Monday, October 8, 2012

Cold snap

It was about 42 when I finally crawled out of bed at 10:00am. I ran the furnace last night along with the fireplace. Really was leery about turning it on because the previous owner said they had never used it! This is an 2004 Montana, that's 8 years old?Well, it crackled and popped but didn't explode so guess I'm OK. Used the electric heater in my bedroom last night and along with electric blanket was almost too warm. Didn't sleep well at all. Cold, so cover up, hot, kick the covers off. Some areas were in the 30s. So guess I am lucky after all.
My repairman is coming tomorrow to install the slide out topper I ordered, and I plan to ask him about the furnace and a few other things. Of course he picked a day when the wind will be 20mph. He is just getting over west nile virus, so I haven't pressed him to do the work. I will be here at least one month, maybe more. I don't like running the furnace, I had rather have my Catalytic heater, but haven't had it installed yet. One thing at a time you know.

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