Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still 100!

Still 100, but we are in for a "cold front". In other words, it will be 99 instead of 100!
Just too hot to do anything. I think the A/C runs 24/7. I dread seeing my electric bill. The door side of my RV faces the west, and I get the west sun,starting about noon, until sundown. I haven't put my awing down yet. My grandson is coming to wash my rig, and I thought I would get him to help me anchor it down good. If we have a storm and it rips it off, then maybe the Ins. will spring for a new one. 
Gypsy is making plans for her trip, with all the maps etc. I only need one map to get the h*** out of Texas!I don't know if I would be any happier, but I would go where the weather in better. You know I am talkin San Diego? 
I have been researching the San Diego area for RV parks to rent by the month. I did find one, not cheap, but they get very good ratings from people that have stayed there. Next, I will research Oceanside,CA. Got to try to keep my spirits up!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We hit 100 today!

To say the least it's hot. We hit 100 today, it felt like it too!
I have been trying for days to get up early and do some work outside. Today was the day I HAD to do the work regardless of the time. My trash was running over and so was the black tank. I didn't make it outside until about 12:30, already hot. I did get my trash out, and bring in some Dr.Pepper I had left in the truck. I wasn't able to bring it in when I bought groceries a few days ago.
This morning while standing at my kitchen window, getting a cup of coffee, I saw the fire department truck with ambulance close behind come tearing into my area of the park, and going to my neighbor about two doors down. In a few minutes a red truck came in and behind them a park ranger. I think they went to Betty's rig. I have know Betty for years, and when I moved back in here, I was told she had a fall and broke her hip, had been in re-hab and was due back home the same day I moved in. I used to see her and her hubby "walking the circle" early in the am. I have not been to see her, I have trouble walking myself, so thought one day when I was out in the truck I would stop by and say hi. Betty and her husband used to volunteer a lot. He was a minister to some of the parks in south Texas when I first met them years ago. Betty was always "helping" some one,both here and at the park next door. Such a lovely lady. Her hubby, Noel is a diabetic. I hope every thing is OK with them. I am just dying to know.
Anyway I dumped the black tank, while sitting there on my lawn chair under the king pin, I decided to unwind a garden hose I had and see if I could find a sprayer attachment for it. I piddled around outside a good hour before I went inside.
Had lunch and then took a nap. After my nap, it was almost supper time, so I ran my blood work. It was 185, so I thought I will go ahead and take my Insulin shot and get my Metformin. That's when I discovered I had not taken my morning shot, and pills! I guess that means I don't need Insulin, I just need to quit eating, and work outside!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feeling better

My doctor finally called in some Cipro for my bladder infection and I am beginning to feel much better. Still have no energy, or maybe I am just lazy! Been a slow day for me, which is OK. I usually watch the TV preachers for awhile in the morning, sometimes I catch Face the Nation, fell asleep during the preaching. Didn't cook, just microwaved a sweet potatoe, couldn't eat all of it. 
   I have been reading the blogs, and I noticed several people aren't posting much either. Guess they are traveling which is what I wish I was doing. At least planning a trip in the near future.  My friend Pat, has plans to go to OR, of course she has had the same plans for years, hasn't left yet!I still just hope to get back to AZ someday and perhaps San Diego. The weather is always so nice in San Diego. I lived there when I was young, and I think I could live there again, if I could find a place I could afford! Well, it's something to plan on, look forward to.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Just hot, nothing new

We have had one or two good rains here, but all it did was make it swealtering hot. So humid.
I am so tired of trying to deal with doctors. Seems like now when you are old, and need more care, they (doctors) don't care! When we were younger and paid in to these insurance companies, we were never sick. NOW, where are they? I have been suffering with a raging bladder infection for a week. I called my doctor for a refill of Cipro, he prescribes this for me all the time. He is in Cleburne, about 30 miles away and it is hard for me to just drop every thing to go when he is there. He has an office in Burleson also. Then there are the days he is only in the office half days. Hell, who can keep up with his schedule? I am thinking of changing doctors, one here in Whitney. But, I hate to go to a new doctor, fill out all that paper work etc.I have been with Dr. Bates for about ten years, and I would like to stay with him, but, this driving back and forth, and not being able to get my meds. refilled is not good!What did women in the old days do when they had bladder infections? I know there must be some "folk" remedies.
What kind of wax would you use to wax your RV?
Thought I had some, turns out, not.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Yesterday my friend was to leave early in the morning. About six am I heard this pitter patter on my roof, and thought, oh oh, Pat's going to have to hook up in the rain, unless she did it the night before. At the same time I thought about my new "mat" I left laying on my picnic table. Didn't take it out of the plastic, because I plan to return it. Now it's wet! Well all day I thought I will let it dry out and go put it under the rig. Maybe it will be OK to return. Didn't feel too good, so I didn't do that, and yes, it rained again during the night!I give up. Any way I did talk to Pat last night and she had to hook up in the rain, and drove back to her "home base" about 125 miles away, to find out there had been a terrible storm there, and she can't get in the drive way, it gets too muddy. So, she made a detour to the Thousand Trails Park at Lake Bridgeport,TX. I guess she will be there for a week or two. It's a nice park, in fact it is my "home" park. It is NOT as nice at Whitney!
I am having so much pain in my stomach. I don't understand why, unless it is some of my meds. Also yesterday I had terrible leg cramps. Sound like an old woman don't I?
Found a new Blog I am following. He and his wife travel in a Roadtrek, but he has a lot of good ideas, and how to locate Natl. Parks/Forest campgrounds.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers DayHH

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there.
It's really been hot here in Thousand Trails Lake Whitney!
Well, my RV buddie is leaving early in the morning. We have had a nice two weeks. Trips out to eat, and a trip to Ft.Worth to Camping World. Tonight I fixed dinner for us so she would have easier time getting ready to move, and to say our good byes for now. Hope to see her again soon.
I bought a patio mat for my patio, of course I picked up the wrong color. I bought some Gel Gloss RV Wash and Wax, I already had a big jug!
So, at some point I will take another trip to Camping World and exchange the mat for the one I wanted! Get refund on the RV wash, and hope to get the RV WAX I wanted! I'm OLD so,it's OK if I screw  up sometimes

Monday, June 10, 2013


I have been enjoying a nice visit from one of my oldest RV buddies. She and her "little guest" arrived at Whitney,Thousand Trails RV Resort last Tuesday. Pat and I met at a camp out of the Lone Star Single Sams, about 16 years ago. Gee, has it really been that long? She and another friend, Loretta, have been buddies all that time, hard to believe so many years have passed. We wish Loretta was here with us, miss you girl friend.
                             Pat and Me
                          my daughter Cherry

Thursday, June 6, 2013

last Sunday' Visitors

My grand daughter Tami and two of her children have moved back to Texas from North Carolina. They paid me a visit last Sunday and we all enjoyed the pool here at Lake Whitney,Thousand Trails.
 ggrandkids,Jordan and Jaden
 Grand daughter Tami
 great grand kids

 ggrandkids Jordan and Jaden

Friday, May 31, 2013

Trouble with Blogger??

I am having so much trouble with Blogger, Is is me? Tried to make a comment on Me and My Dog. I am sure it didn't go through!    
    My mother always said, learn to be happy with what you have. Of course I disagreed with her. If everyone was "happy with what they have" then there would be no new inventions! But, I am thinking of just going with what I have. I have several months before I need to make a decision as what to do. I think what is holding me back, is I may not want to come back to Texas, but instead make my home elsewhere, and come back to visit Texas. Thus, I would want to be able to live in my rig. But, as of the last few days, I couldn't even make it to my doctors for my blood work! I am really low on energy, or have gotten really lazy. Maybe depression also has something to do with it. When I "think" about it, a motor home would be so much easier for me, and I really think if I travel I need the easy rig to set up and level. Then on the other hand, I have been "hauling" a big fifth wheel alone for 11 years now, and I know you don't always have to "set up" every night. I will have to think on it some more. I think I would have to buy a toad, and I don't know what kind, or how much money that would cost. I think driving a small car would sure be easier than trying to park my big truck. I know some of the P.O. in Calif. were really hard to get into with my truck. I have to use mail forwarding and some of the P.O. in small towns are not big rig friendly.

Me and My Dog has suggested Fresh Cab. for mice. I am wondering if anyone has used it,what results? I looked at it on Amazon, but it didn't get very good reviews, so I am waiting to hear from some RV'rs that has actually used it. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's sold!

Well, back to the drawing board. The Dynamax sold before I could go look at it. I don't know how long it was listed for sale, but I knew it was a good price and would not last long. Ah, well. I am not in a hurry. I do know I do not want to give up my bed room. My back and hip hurts way too much to sleep on a sofa of any kind. I really bought this rig to live in, not pull, but you know the call of the road gets to you and first thing you know your are planning a trip! I am still trying to go to AZ and visit one of my friends that lives in Prescott,AZ. She is totally alone and has faced breast surgery,shoulder replacement, and now hip replacement for both hips. I keep hoping that by this fall I will be able to travel west, and also make the SOLO'S meeting in Jan. at Quartzsite. I would love to have a traveling "buddy", either in their rig, or share mine. So,far that has not worked out, nearly everyone has a pet, and I can't have anything other than poodles because of my allergies. I have a few months yet to make any decisions. I will still keep an eye out for a smaller rig, or even a camper van. We will just have to wait and see. I really don't want to give up my w/d and ice maker. Maybe one, but not both. I think I need to take some B-12 for energy!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just what I need. second post today.

 Easy to drive and set up and I might be able to afford it!
 Dine table would have to be a computer table,
 Ain't she purddy? Also has hitch and will tow 5000 lbs
 Not bad kitchen, micro/convection oven.
 BUT NO BED!  Sofa makes a bed, looks like when it is made to a bed, no space
between it and the dine table.

 It would be great to travel in, but I don't know about living in it full time.
I would really like a bed that stays down all the time.
This one is close to me, so when the weather clears up, I will go look at it. It really suits me,except for having to make up the bed every night, or leave it down and block the bathroom.?

More tornados

More tornadoes in OK yesterday, terrible sight. We have warnings for our area again today. I pray I am not wiped out! More good reasons to leave Texas. They usually don't reach the Texas coast, but then you have hurricanes from June until Dec.No safe place to be in an RV. But if you get a direct hit, house or RV or Apt. your  home will be gone!I have stayed here for years because of my children and grand children. They are all grown, or gone, except one daughter. I think I should be able to live where I want to by now. I am thinking of trading my fifth wheel for a class A or even a nice class C.
Just a thought. More research is needed.
 Laguna Park is just across the dam from me.
 Hillsboro is 14 miles from my RV park.
                 Moore OK. tornado
               Moore OK. tornado  was the elementry school. I heard six children were killed.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Here we go again

We have had so much bad weather again, I am sick of it! Just day before yesterday north Texas had 13 tornadoes in Texas, hitting the beautiful lake side town of Granbury. Six people lost their lives, and hundreds lost everything they owned. Homes were flattened, one man was holding his dog, and the tornado sucked it right out of his arms. Still have not found it. They came really close to this RV park. IF, it had come through here, I would be dead today. No place here to go for safety, and I don't think I could "buck" the winds to even get there if there was!For years I have been trying to "get the hell out of Texas", and if, the tornadoes don't kill me I will try my best to do just that this year. Why not live where you want to live? I have loved AZ ever since the first time I was there, next choice, if I could afford it is San Diego. I lived there when I was a young bride, loved it too. I am probably too old to start now, but, why not? 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Cold weather in May?

It was really cold here last night. Down to 34, crazy weather for this time of year. We got a little rain, but mostly cold. Makes my bones hurt! I haven't done anything, just trying to stay warm. Think I am really lazy! Just can't get motivated to do anything. TV is not good and I can only pick up one or two channels. Jason's Mobile RV will be fixing that for me, soon I hope! Thinking about trading my fifth wheel for a motorhome. I know some other ladies that have done just that and seem to like it. I had a class C when I started my SOLO life, and really enjoyed it, but thought it was way too small to live in. Now that I have been doing this alone for 16 years, I would do things different and I think I could live in a class C. I don't want to give up my ice maker, or washer dryer. That's the problem. Most class C don't have room for a W/D, and not many have ice maker. I am really not able to haul laundry to the laundry mat, and back. Maybe I can find something in between. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

My neighbors rig

This is a picture of one of my neighbors rig. Tiffany is stationed in San Antonio, and her hubby is stationed in Wichita Falls, and this is their week end home. Sat. they had a Bar-B-Q and invited me to come. I was having a lot of back pain that day and took a pain pill,laid down and of course went to sleep. I never got around to fixing the salad I was going to take. About 4:30 a knock on my door, and there stood Tiff with a covered plate for me! Wasn't that nice? Every day seems like I don't get anything done. I don't have any energy or desire to do a thing. Tomorrow is my doctor appointment, I will try to drive it myself as my daughter is out of town.
Maybe my doctor can give me something for energy

Friday, April 26, 2013

No new pic's yet.

Got to say I am s-l-o-w, Went to the post office,dollar store and grocery store yesterday, but did not get any pictures. I was totally wiped out by the time I got back. Then, I had to dump the black tank. It's been reading full for two days. I think the level itself is broken. I dumped on Wed. before I left Sun Country, that has been a week ago. Shouldn't have to dump so soon. To be on the safe side I dumped anyway. By the time I finished, all I could do was climb in the RV! Not fun, getting old.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some Pics of my new site

Let me say more on Sun Country, they advertise they are RPI,CtoC and ROD,and GOOD SAM park. I know for sure that Good Sam does inspect the parks before they can qualify to use their name. I just can't believe that Good Sam would allow that to happen at this park. I don't know about ROD, they too are a "high dollar" park. There is a plug you can buy,to plug into the electric box to "test" it before you plug in your rig. I have a 30 amp one, and they make one for a 50 amp. Remember I was already plugged in and was not having any trouble. The entire row behind me had no breakers!  So, what ever came down the line, power surge, or whatever went into your rig, and could fry all your appliances, I wouldn't stay in a site without a breaker. Well,enough about that.
   Here are a few Pic's of my new site, before I moved in, and some of my neighbors "lights". Seems everyone has some sorta of lights.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Moving day

Moving day was Wed. it was so hard. I finally got all the "dumping" done, and most of the stuff inside put away. My daughter got there about noon and finished what I couldn't do. Just as we were pulling out, here comes the woman from the office. She asked me if I was moving? I would have thought she knew that, since I was hooked up and she blocked me from pulling out! I just said yes, she ask if I was going to site 60, and I said no, then she asked where I was going, I just looked at her and didn't answer. I thought it really wasn't any of her business. Then she ask if I was leaving the park, and I said yes. Just about that time Cherry's boyfriend told me I had a flat on the trailer! So, had to find my air pump and inflate the tire, then we went to Thousand Trails Lake Whitney, right next door! When I got here three of the workers met me, and one took my rig around the circle, and the other guys started cutting tree limbs so I could get in! They cut a lot more limbs than I thought would need trimming, but they were right. One of the maintenance men got me in and unhooked. I am not as level as I would like to be, but it will work. I then pulled the truck up and out from under the fifth wheel. It is down a ramp, sharp right turn, and back around to park behind my rig. Parking is really tight. I think I will be contented here for a while. I hope to have some pictures tomorrow. Gee the folks here at TT/N Whitney are so nice!  

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Looking for a new "Home"

I have been "stuck" at Sun Country Golf and RV Resort for about seven months. I had great plans to head to AZ as soon as the holidays were over, not to be. I had a "mini" stroke the first of Jan. so I have just been sitting, going to doctors and trying to get well enough to drive! About a month ago I noticed the park was working on the site next to mine, digging up their water lines. This was about the fourth time this has happened. THIS time they came over to my electric post and dug , cutting off my electricity. I still don't know why they would dig at my site, as I had had no trouble. They turned off my electric for about four hours.  I never thought much about it, but later, a few weeks, I went out to dump my black tank, and I always sit on my little step stool, wait until I hear it's stopped running, I grabbed hold of the inside of the bay door, which was open, exposing the metal frame, to lift myself up. Boy! Did I get a shock! I didn't think I guess, but then a few days later, I was out working there, and the same thing happened. My daughter came to take me to the doctor and she went out to do something out there and SHE got shocked also. I called the office and left word on their answering machine about the shocks, and please send maintenance to see about it. I also explained I had a doctor appointment in Ft.Worth for a MRI the next day and I wouldn't be there. Bright and early, the office called me and told me I could NOT stay in my rig! I had to move to a different site! I told her I could not move just like that! Then she demanded my daughters phone number! I told her I would be back late that day, after five. While I am in the lab, betting MRI, she calls my daughter and tells her I cannot stay in my rig. So, I am wondering where I am going to stay. All during the MRI, I am thinking how much should I pack, what about dog food, all my meds? When the test is done, I ask my daughter to call the office and see how long I will have to be out. She said she had already talked to them, and they "felt" the outside of my rig, and didn't get shocked! Great, the fiberglass didn't shock them, hum, great maintenance they have. She was told I could do whatever I felt comfortable doing. I was so tired, so I went home, and got in my own bed!The office told me to move to site 60, which is a back in. Well, that's not what I paid for, I wanted another pull thru. I was paid up until April 21.So, I went looking for another RV park. On Monday morning the office manager knocks on my door, shaking her head at me, tells me I HAVE TO MOVE! All, along, she has been trying to tell me the problem was with MY rig, not their elec. So, why was she in such a hurry? It was not with my rig. I knew that, and as dumb as I am, I knew when they rewired the box, they must have crossed the ground wires. Well I found a new home. More about that later.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Still around

I am still  around! Can't believe it has been one month since I have been on Blogger! Seems I don't have much energy and have been "taking naps" and going to bed early. I still enjoy reading the blogs, just a little slower now days.   

Friday, February 22, 2013

Back on Potassium

Tuesday my daughter took me to Cleburne to my doctor. They re checked my potassium and blood thinner levels. Then we enjoy a nice lunch dinner at Chillies. We went to Walmart while in Cleburne. 
Wed. my doctors office calls me to say go back on Potassium, my level is too low, it is 3.2. So I am making an effort to take them, even though they make my tummy hurt. Also trying to raise my Potassium level by eating a banana per day. As a kid I was allergic to them, but I froze a couple and made a "smoothie" and seem to tolerate them OK.
Thursday my doctors office calls to tell me my blood is too thin! Skip two days, then one half, a whole one,half one, etc. Re-check in a week. However I do feel a little better these last two days. If any one has a recipes for "smoothies" that will raise my Potassium, please let me know!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hanging in there

It's really been a ruff time lately. Seem I can't take the potassium. Really did a number on my stomach. My daughter took me to the doctor, using my walker! Had more blood work done, and he took me off the potassium, gave me an RX for my tummy, and with in a couple days its much better. 
I can not eat some of the veggies I love because the blood thinner doesn't agree with them. Now, I need a diet high in Potassium, and how to get my vitamins by eating properly. In other words, I need a dietitian.Can't take my one a day vitamins because they contain Vitamin K. My doctor is sending me to a Neurologist.
It's pretty hard not to get depressed.  On top of every thing else, I think I am losing my vision!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nice day for the last of Jan.

The sun is out, and the winds have died down some. Finally a nice day. Trying hard to make it to the Post Office, and Dollar Store today. My energy level is very low. Doesn't take much to sap my energy. Seems like I spend my day taking pills! They all say take with food. I think I am gaining weight!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Thanks to my readers for their comments

and well wishes. I am glad I was close to my daughter when this stroke happened. She has been able to drive me to my doctor appointments, and help my with groceries etc. I am soo grateful I didn't have a full blown stroke. It would be terrible not to be able to drive, or do your own grocery shopping! I seem to get very tired, really fast, but I am getting stronger every day. I am trying hard to deal with taking all the meds. I sure don't want another stroke! I am hopeful I can make one or two more trips before I have to hang it up.The Escapee's Care Center has a nice set up, for people who can't travel anymore, but can still live in their own rigs. I think you get three meals a day, housekeeping, help with your LP. Transportation the the doctors, and they will even walk your dog! How nice is that? And you can still be with "RV" people. Who knows? It has been foggy,cloudy and humid here for the past three days. Not  my kind of weather! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Medical test

My medical tests indicated I did have a stroke. My scan on the arteries in my neck indicated only minimal narrowing, so nothing else will be done there. My CAT scan showed I had a stroke, but she couldn't tell me "when". So, for now I will be sitting here in Whitney. Maybe I can travel again later this year. I was not looking forward to the winter here, but it seems I don't have a choice. My daughter is taking me to the doctors, and grocery stores. I did drive my truck to the Post Office again and through the drive thru at the drug store. Didn't hit anything, so guess I'm doing good!  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Colder than blue blazes!

Colder than blue blazes here in Whitney! At least I have LP. I am very frugal when it comes to running the furnace. I hate that blower, and I can just see the LP sucked out of the tank, but I just can't help it. I can't seem to get warm. Even dressed in my "long johns" I am still cold. I am sure part of it is due to old age, poor circulation, diabetes etc. I have electric heaters going also!
All the talk  now days is about "backing up your computer". I am wondering if you back up to a CD, or a thumb drive, or external hard drive. Now I learn there is a place online that for less than $60 a year will auto back up for you. Do you back up your blog? I don't. I really should take some of my pictures for the year and put on a CD. I am not writing a book, I know there are a few bloggers that are doing that, and I thing you can publish your blog, for a price. To me, it was just a way to keep in touch with my friends and family when traveling. I'm not traveling much anymore, so it's just not that important to me. Some day, maybe I can make another trip, put up pictures, and I will want to keep them.
Because of the sleet and ice we had here, I didn't make my doctors appointment. Next week, maybe I can get the test done. I do know my blood thinner is working great, and I don't have to be tested again for a month! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rain rain go away!

I think everyone in Texas is getting rain. I for one have had enough. I think the total for this area was four inches, more than we have had in three months. Plus that, I am out of LP. I didn't even want to try getting it today because of getting in the rain, and mud. Hope tomorrow will be dry. I will have to ask for help, but I do need it as another cold front in coming in soon, and I don't have any,not one drop. 
Why do I have so much trouble with my insurance company,prescriptions ,and doctors office. Is it an "elderly" thing, or am I just stupid. I had my blood drawn on the 3rd to check my potassium level. Hadn't heard from the dr. so I called them this afternoon. I was told they had mailed me a copy of the lab report. I explained the Dr. wanted to check my level to see if I needed to take more. She didn't know. Then about five, someone called and of course I missed the call, it went to my voice mail, but when I went to retrieve it, the message was cut short and I didn't hear it. I tried listening to my mail again and this time I got it. In a low voice she says this is ???? and he wants you to continue the potassium. Great, the reason I called is I need another RX to get it if HE??? wants me to continue. I think my Doctor, and he staff just never talk to each other. So now, I have to go back to the lab, in Cleburne, about 30 miles away Friday for another test for the blood thinner. Getting old is sure a lot of FUN!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kandi goes to the Vet.

Kandi just scratches and scratches. She does not have fleas, or anything I can see. She sleeps with me, and keeps me up during the night trying to help her. I'm getting no rest, and I know she is miserable. I asked my daughter to take us to the Vet. I haven't tried to drive my big truck yet. I think I can, but handle her too is a job. The Vet is in Alverado, Texas about 30 miles from here. I used that one when I lived in Cleburne,Texas. I have taken her to one here in Whitney, but I like the other one better. It is a big place, they have an Equine area also. It was full of little puppies,big dogs and poor little fellers that had been hit by a car. Feel so sorry for them, don't know why anyone would let the dog roam free and take a chance of being hit. To my surprise my Vet. was on a walker. Geesh, he was in worse shape than I was, yet still working. I hadn't seen him before, but he was very kind to Kandi, and me. But, he did the same thing the other Vets did, give her a shot in the butt.He thinks she has allergies. Maybe, he's right. This started after we moved here among the Cedar Tress, and grass with thousands of "stickers".Well it did quiet her down, and she had a good nights sleep. Me, however is a different story. At three am I woke up with a stomach virus. I had the alarm set for six, to go to my doctor for the test. Well, that didn't happen. Had to reset for next week. It turned out good, because it has rained all day, and Cherry would have been driving in this mess. So, I won't know anything until next week when I go for the test. I do feel better and stronger every day and think I will be back to driving my big truck by next week!Thanks again to all my readers for wishing me good luck. It does mean a lot to me to have friends checking up on me!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thanks to my readers

for your comments and well wishers. I have been really depressed, but after watching PBS this am,Texas Parks and Wildlife program. I thought, well I could stay in Texas and maybe just drive back to get my lab work and doctor appointments. That is, after we see the CAT scan etc. Dr. Bates says that maybe I could go as long as 6 weeks without lab test if it gets regulated. Also, there is a new blood thinner on the market, Xarelto, I might look into. I am still not steady on my feet,and my right foot won't lift up all the way. I was hoping to drive today, but was a little afraid to try it yet. Maybe tomorrow. I am thankful I did not have a full blown stroke. My mother had two, that were very bad, so I know how it could be. I have been taking baby asprin for years, but guess that's not enough any more. I do feel better today, and hope to make some trips, just stay in Texas for the time being. Giving up is NOT in my genes.

Friday, January 4, 2013


It seems I had a "mini" stroke on the first of Jan. I had been outside hooking up my water hose and turning the water back on. Felt a little tired, decided not to go to the grocery store, just sat down in my recliner and read. I got up to do something and realized my knees felt like they wouldn't hold me, just like jello. Sat back down and waited for a while, got up again and still the same thing. My right leg seems to be worse than the left. Called my daughter and she came the next day and took me to the grocery store, I got one of those electric carts, but when I tried to lift my right leg up on the cart I had to lift it by hand. Called my doctor and made appointment for the next day. He didn't say for sure, but I am pretty sure I had a mini stroke. He put me on blood thinners, which means going to the lab for test every week! Next week will be other test to see if I did have a stroke. A CAT scan and sonogram on my arteries  in my neck. Then what???Guess any travel plans I have will have to be put on hold. Very depressed!