Saturday, April 28, 2012

Well Crap!

This is just how I feel! My little "fall" last Saturday, sorta put me in a slow pace. That is if it is possible for me to get any slower! Then Sunday the ole stomach problems returned. And so goes my week. However I am feeling better and looking forward to making a move. I think,think maybe I have found my new "home".I don't want to say much more for fear of jixing the deal. I haven't looked at it in person, but from talking to the owner it is just perfect.Maybe I will have pictures next week. It is another Montana fifth wheel.
I want to welcome my new readers,sorry I haven't had time to look up your blogs, but I will.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wal Mart

I sure don't like this New Blogger! Why did they improve it by making it harder?
Went to Wal Mart today, got a late start in the first place. Had to park a zillion miles from the entrance, then couldn't get a electric cart, so I had to walk the store. I had to go, miss Kandi needed her dog food, dry and canned. I also bought her a Denta Stick. I thought she would chew on it for hours. NO, she inhaled it in a few minutes! So, what good is that. Supposed to clean their teeth. I don't think it even touched her teeth. She gets a "treat" every night at nine anyway. Guess we both are spoiled. She sleeps with me, she lets me have the very edge of the bed, the rest is hers. I try to talk to her about her snoring, but she says its me. She really does snore, maybe we both are getting too fat! When I got back to the apartment complex I had to park a hundred miles from the entrance, and really work to get that big truck in a space. I try to park where there is no car parked on the passenger side, so I can get my big doors open without hitting their car. I have those suicide doors, have to get between them to unload my grocery's into my little cart. Couldn't fit them all in there this time, so had to stand there and "sort" out what to leave in the truck and what to wheel in. I just wasn't able to make two trips today. One good thing I noticed, diesel has gone down to $3.89 gal. I haven't bought diesel since Feb. yes, Feb. The gauge is just below the half mark, so I will be looking for a fill up soon. A full day, and I am tired!    

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Slow Sunday

A really slow Sunday. I am getting really good at doing nothing! I would say, I am an expert.
Stuffed my bag of winter clothes until I thought it would burst, all the way to the "fill to here" line. Well, I still have more to go. Thinking I may start a Goodwill Bag too. Nobody needs this much junk. It is really too old and worn, but I just keep on keeping it. You know, you like a pair of jeans and you seem to pull that same pair out of the closet every time. Really hard for me to dump clothes. Maybe it is because of being poor when I was a kid. I remember my daddy putting cardboard in my shoes, over the hole in the sole, so I could walk to school! Funny how you remember things like that. Even when I had my own kids, I never threw away a pair of jeans that was too short, just cut them off and made shorts out of them. When the girls dresses were too worn, I always cut the buttons off before sending them to the "rag" pile. My husbands undershirts made the very best "rags" to be had. Great for removing makeup, blowing your nose on or dusting, or whatever. Yep, I save empty jars, tie wraps off the bread, reuse plastic bags, jelly jars (love the ones with handles). I lived in the "good ole days", when everybody was hungry! But, remember "A Country Boy (or girl) can survive!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another day watching tornadoes

More tornadoes! I don't think the people that were hit last time have recovered yet! I know they are still trying to salvage their belongings, and here it comes again.
 Saturday is chore day! You know the drill. Shave, shower and whatever! Managed to do all that, and wash a load of clothes. 
Started "color coding" my closet. Pulling out the winter stuff, and putting my summer shirts on hangers. I bought some of those "space bags "at Big Lots right after I moved in here. Put all my summer stuff in, then hooked up the vacuum and sucked out all the air. They work great! I just got so much stuff packed in there I could barely lift it. Now I found I have two more bags in the back of my closet, so I can pack more!! What I need is a suit bag like that to put my winter coat in, pretty sure I won't use it for a long time. What I really need is to get rid of about half of that stuff.
I read if you don't use it for a year, then get rid of it. Not talking about Christmas stuff. Another good one to do, is if you buy a new one, throw out one old one. I can't seem to throw away any thing. I have kitchen gadgets I just had to have, maybe use once, and now don't remember why I needed them. I will keep trying to purge, in case I do find the perfect rig!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Aftermath of tornados

I feel so sorry for all the people that lost their homes in the tornadoes. I haven't heard of any deaths, so maybe there won't be. Everyone seemed to know just what to do. I guess all that good training in schools, done by weathermen, teachers, and parents paid off.  However, I am getting tired of hearing it, 4,5,6,and 10 pm. 
I was asked why Arizona? Why not make my home in New Mexico?
I have visited New Mexico many times, as the LoW Hi Ranch is in Deming, NM. I can tell you there are not many stores there for shopping. Wal Mart, K-Mart is about it. There have been some new Dollar Stores, and I think a shoe store. You better not get sick either. For any real problems, you go to Las Cruces, about 60 miles away. For problems not serious, they do have a Minor Emergency clinic, and where I had to go was the E.R. and they messed up big time! My Doctor at home couldn't believe it. According to them, I was dead. Or close to it. Another patients records were attached to mine! If you remember it was just last Feb. when I was there, at the LoW Hi Ranch when all that freezing weather hit, and I ran out of LP. I really and truly thought I would freeze to death. NO ONE in that park would come and help me. The whole state had no elec. the park's water froze, so I had no water, they were out of water at Wal Mart. The winds were over 60 miles hour, and it was below 0!
Now, I have been there many many times and never had that happen, but it just takes one time to freeze.
Arizona? They do get high winds, and dust storms, and it does get cold. Where I want to go is in Cottonwood. It is sorta behind a mountain, sheilded from a lot of the wind and dust. Yep, gets cold, sometimes a dusting of snow. But, no ice like we get here in TX, and I have never heard of a Tornado in AZ. It is close to Sedona,a beautiful place. Not far from Phoenix, and Flagstaff. It doesn't get as cold as Flagstaff, and doesn't get as hot as Phoenix. Plus there is a Thousand Trails park I can use. And I have a friend that lives in Prescott! Now, why not?Life is short. I feel I need to go and see, try it out before I say no. It is about halfway from Texas, and Quartzsite, Las Vegas, and Southern California. All my favorites!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring time in Texas!

Well, it is spring time in Texas! Here come all the pretty Bluebonnets, Mexican Hats,Buttercups, Indian Paintbrush AND TORNADOES!
It was a sad day to see so many homes destroyed. We had bad weather here in Cleburne,TX, but thankfully no Tornadoes hit here. Just a few miles down the road, where my house was that I just sold. A 85 year old lady,living in a mobile home, thought she would go to church this morning and visit with her friend, play games, and have lunch. When she got back her trailer had blown over into another house, all was left was her clothes hanging in her closet, just as neat as could be. She said the Lord was surely guiding her today. There was a total of twelve, so far as I know, that came through. After living almost all of my life here, I am still not used to that! Arizona looks better and better!