Thursday, December 27, 2012


One advantage of my neighbor parking so close is, he is knocking the wind off me! Ha Ha!
I am running on my fresh water tank just fine. I also have some gallon jug of water I drew up, and bottled drinking water.After the pump thawed out, I left it on and so far hasn't froze up again.
Jason's Mobile RV came today to look at my bedroom vent. He said it was just crumbling apart, and I had him check the other ones too. I will replace three of them, just the plastic lid part. The Maxx Air Vent covers look OK. They are really worth having. If I had not had them I would be looking at a Hole in the ceiling. It is cold again today, wind not so bad. I think it its 28 right now at 4:00 pm. In for another cold night.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

I hope everyone had a "Merry Christmas"!
Mine was really cold. Howling winds, and temps dropping to single digits. The dinner was at my house, and I had for the first time in my life, a Cajun fried turkey, dirty rice dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry orange relish, and a fruit salad I made, and rolls. My daughters boyfriend was sick, so he didn't come. Cherry and I had a nice dinner, and she gave me a handbag,(we have a thing for bags) and a jacket. In spite of the cold wind shaking the rig, we had Christmas music, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, homemade cookies,candy and a whole lot of Love.
It's really been cold at night, I am trying to conserve on my LP and not run completely out. Cherry disconnected the water from the outside faucet before she left, so I wouldn't have to. I am doing fine on water from the holding tank, plus water I had drawn up. The water pump did freeze, and took a little while to thaw, and draw from the fresh water tank. I spent a miserable night, couldn't get warm. My own fault, should have left already for warmer country, just where that is, I don't know!

Crowded conditions?

With so many empty spaces, why would this guy park so close to me? I know I'm not that good lookin

Friday, December 21, 2012

Laugh if you want to

but it worked! After listening to the flip flop all night, I discovered the roof vent over my bed had been damaged in the wind. I have Max Air vents over all my roof vents, otherwise I would have had a big hole looking back at me. I tried different size pillows, none fit sung enough, and then I thought about this piece of windshield cover I had cut up to use on my front door glass. So, I get on the bed, on my knees to tape it over the vent opening, promptly fell. Almost hit Kandi who was in bed. I rolled around like a big rubber ball trying to get up, all the while, Kandi is barking her head off, and trying to help me. I sorta fell between the mattress and the sliding door to the bed room. I finally managed to get in a position to hang my feel off the bed, sit up and stand up. About this time my Daughter calls me, and I try to explain the situation. She tells me to wait and she will come tomorrow and see what she can do. Well, after I rested awhile, I tried it again and did manage to use duck tape to hold it over the vent, thus preventing the cold air to come in when the vent flopped open. During the night, the darn thing fell, scared Kandi to death. I give up!
So, today Cherry and Delbert come and Cherry get in the bed on her knees, and is able to re apply duck tape and so far it has stayed up. I know I will have to have it replaced, but maybe after the holidays. What a night!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wind blowing at 50 mp

I see no one is making any comments on my blog. Should I quit writing? Oh, well it is mostly for my own record anyway.
Last night was the night from HELL, high winds, up to 50 mph rocking this trailer. It rocks from side to side, feel just like you are going over sideways. Those toppers over the slide room are a pain, they make so much noise, combined with the wind, I got no sleep. So, I had this great idea to put just my bedroom slide in. Would have been no big deal, but I had been cleaning out the closet looking for some winter clothes, so I had clothes on the floor and well as boxes. About 3 am I thought what the hell, I'm not sleeping anyway, so I get up and start stuffing clothes back in the closet. Figured out how to keep my electric blanket hooked up when slide was in. Kandi is in bed, asleep, really just watching me. So, I put the slide in, she goes nuts, barks, shakes, and cries. I never thought it would scare her so much. The rest of the night went pretty good, except for this banging I hear just over the bed. Got up and turned the light on, I thought the roof vent was gone, but no, it was there. Well I will deal with it tomorrow when it is daylight and I can see!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Windy day

I think half of New Mexico has blown in!It has been very windy, gusts up to 40 mph. This rig has been rocking all day. Tomorrow will be the same, but the temps will also drop. Great. My allergies are driving me nuts.
I have had some difficult days, with my sugar dropping too low. For the first time in my life I thought I would faint. Not a great feeling, I can tell you that. All I could do was hang on to the counter and pray for Jesus to help me. He did, always does.
I was very scared. Have felt really bad for the last few days, not feeling well enough to drive into Cleburne to my doc. office. I think today I was just plain lazy, went back to bed when I should have gone to the Post Office. Maybe tomorrow will be better, I don't mind it if it's a little chilly, just don't like the wind. I have seen big rigs,18 wheelers blown off the road, I am not trying to outdo them!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Just had to say it! I won't live long enough to see that number again. 
Took my trash to the dumpster, went to the post office, and to the Family Dollar Store. Not much in the paper, but I get my grocery ads, some time I find good buys. 
It was cold again last night, 26 degrees, but nothing froze so I'm OK. Another cold night and then we will warm up some. I think I may have to get LP tomorrow, or the next day. I was trying to get both tanks filled at once, I have to ask someone to help me, and that way I won't have to bother them again.
I usually don't send out Christmas card anymore, but there are a few people I like to keep in touch with, so I bought a box of 10 cards.
Kandi isn't feeling well tonight, been throwing up. So hard to know what to do when they can't tell you. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cold night, but I was warm and cozy.

The temp got down to 28 last night, but my electric heater along with my Buddie heater kept me warm. At bedtime I turn the Buddie heater off. Ran the furnace at 55 so my water lines in the bays wouldn't freeze. At 9:30 this morn there is a knock on my door. Park maintenance man was there to tell me my water filter had frozen and burst, he would turn off my water for a few minutes, and take the filter off, then turn water back on. I had a small lake at my steps. 
That was about the extent of my day. Kandi is wearing her new sweater, which is a little tight. She needs to lose a little weight, or maybe get a hair cut.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cold you say?

It was down to 34 degrees this morning when I managed to climb out of bed. Anything under 50 is too cold for me! This evening the TV doctor said that cold weather is very hard on heart patients. That's all it took, got my maps out, trying to decide the best route to get to Quartzsite. I called a fellow over at Thousand Trails that installed my quick disconnect for my Catalytic heater, and of course he is too busy to do it. Now,where to get it installed?Really didn't want to haul this thing to Camping World, 70 miles away to have it done. 
It is going to get to the 20s tonight, and I didn't get all my outside work done. Oh, well.
  I bought Kandi a new sweater for her Christmas, it's blue. I may have to give it to her early. It is so cold, course she does have plenty of hair!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Feeling better today,

I am feeling better today, my legs still are having charlie horse's. I was doing pretty good until a brought in a case of drinking water from the truck. Pulled something, so I limped along, and made it to the Post Office. I bought a book of "Forever" stamps but did not get Christmas stamps. Seems I never use all of them. Then to the Family Dollar Store where I bought Kandi a doggie sweater,collar and leash boxed set for her Christmas. I will go back and get her a "a squeaky toy" before Christmas. She has a stocking, but it is in storage, so I may just get her a new one! Spoiled? Naw!
Last night the weather man asked does anyone know where Tok,Ak is? I answered back to the TV, yes, I've been there! Well, it was only -58 degrees. then he shows a picture of Fairbanks,AK, -40 degrees this morning. Been there too. Could be that's why I am in Texas? We are expecting some really cold weather by this Monday, so, if I am able tomorrow I will pump out the water I have stored in my fresh water tank, been in there since May, refill with fresh water with a little water freshener. So if it freezes I will have water to flush and do dishes. I have already filled two gallon jugs with drinking water, and I have that case of bottled water so I should be good to go. My LP is getting low, but I think I can make it without buying more until maybe next week. I have a Mr. Heater that uses one pound LP bottles, just in case I need them!
I HATE cold weather. I so want to get out of here before the real winter sets in!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Feeling better

I didn't know that being low on Potassium could make you feel so bad. I also didn't know that taking Potassium would make me so sick! It does not sit well on my stomach. I may have had another bug also, but the  Potassium still makes my stomach hurt. Yesterday I felt pretty good, and went to the Post Office to pick up my mail, it had been there over a week and all my ads were already outdated. I intended to go again today, but I didn't feel well, took a nap instead. Really haven't been able to keep up with the Blogs or my e-mail. Maybe I will get straightened out before Christmas! It has been wonderful weather here in Central Texas, but this coming Monday that will change as a cold front is coming in. I am not ready for that!
I have been looking over my Blog reading list, and see that some have not posted in a year! I am thinking of deleting those,but I don't want to offend anyone that is just a "reader". 
I am still not sure of any travel plans for this winter. I keep hoping, but just can't seem to get excited about going any place. I had thought of going to the Texas coast, Rockport, for the winter, but I can't seem to get in touch with the manager of the RV park where I wanted to stay. I did talk to her, and she said she would call me back as soon as she got to the office. Guess she hasn't made it back to the office yet, that was over a month ago! She's not very interested in me staying with her? Well there are other places, just in case she does not know it!