Saturday, August 18, 2012

Changing RV sites

Monday my move from Sun Country to Thousand Trails did not go easy. First of all it was HOT. Second of all, truck wouldn't start! Had to call Good Sam Road Service again! We arrived at Thousand Trails, just a mile down the road, about 1:00 pm. Hot, Hot, Hot. got set up and let the rooms out, crunch, the slide out hung up on my desk drawer, pretty much crunching it. My daughter was able to get it out, and we got the slide out. No damage to the slide, just the drawer. Next day too hot, and I am pooped, so didn't start the truck. Then Wed. I need to go to town and pick up my mail, and grocery shop. Truck wouldn't start! Again, Good Sam to the rescue. Same fellow, we gotta stop meeting like this! Got truck started, and I went to Western Auto in town, and yes, two new batteries. I'm done with dead batteries! Finally in the trees, and today that wet stuff fell all day. Wonderful cooling rain. I had almost forgotten what it felt like. Surely this next week will be cooler, and I will feel like getting some work done.


  1. Glad you got some rain and finally moved -- hope you are getting settled in. We both seem to be having truck problems this summer -- I had to have my A/C worked on again!

  2. Sorry to hear that the slide crunched the drawer. Those things happen at the worst possible times, don't they. Cooler weather and some rain will help everyone's energy levels and disposition.

  3. I hope your hot days will come to an end soon. It's good to hear you are in a better spot. Too bad about your drawer though.