Saturday, September 22, 2012

Moved back to Sun Country

Rental cabin at Thousand Trails Lake Whitney
 cabins rent for about $85.00 per night for members

fenced in dog run.\
I was booked in Thousand Trails Lake Whitney for two weeks, but when I arrived, they didn't have a full hook up site. I decided I would go back to Sun Country RV Resort a few days early as my holding tanks were pretty full. I really didn't have much to do before leaving as I was never hooked to the sewer, just the one water hose and moving stuff around inside to get the rooms in. I did check the battery for water, and found it dry. Add distilled water to the battery. I thought this move would be super easy, and I would get out early, NOT. My daughter Cherry came about 10:30, brought my RX she had picked up for me. We chatted awhile not being  in a hurry. Then the fun began. Put the rooms in, backed into the hitch, no problem there, all was needed was to put the front electric jacks up. Did that, and then you must push the legs up by hand. Frist one came up fine, second one would not budge! Then Cherry noticed the foot pad was loose on the second jack. The pin that held the foot plate on had come off. Lesson here is to carry extra. But the leg would not come up no matter what we did. So, I called the Ranger station and asked if anyone was there that could come and help me. It wasn't long until maintenance man Randy came. I have know Randy for several years and was glad to see him! He worked the leg over, eventually taking the foot off. Was really glad to get that worked out. We finally left the park about 1:00 pm and made our way the mile or so to Sun Country. The office is closed until 3 so didn't stop, just went to my site. Pulled in and got set up, but what to do about the leg with no foot. Well, we just put the foot pad back on the leg, minus the pin and let her down! I will have to find another pin or a nail or something to keep the foot from falling off and loosing it. While cooling off outside, I noticed Jason's Mobile RV Repair next door. I know Jason and he is a great repair man! Jason came over and took some measurements to replace the slide out topper, and put in some 12 volt plugs for me. Forgot to ask him for the pin. Well things work out don't they?

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