Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wind blowing at 50 mp

I see no one is making any comments on my blog. Should I quit writing? Oh, well it is mostly for my own record anyway.
Last night was the night from HELL, high winds, up to 50 mph rocking this trailer. It rocks from side to side, feel just like you are going over sideways. Those toppers over the slide room are a pain, they make so much noise, combined with the wind, I got no sleep. So, I had this great idea to put just my bedroom slide in. Would have been no big deal, but I had been cleaning out the closet looking for some winter clothes, so I had clothes on the floor and well as boxes. About 3 am I thought what the hell, I'm not sleeping anyway, so I get up and start stuffing clothes back in the closet. Figured out how to keep my electric blanket hooked up when slide was in. Kandi is in bed, asleep, really just watching me. So, I put the slide in, she goes nuts, barks, shakes, and cries. I never thought it would scare her so much. The rest of the night went pretty good, except for this banging I hear just over the bed. Got up and turned the light on, I thought the roof vent was gone, but no, it was there. Well I will deal with it tomorrow when it is daylight and I can see!


  1. Did you find out what it was that hit your roof? I've been out of commission the past several days. IE crashed on me & I've been trying to repair it. I gave up & downloaded Opera & wow, what a difference! It's sooo fast & I can read blogger on it! So yay! It was getting tiring trying to read what limited posts I could on my cell phone. It's cold out there now - brrrrr. We'll probably have windows open on C'mas day though...

  2. I always read and enjoy your Blog but it is hard to leave a comment because you have word verification turned on. Hope the winds stop soon. Time to get out of there although the wind can hit you anywhere.

  3. Oops.. I see no verification. Good.

  4. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog...but
    I don't post much...maybe I better start
    Hope you don't have a big problme with what
    ever was making all that noise
    have a great day

  5. Please don't stop writing. I love reading the blog but
    not usually into saying much yet because I have yet to
    start my adventure.

  6. I started a blog last May, and hardly anyone ever comments on it. Sometimes Facebook friends will say something on there, or indicate that it has been "liked", but mostly it is just the sound of crickets. But I started it for my own enjoyment, so, while it is fun to know that someone else is reading it, I really don't care if they do or not. I couple of times there have been hits from someone in other countries, and that is always intriguing.

    So - keep up the blog if it pleases you. That's really all that is important. ;->