Thursday, December 27, 2012


One advantage of my neighbor parking so close is, he is knocking the wind off me! Ha Ha!
I am running on my fresh water tank just fine. I also have some gallon jug of water I drew up, and bottled drinking water.After the pump thawed out, I left it on and so far hasn't froze up again.
Jason's Mobile RV came today to look at my bedroom vent. He said it was just crumbling apart, and I had him check the other ones too. I will replace three of them, just the plastic lid part. The Maxx Air Vent covers look OK. They are really worth having. If I had not had them I would be looking at a Hole in the ceiling. It is cold again today, wind not so bad. I think it its 28 right now at 4:00 pm. In for another cold night.

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