Friday, October 26, 2012

New Heater

When I left for the Wal Mart at Hillsboro,TX yesterday  the sky was very dark and foreboding, I hoped I got back to Whitney before the rain. It is only about 20 miles to the Wal Mart. I looked for the heater my friend had bought and liked very much. I found the Lasko, but the one I ended up with doesn't have a remote control. It was $49.95, and I didn't think I really needed the remote for the difference. Mine was $34.95 and suits me just fine. It kept my downstairs nice and warm last night.

I almost made it back before the rain, I did get a little wet getting my packages in the rig. One thing about my heater, I can not use toaster,microwave or anything else when the heater is on. I kicked the breaker first thing this morning, forgot I had the heater on. I am on 30 amp here, so I really need to move to a site with 50 amp. I have been toasty warm all night and today. Temps expected to drop into the 33 tonight, so we will see how that works. I won't run the furnace, or fireplace. If the temps get down to freezing for any length of time, I will have to turn furnace on low to keep my pipes from freezing, but I don't expect that to happen this early in the year. We will be back in the 70s by next week, this is Texas you know!  


  1. Your new heater looks great! It does feel amazing to feel warm and toasty at night when it’s freezing outside. That feeling when you curl up in your bed under the soft cover of the blanket, with the furnace keeping you comfy – now those are the little pleasures of life! Well, if the temperature does get back up to the 70s, at least you can be sure you have a nice furnace to warm you in the cold nights!

    @Alyssa Flynn

  2. With your new heater, you can now have a good night’s sleep! By the way, how’s the temperature in your place? Is it still freezing cold? Maximize the use of your heater and enjoy your sleep!

    -Darryl Iorio