Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ghost ??

I think I have a Ghost living with me in my rig! About a week ago, my fireplace suddenly came on by its self. I just turned it off, thinking that was odd. The remote for the fireplace is lying next to the remote for the TV, I thought I had just picked up the wrong one. Then a few days later, I get up and come down to the living room and the fire place is on! Well, it was a bit chilly so I left it on to warm up the room. I thought that was nice, to come down to a nice warm room! Then a couple of days ago, it comes on again, all by its lonesome. This time, it's not so nice as I had the A/C on. This time I turned off the main switch for the fireplace. That Ghost will just have to live by MY rules!
Today was really nice and sunny, one of those days you remember why you live in Texas.
Once again I didn't sleep well. I think it is watching late night TV. I have been watching old Perry Mason movies. I must say they are better than anything new even if they are in black and white. One thing I have noticed about all these old movies, all the women seem to have 18" waist lines! How did I get so fat? I do remember having an 18" waist line, even after having three kids! The young girls of today seem to be much heavier. Maybe it is caused by watching too many TV shows and munching!

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