Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

I hope everyone had a "Merry Christmas"!
Mine was really cold. Howling winds, and temps dropping to single digits. The dinner was at my house, and I had for the first time in my life, a Cajun fried turkey, dirty rice dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry orange relish, and a fruit salad I made, and rolls. My daughters boyfriend was sick, so he didn't come. Cherry and I had a nice dinner, and she gave me a handbag,(we have a thing for bags) and a jacket. In spite of the cold wind shaking the rig, we had Christmas music, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, homemade cookies,candy and a whole lot of Love.
It's really been cold at night, I am trying to conserve on my LP and not run completely out. Cherry disconnected the water from the outside faucet before she left, so I wouldn't have to. I am doing fine on water from the holding tank, plus water I had drawn up. The water pump did freeze, and took a little while to thaw, and draw from the fresh water tank. I spent a miserable night, couldn't get warm. My own fault, should have left already for warmer country, just where that is, I don't know!

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  1. UH oh, be careful with that freeze. It can burst your pipes. I use a space heater. It doesn't warm the walls and such as well as the furnace, but I try to use as little propane as possible. course, my rig is smaller than yours, but my little heater does a good job. electric blankets are nice too. I have my bed warming up now.
    Happy Holidays!