Friday, October 12, 2012

Kandi goes to the Vet

Yesterday was a nerve wracking day. Kandi has been scratching at her nose for several weeks. I mean really scratching with both front feet and whining at the same time. So I made an appointment with the Vet. here in Whitney. She also has a large "bump" on her shoulder. I noticed it after her grooming the first of Sept. I was not happy about her being razor burned so badly when I had told the groomer that she razor burns real easy, and to scissor her when possible. I really didn't know if the bump was from razor burn, or if she fell off the grooming table, or if it was there before the grooming. Then I got worried it might be a tumor! You know how us "Moms" get about our babies. 
The vet seems to think she has allergies, and says the bump is not a tumor. He said she also had a slight ear infection, which might contribute to her scratching at her nose. He gave her a steroid shot, and ear medicine. She seem really out of it today. She does eat well, so guess she is feeling OK. She isn't scratching at her nose as much either. Eighty Four bucks! But she is worth it. I don't need anything anyway.   I have been so stressed from worrying about Kandi I haven't done a thing today. Guess I needed a little down time.


  1. Have to take care of the Fur-babies. Glad to hear it is not a tumor or something serious.

  2. Allergies can be so problematic with dogs. I hope the treatment today does the trick!