Vegas that accept pets! I might make it back to Vegas after all.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Texas State Parks

I hate to say it but Texas is not very good to their senior citizens. I have been researching state parks that rent cabins, seems Texas is short on these, and do NOT accept pets! If you are "old" you get a fifty percent discount on the daily entrance fee of $3.00, isn't that just peachy?So, I looked at C.O.E. (Core of engineers) parks. They do give senior half price discounts, but, again no cabins. Then I researched Federal Parks in Texas, this is the best bet for campers, there are "free" places to camp on the Texas coast, no hook-ups. Once again no cabins. Arkansas does have some rental cabins that will accept pets, $40.00 non refundable deposit. They give seniors (out of state) 25% discount for RV sites, and they are cheaper than Texas to begin with. 
My singles group,SOLO's are going to Sheridan,WY to get together before going to the Escapade in Gillette,WY. I would surely like to go, but I know I am not able to this year. But if I went there is no way I would go without going to Yellowstone Natl. Park. I have been there many years ago, also Grand Teton Natl. Park. I did take many pictures, but when I tried to unload my camera, I lost them all! I always vowed I would return!
 I have decided if I can I will get a camper van, Roadtrek, or Pleasureway. I would like to have a small class C, but it would have to be really small, one I could drive as an everyday vehicle. I really don't want to tow anything any more. So, for now I will keep looking, and planning.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Peaceful Day

Today was another one of "those" days. I didn't do a thing. Couldn't get motivated. I totally forgot today was trash day until 7 pm! 
Talked to my friend,Pat, that lives close to the Red River, seems her refrigeration quit on her. She was busy trying to save her food. She thinks it is a breaker. Mine did that and it was the converter, cost me $400.00 to replace. Seems like there is always something breaking down on these RVs. I know mine was a money pit! However, not all RVs I have owned has been. My hubby and I had two travel trailers and never had any trouble, except a flat when we went to Alaska. Maybe my Big Sky Montana was a lemon? Too late now to worry about it. Move on, try something else. Still thinking about a camper van, Roadtrek, or that other one. But then I couldn't live full time in it. I do know some older ladies that DO live in theirs full time. I don't think I could. I have been looking at Aliner tonight, I don't think I want that either. I don't want to have to look for a restroom. To me, the whole idea of having a RV is being able to use your own restroom, fix a snack and maybe take a rest. If you can't do that, why not just go in the car? Back to the drawing board!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Parking woes

Seems like I find a "notice" on my door every other day! This morning was no different. Notice----Parking Lot Striping and Power washing for the entire parking lot between 9 am and 5 pm Thursday and Friday June 30-July 1. We are requesting that all vehicles be removed from parking area by 9 am. Now just where am I to park my big truck? It goes on to say if vehicle is to be left in parking lot, it must be parked "between the lines". Well, good luck on that one too. I can never get between the lines. I can't get my door open without hitting the car next to me, so I always park a little off the lines. This time I am really too much "off" the lines, but it was so hot, I didn't go back and move it after unloading my groceries.
This is what I don't like about living in a big apartment complex. I like my apartment, just not all the co-motion that seems to be going on constantly. I guess that means I will have to get up early and move my truck, but where? I can't shop all day! Well, I could if I had the cash! I may change my mind about going full time again. It sure was a LOT less house cleaning, and quieter.  
The motorhome I am looking at is 33 ft. I think I could live in it just fine. I wanted to keep the apartment, and get a smaller rig. In other words, have my cake and eat it too!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nothing New

Seems like every one on blogger is just like me, not much to talk about! In one way that might be good, in another, maybe not.
Yesterday was a Wal Mart day and today I was worn out, so I didn't do much. Spent the day, off and on in the bed. I did mention I have been a little "under the weather". Yesterday was the Pot Luck lunch, which I missed again. I did make pasta salad to take, then couldn't go. Needless to say, I am eating pasta salad every day! Well it is good, even if I do say so.
I am still looking for a small RV. I did sign a one year lease here, but I could get out of it, giving a thirty day notice is all that is required. I will probably stay the year, or close to it. Wonder if I will have my boxes unpacked? I am hoping I can find a small rig to travel in, and keep the apartment. I have already found a used Motorhome that I really do like and can afford. I would have to get a tow car. I tried a class C one time without a tow car, and it just doesn't work for me. Unhooking every thing every time I wanted to go some where wouldn't work for me. Towing a small car is easier than towing a 37 ft fifth wheel! Sometimes it does get in a bind, and is a little hard to disconnect, out comes the rubber mallet, that will fix it!
I think if I were happy here in the apartment I wouldn't be looking for another RV! I just don't want to go full time again. 
Proof reading my blog I noticed how many times I used the word I, sorry about that!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Golf ball size hail

has been all around us. So far it has missed Cleburne,Texas. My friend lives close to the Red River in her rig, and she said she really got hit, but couldn't see any damage. The Red River is close to Oklahoma. One of the Thousand Trails parks is located in Bridgeport, which also got hit last night, damaging some Condos. 
Today was so hot and humid, but I had to go to Wal Mart. I got a late start due to not feeling that great. Kandi has been off feed too, I am wondering if it is the water. I found my Pur water picture and filled it and have been giving her water from it. I have a case of bottled water in the truck, I will try to get some and bring into the apartment. I can't carry the big case, but I can put some in Wal Mart bags and bring a few every day, that way. 
I did a no no, been eating ice cream! Not a good thing for a diabetic, but, you just got to live once in a while!
Kandi is a sleepy baby some days, she doesn't want to get up. You can see she shares her bed with me!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Travis and great granddaughters

I had a very nice day with my grandson Travis, who is in the Air Force and on his way to his next post, in Great Falls, Montana. My son-in-law and his wife Amy invited me to their cook out. We had very nice steaks on the grill. Eric, you are a good chef!  Amy made some wonder fresh green beans, and mashed potatoes. A fun time was had by this old great grandma, chasing the twins! They are really at a cute age. Enjoyed seeing my granddaughter,Sarah, been a few months and my step-granddaughter,Geneva, her friend Keith, and step-grand son, Daniel. This is the same bunch of GREAT teens that moved me!

Thanks for a great day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fire Drill!!

I have been having such a hard time sleeping, went to bed about one am last night to be awakened by a screeching smoke alarm! It unnerved me to no end. I had to get a Nitro before I could even move. Kandi went crazy. She was trying to climb up my legs to get to me. My first thought was, the battery was bad, like the ones in the RV. They usually have a red re-set button, so I am trying to push a non existence button with a mop handle. Finally I heard people in the hall, so I opened the door to see what was going on. The people in the hall said we had to leave the building! Great, I am in my raggedy nightgown, so I put on shorts, shirt and shoes, got Kandi's leash. Then I thought well I might need my truck keys, and my purse, just in case I needed money. By the time I got out to the hall, trying to lock my door, the alarm stopped. No fire. False alarm. By the way, did I mention it was 4:00am? A bunch of old people, dressed in night clothes, half asleep is NOT a sight you might want to see! Gee.
Got back in, calmed Kandi down, took a Xanax, and tried to go back to sleep. It did make me consider, I need better plan to escape. I need to have my purse,glasses,keys and maybe a little bag with my meds by my bed, ready to go, just in case. The old lady that lives up on the second floor, and on a walker beat me down stairs! Should I have locked my door? Or, not lock, it would be a good time for thieves to loot the apartments? 
Something triggered the alarm in one of the apartments, and they all go off. I guess that is a good thing. It does give me second thoughts on living in an apartment complex that has eight buildings,three stories high. I am on the ground floor, right next to the breezeway to go outside. If we had been on fire, I would not have made it out! Scared the hell out of me!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Hydro Spin shower head.

No maintenance man needed. 
Easy to do, took about ten minutes, five to find my glasses, five to install.
Hydro Spin has only four spray settings, that's OK with me, what I was going for was a long hose, so it will spray up and down and all around! I will be able to bathe Kandi in the shower! She loves the water anyway, I had trouble keeping her OUT of the shower in the rig. She wanted to shower every time I did. Otherwise a quiet Sunday.

I think I can

I hope I can!

Replacing shower head

I could call maintenance

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Little Under the Weather

I don't know how I am ever going to get my sleeping on track. I went to bed fairly early (for me) and dozed off watching TV. Kandi woke me up with a bark about 2:30 am. My arms were asleep, and I sat up on the edge of the bed for a while, then could not get back to sleep. There was a Luau at one, and I really had wanted to go. I was so "out of it" I just couldn't get it together to go. Today my elbow hurts, and I have a terrific headache. I never have headaches, so I don't know what's up with me, maybe just old age. It has been very hot and I have the ceiling fans going, so maybe that's what caused my headache.
 Pidge gave me a heads up about coupons. She says you can buy them on e-bay. I didn't know that! She gets only food coupons. Then has found a good one too, check out Deal
Facebook has got me hooked! I have been on Facebook and Twitter several years. When I had a web store I could advertise on these sites, and I advertise my e-Bay sales on there now. I am hooked on playing Farmville, there are other games too I enjoy, but seem to go back to that one.  Well, now you know why I don't get things done!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


It started last night, looking for grocery coupons. I didn't know there were so many "coupons" places out there! I did find Coupon Mom, as seen on Oprah. I signed up, and I signed up. Gee, they keep asking for my e-mail address. It is a great site, and if you go there, you will see many other good sites, such as free stuff. Of course, you have to sign up! I did find a few coupons for grocery items in my area. I am limited to grocery stores here. We have H.E.B, Kroger, Albertson, Wal Mart. You will find drug store coupons also. Great buys, and "free" stuff at CVS. Yea, I'm in to IT!
Speaking of  tomatoes, mine look like someone took a blow torch to it. When I got to thinking about it, I think they really did. When the big mowers come right by my patio, I think the heat from the exhaust got them.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hanging pictures

Yesterday was a decorating day. Up the ladder, down the ladder, up the ladder. Trying to hang a few pictures. This one is a needlepoint my daughter,Geri made many years ago. She passed away in 1996, so you know all of her work is precious to me. 
I moped my bathroom floor, gathered my trash for today's pick up. I have a lot more "housework" than I want to do. Sure didn't have this much work in my rig. Today I can barely move. Going up and down the ladder sure messed up my back and hip. They keep telling me I am old, I keep saying, no, I am not!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Busy day

 even though I did not get to sleep until about 4:00 am, I did get up about ten. The noise from the "mowers" sounded like they were in my bedroom! Seem like there is a lot of gardening going on around here. 

My tomatoes are looking good. The larger one is a "grape" and I planted it in Miracle Grow potting soil, the other one is a Patio and is supposed to do well in a pot. I didn't have enough Miracle Grow to fill the pot, so I topped it off with regular potting soil from the dollar store. Wonder if it will make a difference?
About a week ago I bathed my dog in a medicated dog shampoo and she stinks to high heaven. Couldn't stand it any longer, so I bathed her in Baby Shampoo. I usually use Johnsons' Baby shampoo anyway, but thought I would try the medicated as she was scratching. It did not help the scratching, she doesn't have any fleas or bugs. I use Frontline on her and have never seen any fleas or ticks. After her bath, I needed a bath! We always make a big mess. Then I washed the sheets, so, we are clean! 
I am tired and hungry, think I might have another cinnamon roll!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Here comes summer!

It seemed really hot to me today. Maybe it's the humidity. I went to Albertsons' today. They had some very good cinnamon rolls,four for one dollar, you just know I had to have one! No, no, but I did anyway. Very good sales. Upon return, you must enter the complex through a gate with either a key pad or remote. I always use the remote, but for some reason it wouldn't open the gate. So, I had to back that big truck all the way back around to get turned around to go though the gate with the key pad. That made me have to park at the rear of the complex. That's OK, it is just a little longer walk, but I can see my truck from my front windows.

I am talking to a lady that has a 2002 Roadtrek for sale! I hate to get my hopes up, but maybe just maybe everything will work out. The price is right, and not many miles. She is putting new a/c this week. I really need my truck for a while, so I can get the storage bldg. cleaned out. She is not in a hurry and neither am I. I explained to her I have to sell my truck before I can buy the van. If it doesn't work out, then it wasn't meant to be! Every thing works out for the best.
In today's mail was the travel information on Arkansas, and the Ozark Folk Center  State Park. Still want to go, but I think the only way I can will be with an RV. 
Doesn't hurt to dream, does it?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

America the Beautiful

Memorial Day at Buena Vista

We celebrated with hot
dogs, and everyone brought a dish to share.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Texas Weather

We are getting hammered here in Cleburne as I write this blog. I don't think it will be as bad as the people in Okla. City. Several of the cities here in Texas had some damage,but nothing bad. I keep losing the TV signal, great for watching weather!
I went to my rig today, finally got everything out! Good Bye old girl. We had a lot of fun. Took a truck load to the storage bldg. Now, all I have to do is clean out my storage bldg. My bones hurt and I am TIRED.