Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Well, now what? Can this poor drawer be fixed? Shall I get out the glue and duct tape? 

It's been raining here all day. Nice, slow rain. A much needed rain, but I forgot to put my lawn chairs away again. Last Saturday they got a good washing, and Monday when I checked them the pads were just about dry. Never dreamed it would rain again today. I am not complaining, we needed the rain and the high today was 73! Rain makes me sleepy, so I have had a nice nap today. Wouldn't do for me to live in a place where it rained a lot, I would never get anything done.

I am still looking for LED flashlights. I have one lantern type that takes "D" cells. Can you believe a pak of D cells it almost $4.00? That was at the dollar store too. My lantern take four "D", so that is $8.00 just for batteries. Just as soon have a whole new lantern!


  1. I buy batteries at Costco and they end up being much cheaper. My cameras use rechargeable batteries, but they go out at the worst possible time.

  2. Oh it infuriates me that they don't built these RV drawers better! Wow, your's really broke bigtime! I guess you'll have to run a support board along the inside. I'm guessing the track is bent now too? Alongside the drawer that is.

    Wood glue works well, it really holds.

    I have two LED lights that I bought at Sam's club a few years back. Loaned them to a friend. told her NOT to leave them on all night & she did. Now they've lost too much charge & won't stay lit very long, even after recharging. I also have one of those stick lights that require electricity. I plug that into the outside socket when needed. It's great!

    The LED ones just don't last as long as I'd like them to.

    I've seen batteries at the 99cent store, but then saw a special about them being so cheap that they sometimes explode.
    I use rechargables when I can, but I've not seen D rechargables.