Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, it has made me think about the servicemen in my family. I am proud of their service! I am sure there were some that served in the Revolutionary War, but this ancestor came to mind. He was born in Alabama, and was a Texas Ranger before the War Between the States. He was a member of the Spy Co.Waul's Co. CSA.
He served in Mc McCullough's 1 st Texas Calvary, Company B, unit 1.
My uncles served in WWII, one in the Army, one in the Navy. They came home unharmed.
I do think people have began to think Memorial Day as a day off work, or a day to Play! They forget what it is really about! I also think it should be celebrated on just one day, and not have so many "programs" all week end. I think doing that takes away from the real thing. I did enjoy PBS great program on TV last night. So guess I can't gripe too much.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whew! Hot

I sure didn't do anything today. It was 99, I just stayed in and watched TV. Tried to work on my Dell, didn't get very far.
I made some spaghetti, which I don't like. And a pea salad, which I do like!
Very good movie on tonight about bringing Chance home. A Marine killed in Iraq and his detail that brought him home. Very touching movie. My youngest daughter was in The Texas Girls Choir and we always went to the cemetery for Memorial Day Services. The Boy Scouts put flags on all the service men's grave.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Poodle Grooming Day

I had all my trash gathered, ready to walk down the drive way to the garbage cans, Kandi wanted to go, so I put her leash on and took her too. About half way down she had to do her "job", so I eased her over to the grass, not wanting her to do it in my drive! Then we went on the the garbage cans. I noticed her acting funny, when I looked she was covered with those pesky grass burrs. I couldn't believe she got so many so fast. Course you know poodles have a lot of hair. When we got back I tried to pull them out, no luck. So I thought, I will cut them out, that would be a lot easier. I put her on my kitchen counter, put a damp paper towel in the sink to catch the dog hair. Then starting cutting. Well I spent the next hour or so with the scissors then I got the clippers. After about two hours of grooming, I decided might as well bathe her. So we had a bath. I do mean WE. By the time I got through I needed a bath! After my bath, I decided to wash the towels. So, that was my entire day ! Still didn't finish my truck. Kandi looks so nice and white, and smells good too.
It was hot here today, and the humidity was 47 %, too hot anyway to work out side. The humidity really does a number on me. Just can't breathe when it gets that high. That is one of the reasons I like Arizona.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well I guess I really overdid my truck washing yesterday. I took a half pain pill before going to bed. Woke up during the night with severe leg cramps. I tried everything, standing on my toes, rock back on my heel, leg stretches etc. Nothing worked. I too one Aleve and finally went to sleep. I didn't wake up until 11:30 am! Still didn't feel like working on my truck. So most of the day has been spent "resting" and taking naps. I feel bad about being so lazy today. Well maybe tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shine Baby Shine!

The day was nice, not too hot. I decided to wash my truck. It is white, but beginning to look black! It is parked under trees so I guess the sap and stuff fall on it. I washed and washed! I cannot reach the top, even by opening the door and stepping on the rail. I had a little "boo boo" on the right rear fender, so I got my rubbing compound out and rubbed and rubbed! Finally got my little buffer out. Course it took me awhile to get the extension cord out, plug it in and wonder why it didn't work. The "on" switch seemed to be stuck. Got my screwdriver and got that going. Drug my chair out by the fender, got my rubbing compound. Then decided it was getting way too hot. Well I did get a little of it off. I took pictures of how nice it looked but couldn't get them to download on this computer. Maybe tomorrow. I will have to back the truck in, and get my ladder,then get it the bed of the truck to do the top. Give me something to do tomorrow. If I can get out of bed! I am really tired tonight, and of course, my sugar dropped too low, making me feel even worse. Really getting old when it takes me two days to wash a truck!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sadness for my friend

Saturday I received a call from a good friend that her only son had been found dead. She and her daughter are vendors and currently in Oregon. Her son was only 45 years of age. Too young to die. It is hard to know what to say in such times. I know how she feels and hurts. I lost my only son in 2006. He also was just 45. There is no hurt so bad as losing a child. You expect your parents to die, but no mother should have to outlive their children! My friend and her daughter had to fly to Houston, and take care of arrangements. A sad trip home. I don't think they have a cause of death yet. My son was murdered, by three black men. They took all his money. All was caught on the Motel security camera. They did catch them. The shooter got 10 years, I am sure he is already out on probation! Life is not fair. All I can say is God bless and my thoughts and prayers are with them

Friday, May 21, 2010

Texas did WHAT????????

I can't believe what I just heard on TV. Texas is changing their text books, now they are teaching that the Civil War was about states rights, not slavery? What's next. The Holocaust never happened. This change will last for 10 years! Other states may change their text books too!

Twins One Year Old

Great Granddaughters at one year old.

What A Day!

Yesterday I went to Ft.Worth,TX, a 70 mile trip one way from Whitney,TX. I made several stops. I stopped in Burleson, to visit with my grandkids step-mother. I hadn't had lunch, and being a diabetic was really needing to eat. She shared her chicken, left from her lunch with me. Was good, and I felt better. She works at a hearing aid center, and in between customers we did get to chat. She had some wonderful pictures of my grandson and great granddaughters for me. I am so proud of my grandson, he will graduate May 28th. We lost his mother when he was just six years old. My granddaughter was seven. Losing my daughter was the most horrible thing that could ever have happened to me. She had a brain aneurysm.
I drove on to Ft.Worth, to visit my eldest daughter. I had not seen her in several months. Had a nice visit with her and my granddaughter, and her three children. Time to head back to Whitney. I used to live in Crowley, and remembered the wonderful bar-b-que there, so I stopped to get a chopped sandwich and one of their huge baked potatoes with everything on it! Stopped at a Kroger and got diesel at $286.9 per gal. It is $3..09 here in Whitney. Headed home to Whitney. I knew I wasn't feeling well, I really needed to eat, but thought I could make it home. By the time I got to my trailer it was about 7:15. My usual dinner time is 5:00 pm or close to it. I was really in bad shape. Did not think I could make it from the truck to my rig. I carry glucose tabs, but couldn't find them in my purse. I grabbed some candy, then I found my glucose tabs and had one of those. By then I began to feel better. I did eat my big baker, but just didn't feel like eating my sandwich. Just went to bed. When my sugar drops low like that it does something to my nervous system. I spent most of today in the bed. Kandi seemed to know I didn't feel good and she kept me company. I really need to pay attention to my diet, and be sure and eat on time, no matter what. I have no help here, I don't think anyone would ever check on me until my rent was due!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am still trying to recover my Genealogy files! I haven't posted any Genealogy pictures. I found out that Picasa stores your Blog pictures on a web album. Picasa is a free download from Google. I think that is a great idea. So maybe I didn't lose all my pictures when my Dell crashed! This computer, my old Toshiba is 2002 model, seems the CD ROM drive quit working. I can't save to a CD, so I have saved to a flash drive. I have been working on my Ancestry for about fourteen years now. That is a lot of work. I do have printed copies, but they need to be updated.
A great number of my Ancestors were in the Civil War. I don't know why anyone would call any war civil, it certainly not civil! Tracing your Ancestry is a great hobbie for any RV'er. I had hoped to travel to some of the Confederate Cemeteries some day. For now, I will have to concentrate on the cemeteries in Texas. I have added a great Blog to read, from

Monday, May 17, 2010


I can't believe I finally got on my blog! My Dell computer just will not let me sign in! I have tried everything I know, guess I will have to take it to an "expert".
I have had such a trying week. I did get the glass in the back window of my truck replaced. It is not tinted, so I still have to do that. Last Thursday, after much arguing with the glass company to replace the glass in my rig, the man finally came out. Guess what, the glass didn't fit. He had written down the wrong measurements. He had already taken the broken one out, of course glass fell everywhere! I said please don't leave me without a window! He said he would put a temp one in. So he did. Told me he would reorder my glass and be back Friday to install. I can't tell you how angry I was. I called his office after he left and told them I couldn't see why they were dragging their feet getting a piece of glass. She says to me, I don't guess you care, but his wife is in the hospital. Well, I told her, yes, I care, but---I am an old lady too, with some heart problems. I think they should have more than one installer.
Friday came, and went. No glass! He did show up Sat. morning about 10:00. Now I am talking about an old man, but, it is still not excuse for him not calling me and letting me know he wouldn't be here Friday as he said. Anyway Saturday, he had to take the temp. one out, you guessed it, he broke it! Again I had to clean up glass. But he did finally get my tempered glass window in! I hope my neighbor next door NEVER mows again while I am here in this spot. Also their actions amazed me. They acted like I had done something wrong. Never came over to see if I needed anything. If I can just get my Dell going, I will feel better. I am using my old Toshiba. It is slow, and would not let me in my Blogger, or Gmail account. I did download Google Chrome, and managed to get in that way. Beside all that, we have had storms here in Central Texas for two days. I get really nervous when they talk about winds 6o mph! Tomorrow is another day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good News!

Yesterday I finally got good news from the Insurance Company. Seems they have changed their mind about sending adjuster, after I have been sitting here all week! They are sending me a check! I hope he will do what he says and get it right out. It as been raining a little and the back glass of the rig did leak. I did not go and look at the truck, just couldn't deal with it. Maybe things will get fixed soon, and will be back to normal, whatever normal is?
Worked on my Ancestry a little today. Have been having a lot of computer problems, or maybe it is AOL, WiFi is not very good here, and when it rains, you might as well forget it!
Anyway I am in better spirits. Can resume planning my trip. Looking forward to traveling, even if it's not very far!