Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another great day

Another beautiful day. Yesterday was windy, but sunny. I talked to the "office" and asked about having the maintenance man trim the tree that was scraping the side of my rig, and please to move the picnic table closer. It wasn't any time at all until Kandi alerted me to a visitor  The maintenance man was here and trimmed the tree, and had more fellows come and move the table for me. Great service! Now, if I can just get help with my LP tanks, I'll be in good shape for another month or so. I still haven't heard from my repair man,concerning the fabric to repair the slide out topper. I hope he does the job before this Friday as we are expecting rain again. I made it to the Post Office today to pick up my mail. Seems like it's always late. Stopped by and got diesel $3.89 gal. Sure hasn't come down any. The little grocery store here has by the case sale about once a year. So, I may drop by there tomorrow and get my favorite Tamales! 
I am wondering if anyone has tired the dried dinners from Cabelas?Just add hot water. 
Guess I will watch the debates tonight. I don't think I will learn anything new!


  1. I've tried Mountain House brand dried dinners. Some are ok and some aren't all that great. It's too much like backpacking food - dried, mostly carbs/pasta, that I had too much of when I was long-distance backpacking. But to have in a pinch they are fine. I think there was one that I liked best - beef stroganoff.

    1. Thanks Gypsy, thought they would be good for "boondocking" for a night or two, and to have on hand.