Thursday, January 21, 2010

Great Poem


If we meet on your trail someday
will I see your smile
Will you have some words for me
if we sit awhile
If I see your dust ahead
should I speed up for you
Or simply let you go your way
like friends must sometimes do
Just remember when you leave your dust
to seek what you must find
I'll be here on your dusty trail
dusting off-but I won't really mind
So when you find what you're looking for
I'll expect your dust someday
Returning along our friendship trail
and your whilirling dust coming my way.

by: Larry Brown

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I have been thinking about my "New Years Resolution, it seems every year I make ones I can't keep. But, here I go again. I will try harder to lose some weight. Maybe if I don't put a number on it, I can do it. I am a Christian, and have tried several times to read the Bible thru. I think with some study help I can make it. I listen to Dr. Charles Stanley and I think he has some very good points. I can actually understand his lessons! I think being Happy is something you learn, so I am trying harder to accept the fact I am alone, and just be "happy". I have been blessed to travel, both when my husband was alive, and alone. He and I had some wonderful trips, Canada, Alaska, Bahamas, Mexico. So many good memories.
I think everyone should always set goals that are just a little out of their reach. Stretch your abilities, you will get a little further down the road, than just trying to do what you KNOW you can do!
I am really trying my patience, I have a new DROID phone. This phone is a challenge for me. It isn't called a "smart phone" for nothing! I WILL figure it out, and I think I will enjoy it, can get online to to my e-mail and check my "orders". Well I will get off my soapbox for today.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year from Lake Whitney, Thousand Trails Park. Enjoying cold temps, but very sunny! Makes me realize how fortunate I am to be alive and able to get out of bed! Thank you Lord for blessing me.