Friday, September 14, 2012

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It's only about a mile down hwy 933 to the Thousand Trails park. I was really wiped out as was my daughter. At the gate, there is a sign to "keep right" and I did. Parking at the Ranger Station to check in. I saw the Ranger in the shack, but she didn't come out to register me. So, after a few minutes, I got out of the truck, left the engine running and air on for my dog, and walked up to the door. She opened the door, I said I thought you would come over to my truck to register me. She replied, (rather sarcastically ) you have to come over here to get your paper work. OK, I said, I am somewhat disabled, and have a handicap license plate. Most of the other parks have you stay in your rig, out of the traffic, and the ranger comes to your window. I asked if there were any pull through sites, and she says, yes, we have plenty of pull throughs as a lot of people left this morning. By now it is about 4 pm. I find one pull through with full hook ups. Pulled in, begin to set up. I ask my daughter to hook up the electric, and turn air on in the rig as it was hot. She tells me, the air won't come on. I check the connection to the electric box, and she checks the connection to the rig. The breaker on the box won't stay on. Great, I call the Ranger and report it, and I am told they can't do anything about it, all the maintenance people go home at 4:00 pm. So, we put all the stuff back in the RV and pull out to look for another space. You have to pull out and around the roads to come back in to the pull through sites. I see several, but they are not full hook up sites, no sewers. Well, OK I can handle that for a while. I dumped everything at Sun Country. So, I pull in, put my blocks down, try to get level. Even though I am not level, I unhook, connect the electric, and my daughter connects the water. Guess what! NO Water. The handle to turn the water on is completely gone. Now it is 6:00 pm and I am totally shot! I tell my daughter to go on home. I can't do any more today anyway. I have drinking water, and water in the fresh water holding tank. I call the Ranger at 9:00 am sharp the next morning, and the maintenance man came right away and turned the water on. So, I am Semi boondocking. I did a drive through the park yesterday and all the pull throughs are full except for the one with no electric. 
All I can say is Thousand Trail Lake Whitney is not in good shape. I wonder what happens to my dues I pay every year? It is not spent to repair roads,trim trees, or update the sites! I am wondering if it is worth it to keep Thousand Trails membership?

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