Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well, it's Monday Sept.10 time to move to

Down town Whitney,TX
Thousand Trails Lake Whitney, just one mile down the road. No problem, right? Wrong. My daughter came about 10:30, check out time is 12:00, shouldn't be too bad. All we had to do was unhook the water hoses, put stabilizer  jacks up, hook up and go. You know about Murphy's Law. It sure applies here. Worked and worked to get the water hoses, and the garden hose disconnected. Neither one of us could do it. I found some "spray" and sprayed all the connections. Finally got them loose, and I put the back jacks up. Now all we had to do is back into the king pin. It took several tries to get lined up, then decided the jaws were not locked, so would come off the truck and try again. Well, they would not unlock, or lock. Lower the king pin, try, nope, raise the king pin, try to get off, nope. Stuck for some reason. By this time it is way past my lunch and my sugar is dropping, so went to get a McDonald's. Came back and sat in Cherry's car to eat, because I had Kandi with me, the rig was already disconnect from the elec. and the rooms in, too hot to go in there. While sitting in the car, we saw a fifth wheel under one of the covers, and decided to go and ask him for help, thinking he must know about fifth wheels. A very nice older man came to the door of his Cedar Creek fifth wheel and yes, he would come and help. He said it was back pressure (yes, I do know about that) and he released the brake, put the truck in N, and it came loose, trailer fell off the blocks, but did not hurt my truck. Scared the you know what out of me! But, then he backed it in, and made sure the jaws were locked around the king pin before he left.
It is about 3:30pm by then, so off to Thousand Trails. That will have to wait until tomorrow.

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  1. Wow, what a hassle. It's always good when someone is around to help out though.