Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cold and Windy

Cold and windy today. Winds were up to 20 mph. I don't think I ever got warm. I am sure part of that is "old"age!
I drove to Hillsboro to do some banking and shopping, got a message on my cell phone the insurance adjuster was on his way to the park to see my rig. So, I had to turn around and come back here. I beat him by just about 5 mins. He wasn't prepared to climb on top of my rig, he was totally afraid to climb up the rear ladder! So he took pictures from the ground, and then pulled his car into the brush and stood on top of it to take pictures. What do you bet he was driving a company car? After he left I decided it was too late to go back to Hillsboro. I will save that for another day. I am glad that State Farm is on the ball, maybe it won't be too long before I will know something. I still need to talk to the manager of the park about extending my stay. I hope we can figure something out, I can't move until I get the slide rooms repaired.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Blue Monday

I did not get good news regarding my slide out room. It seems the motor that drives the rooms out is "toast", and to order a new one is over $600.00, which I paid today, so the repairman could order it. It may take longer than a week to get it from the mfg. I only have a week left in this park, then I have to do something. I am hoping Thousand Trails will let me extend my stay, I guess they will have to, since I can not move! I am still waiting for the insurance adjuster to come and take pictures, and see how much they will pay. It really puts a kibosh on my travel plans. I am pretty depressed over the whole thing. I am thinking about getting an apartment! It's not something I want to do, but I can't continue just making repairs on this rig! I am sure some of the problems are due to my mistakes, but surely not the motor going out! I suppose all I can do for now is wait and see.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Cold Day

Not much to write about. Just another cold day. Got down to 22 last night, but I stayed warm under my electric blanket and the furnace set at 60. The campers are not moving around very much, I think they must be watching the ball games.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I am just sitting here waiting for the next shoe to fall!! It has been very cold, down to 30, and expecting the 20's tonight. I have two electric heaters, one for the bedroom and one for the living room. I can't run both of them at the same time, if I do I kick the breakers. I have the furnace on, set about 62, just to heat my "undercarriage" so my pipes won't freeze. That is not warm enough for me. The older I get the more cold natured I get. I think 80 is about right! My neighbors next door fed me turkey on Wed. and I had a TV dinner, or at least what I could "stomach".
My nice neighbors didn't have heat last night! Their furnace wouldn't come on, so today my repairman is there working on their rig! I do hope he gets it fixed as they are talking about temps. in the 20's tonight!
Tomorrow the park is having a "garage" sale , at your site. So if it is not too cold, and I can get these old bones out of bed, I will put some of my incense,and items from my craft Boothe out for sale. I have been carrying them around in my truck, and trailer for months. I sure will need the money to pay for RV repairs.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
My troubles with my RV just seems to get worse by the hour!My big slide out room was stuck half way out, and could not get it back in. When I pushed the button to bring the slides in/out, nothing happened. I thought maybe it was my battery. But alas, it is the the motor, my RV repairman thinks. He got the rooms in, and then couldn't get them back out, so last night I slept with them in. This morning he came back, and decided that indeed the motor was out. Also,on the big slide out room, the rubber seal at the top had rolled up, stopping the slide out, and tearing the roof. He did manage to get the two rooms out by disconnecting them and hand pumping the rooms out. My bedroom slide is still in the IN position. I will need a new roof and who knows what else. I will call my insurance co. Friday. I doubt if anyone is working , but maybe so. Looks like I will sit here for a while. I can't move because the rooms are out.
On a good point, my neighbors invited me over for a elegant turkey dinner today. I didn't know them at all. Such a nice gesture. She had a turkey, dressing, salad, mashed potatoes,sweet potatoes, broccoli and a nice white wine if I wanted. I felt if I had a glass of wine, they would have to carry me back to my rig! I am so depressed, and have not idea of what is next to come. I know I can't stay in the rig while they put the roof on. Well it is just FUN FUN AND MORE FUN!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day From Hell!!

I have had trouble all day. Had trouble hooking up this morning. Some days I can get right "on it", some days I have to try two or three times, and that was today! Wore me out. Then I get to Thousand Trails, check in, go up to the pull thru's and not a one was available with sewer. I am driving around thinking I will have to have help backing in, when this lady stopped me and said there would be a pull thru in about 30 mins. So I sit in the middle of the street waiting for the people to get hooked up and leave. They had a big "hauler", with kids, bikes, and an extra car.
So after they left I pulled right in, well, not level! I thought I had enough blocks under my wheels to get fairly level. Worked hard setting up my sewer, water, and that heavy 50 amp cord. Went to put my room out, and my big room hung up! I have tried and tried, and finally I think the battery is dead. I am dead also! So here I sit, one room half way out, and off level! Just too tired to deal with it any more. I will go get a battery tomorrow. This is just too much fun!!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Daughter Scarlett

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Sunday a day of prayer and meditation. I watched my TV preaches, Dr.Adrian Rogers and Dr. Charles Stanley. I enjoy them very much. I try to follow along in my Bible,but Dr. Stanley goes so fast I can't!
It has been very windy here today. Gusts of wind up to 30 mph. I did not put my back jacks down because I wasn't feeling well, so the back end of this thing seems to be moving around a lot. I hope the wind is not blowing this much tomorrow. I will be moving back to Thousand Trails Whitney for two weeks. At least I will be there when the expected cold weather hits on Thursday morning. Thousand Trails is having a Thanksgiving Dinner, but I don't think I will attend. The bldg. where the dinner is served is sorta down hill, and I have a hard time walking up the hill to the parking lot. If the weather is as bad and cold as the weather man says, then I am better off at my little home, with a TV dinner! Without family it's just another day!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

More on Sun Country

MY shoulder is bothering me somewhat today. I certainly don't know why, I haven't done anything of value. It's been a nice day, a little cool this morning, but sunny and warm this afternoon. I think maybe I am a little bit lazy! My neighbors on one side have a Pace Arrow motorhome. I noticed they have a "dome" satellite on the roof, and a "dish" setting on the ground? I wonder why they have two? They also have a propane tank outside on the ground, and I can see it has a connection going to the motorhome. I am sure the motorhome has a LP tank already!
Mmmm strange.
The people on the other side have a big Hitch Hiker 5 ft wheel. They worked for hours setting up. Got all their "stuff" out. A sewer hose support that looks like he made it by connecting short pieces of PVC pipe together. A rocking chair, another chair, table, and a crate full of "stuff" sitting under the king pin. But, he did not chock his wheels! That is the first thing I would have done before unhooking my truck. Sure wouldn't want it to roll and crunch my truck! Oh well, maybe he knows something I don't. Could be!
Sun Country has a lot of activities, if you want to take part. Among some of the activities, wood carving, Pokeno, Penny Bingo, Bingo, Poker,Church on Sunday,Bible Study,Men only coffee and outings to a little town close to Waco, hand and foot game. I don't see Mexican Train! That's my favorite domino game!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

The weather really changed here yesterday. The temps dropped to 3o and the wind made it feel colder. I didn't sleep very good because of my shoulder pain. I don't think the cold helped any. I will be moving Monday, back to my home park for two weeks. I didn't want to be on the road during the holidays. Also there is another front heading this way with some rain this time. I will just dig in here for a couple weeks, maybe I will feel better and the weather will be better.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sun Country RV Ports

Sun Country RV Ports

Sun Country RV Ports

Sun Country RV Ports

Sun Country RV Ports

Sun Country RV Ports

The ports are not all leaning. I am, taking pictures out the window of my truck!

Sun Country RV Ports

This park has a section for Park Models, and lease lots. There are quite a few Park Models for sale. Also some of the lots for RV's have a cover over them, and a storage bldg.One lady stopped me and told me of a Park Model for sale at $30,000.00, it has a storage bldg and a add on patio room, plus a lease of $2,100 per year. You pay your electric. Looks like there may be some small one bedroom mobiles there too.
I awoke feeling pretty good. I tried to stay in bed as long as I could, the electric blanket felt good on my should and old bones!
However, the sun shine streaming through my bedroom window finally made me get up! I enjoyed a restful day, made some phone calls. I made arrangements with the park to save my space for me, if I am able to take my rig to town to get some work done, and get a new battery. I will just leave a lawn chair in the drive, and a sign "occupied". I went to the Family Dollar store to pick up some dog food, and icy hot patches. Then the grocery store for coffee. By that time I am in terrible pain. I took one half pain pill before I left, and three aspirins in the truck. Still hurting. So I don't know if I will be able to hitch up and move this thing in the am. The repair shop wants me there at 8:00 am. Good luck with that!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sun Country

This RV park was known as Sun Country, a Coast to Coast park. Most people still refer to it that way. The golf course must be the draw, it is sure not the RV sites! I spent a miserable night last night. I hurt all over more than anywhere else! My should was so bad I couldn't raise my arm. I happened to have a icy hot patch, and that seemed to help. It is better today. I was so out of level last night, I had to hold on the drapes to keep from rolling out of bed! This morning I decided to move. I was drinking my coffee when I saw a rig pull out, and I decided to take his spot. Liked to have killed me, but I finally did move. Well, I am somewhat not level here either. I put 1" blocks on the low side and pulled up on them, I am still off a little, but I am totally wiped out. It will have to do. I had not seen anyone at the office when I came in, so I went and checked in. They are only open from 10:00 to 2 pm. It will cost me $10.00 per day including electric. I made arrangements to stay several days if I need to. The lady next door in nice, she came over to help when I was trying to get in. I think I may have been a little rude to her, but I was in so much pain. I did thank her later. Just as I was connecting my water this afternoon, this big Hitch Hiker pulled in next to me. The lady was driving. Gee, the two of them took longer to get set up than I did! Just when I thought they were through, I saw their rig moving again. Finally they got settled in. I am not used to having people that close to me! It's OK, it just startled me to have the man walking that close to my window!
There is a section here that has mobile homes. I will try to get some more pictures tomorrow, if I can get out of bed!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I moved out of my space today! I had a lot of trouble getting it all done. Thought I was having a heart attack once or twice, but I did it. I had a lot of trouble getting the front jacks pushed up. I lubed everything first, but I think it's just me. I used to run with them down about three holes. If your steps will clear, then so will your jacks. Then I just put blocks under them and let them down on the blocks. I didn't go but about one mile down the road from my park, to Lake Whitney RV and Golf Resort. It is a RPI park, and Coast to Coast. I thought I would get here in plenty of time to unhook, and go to the bank, and Wal Mart, but no such luck! There isn't a level spot anywhere to be found! Just grass, no patio. I will have to get level tomorrow, and unhook. I am just too damn tired tonight. Sitting here with my rooms still in. I have had a little to eat, and I am off to bed pretty soon.



Friday, November 12, 2010

Safe Water

I use an assortment of "water" products for my RV. I have a 60 gal. fresh water holding tank. You are supposed to sanitize your holding tank once a year, I don't on this rig because I never drink water from the holding tank. I buy purified drinking water in the 16 oz bottles or fill my own jugs from a purified water source. I use Taste Pure by Camco in this tanks. I get mine at Wal Mart for less than $5.00 and this last me a very long time. This product doesn't purify the water enough to suit me. It does keep the water fresh tasting and odor free. It does have Sodium Hypochloride. I know some RV'rs that do drink from the holding tank, never connecting to the parks water. First they sanitize the tank, then refill adding the Taste Pure, then pour it through their Pur Water picture. I guess if I had to I would drink it if I knew all of this had been done.
Pur Water picture is also a product I use. A lot of the RV parks water does not taste good, and if I am not sure of their water source, I use my picture. The filters I use kill the bacteria. I think they are called 2 stage. I know they cost more than the regular filters. It says on the side panel of the box it is certified to reduce Chlorine & Chlorination by products, Heavy Metals, Sediment Micorbial Cysts, Agricultural Pollutants, Industrial Pollutants. I think they are well worth the money. I also use this water for my dog!
The other filter is a Taste Pure filter that is installed on the hose, before it goes into the RV. Some people install their at the source, but it is easier for me to put mine on the end of the hose that screws into the water line on my rig. Then when I fill my fresh water holding tank, I fill it through this filter! I have a neat "gadget" that is a long tube, screws on the hose end, and fits in my filler neck opening to my fresh water tank. This filter is less than $20.00 at Wal Mart, a lot more at RV Supply stores. Some folks keep a spray bottle of bleach water and spray the faucet before connecting their water hose. I figure my filter takes care of that, so I don't do that. I have seen dogs lifting their leg on the faucet, with the owner standing there watching!I have a stand alone ice maker, a Uline, and I want any water that comes into it to be filtered before it comes through it!
Sounds like a lot of work, but it's really not.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have been so depressed, all I want to do is stay in bed! My back and hip is really giving me fits. Makes me wonder if I should go any where, and that adds to the stress of trying to get ready to go. I still have to take my trailer and have the bearings re packed. Every time I plan on it something happens! I talked to the repair place this afternoon, was going to be there in the morning, but, here comes the rain. I am sure they don't want to work on my wheels in the rain. So will wait until the wet weather passes. Hurry up and Wait!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wash Day

Today was a "laundry" day for me. I washed the sheets on my queen size bed. Getting it made up is no easy task. I have to pull the mattress out, almost off the base to get the fitted sheet back on. Kandi thinks this is great fun, she is jumping around on the blankets and bedspread I had thrown on the floor out of the way!
She had great fun and found one of her chew bones in the blankets!
I read a few blogs, but I am totally blown away by the number of blogs others read! I do sometimes look at a blog if it looks interesting. I think one blog I looked at must have had 50 blogs listed as blogs they read. How do they do that? I don't see how it is possible to read all those blogs, and still have time to write your own! Guess I am a lot slower than I thought!
I started this, so called, travel blog, with the help of fellow SOLO's member Diana, I was mainly looking for singles that travel alone, full time, and how they got started. Where they stay etc. But I have found several couple's blogs to be very interesting and I follow them also.
It has been suggested that I join groups for single women. I have heard also there are a lot of "gay" gals in those groups. I am NOT one of those gals! I have never believed in segregated groups, for any type, schools included. We all live in a world where there are men and women. I welcome friendship from all!

Friday, November 5, 2010


I made a fast trip to Hillsboro yesterday to go to Walmart. I had some Meds. to pick up. When they are ready they call me, and call me, and call me! I turned in one to be filled while shopping, I told them I would wait for it. Guess what, I am walking around in the store, and they called me! I am so upset with them, I don't know if I will ever go back. But of course I bought some underwear that doesn't fit, so I will have to go back. They screwed up so bad on my med. refills. I was so tired of walking back and forth to the pharmacy I didn't even try to get their discount diesel. As it turns out, I have to go again anyway. It is 14 miles from my park, so a 28 mile round trip. With diesel at $3.00 a gal, I don't want to drive any extra miles. By the time I got home, my hip was killing me. I got my grocery's from the truck to the rig, but most of them are still in the floor. Maybe Kandi will put them away!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Boondocking area in Quartzsite,AZ

Boondocking area in Quartzsite,AZ

More information on Quartzsite,AZ. If you are in the area, Jan.22-30 is the huge RV Tent Show. This is the place to buy everything and anything for your RV, also a wide variety of flea markets, RV Dealers, rock and mineral shows. This is THE place to be in Jan. 2011! See you there I hope.

Desert Bar while in Quartzsite,AZ


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I was planning to move my rig today. It has been raining and very windy, so I didn't. I get very "down" when I can't seem to get things going my way. I am having trouble getting my meds. refilled also. Keep calling to see if the Dr. has re-newed them, lost my temper today with his office! I think that did get the job done!
I still have to take my rig and have the bearings re-packed before I make any long trips. I may have to change my route also.
Maybe older people have trouble adjusting, I know I sure do.
I enjoy reading the blogs, it seems I don't have many readers, and I am losing some. Oh, well. Maybe when I get on the road it will be more interesting. I do think pictures add a lot to our blogs, even if not travel related.
All of TV tonight is about the Elections. I am glad Texas has retained its Governor Rick Perry.