Sunday, August 19, 2012

12 volt fuses/trouble with Amazon!

Forgot to mention my trouble with 12 volt system. While I was at Western Auto getting new batteries, I happened to remember having a 12 volt light bulb in my purse that I needed to replace. The fixture is on the wall by my computer desk and I really need the light. So I ask if they had it, and the lady said I think so. She handed me a package of two bulbs, $2.19. So, later that day I thought, OK, I will try my new bulbs so I can see what I am typing on the computer. Knocked out everything 12 volt. I saw the breakers were all on, so it meant it blew a fuse. I first had to find my stash of fuses. After all, its been a year and half, and I didn't remember where I put them. So, to solve the problem, I took a nap!
When I got up, I thought I have to fix that. I know that fuses control a lot of stuff in an RV. The ref. brain, converter etc. The big problem is the breaker box is at the entry door, low to the floor, and I couldn't figure out how in the blue blazes I was going to get up, once I got down to fix it. I was still in my night gown, so I threw on a cotton duster, got all my stuff together, flash light, fuse box with different fuses,glasses, and a stool to pull myself up. Opened the front door, and sat down with my legs hanging out!  I was so lucky, some one had numbered all the fuses and all it took was to find the one for the kitchen! Put in new fuse and let there be light! Didn't have any trouble getting up, but was glad no one saw me in that position.

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