Monday, January 31, 2011

Still sitting in Deming,NMI

I was supposed to move today, but........ the winds are horrible, and the weather man is warning of snow, and really low temps.  I figured I was safer  just sitting it out. I paid for two more nights. I still have to address my low tire on the trailer. In order to do that it is necessary to put the slide in, I am not able to crawl under the room to check it!
Went to the Family Dollar store today, looking for dog treats, but didn't find any. I did spy a area rug I might like to get for the hall way.
Then on to Pepper's grocery store. The "locals" seem to trade there, so I thought I would try it. They have a very good bakery/deli, but I contained my self and didn't buy any sweets! They had some good sales, one gallon of milk was $1.97, I usually pay $3.69 for a  gallon in Whitney. I noticed a lot of their products had the "Surefine" label. Isn't that IGA? 
I have got to tell you, for the first time in my life, I have a really bad case of "homesickness"! Surprises
even me! And of course all the news is about Egypt, and it will make our fuel go up, as much as ten to twenty cents a gallon more. That is not something I wanted to hear! 
The wind is really rocking my rig. I am thinking about putting the rooms in tonight. Maybe it won't act like it is going to take off flying! Warmer, too!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Busy Day

It got down to 16 here last night. I thought I was going to freeze to death! Got up and put my knit cap on and my heavy coat over the bed. Unreal how cold it was. I do have a Catalytic heater, but it is stored under my dining table and needs to be cleaned before I use it and I just hadn't done it , didn't think I would use it. You still need to run the furnace to keep the water lines from freezing. I had a busy day, and still didn't get it out! I went to Wal Mart and got my meds. You wouldn't believe the wait, I guess everyone in Deming uses this pharmacy. I shopped for a little, dog food, and bread not much. Ran into Kay there also. She has a motorhome, no tow car, so she has to take it every where to do her shopping. Said she got LP and then stopped by Wally world. I told her I needed LP and she thought the maintenance man here would lift it up in the RV for me. So, I made a fast trip back to the RV park, unloaded my groceries and took off for the LP place, which is on the other side of town. Got my tank filled $21.99,for 30 lb tank,( less than in Whitney.) Stopped by the office, picked up my mail, and asked for help from the maintenance man, found out, they don't have a maintenance man! Great. Well I drove around and found a lady outside, and she went and got two fella's to come and help me!  Some one up there IS looking after me. I am tired and  ready for bed, not even 8:00 yet!
Well, you know what they say, it's not how many times you are knocked down, but how many you get up that matters!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Day at Deming

Another cold night. I wasn't cold under my electric blanket and my electric heater going in my bedroom, but I could hear the furnace keep coming on and blowing cold air. I got up to see what was wrong. The burners on the cook top would burn, so I knew I had LP. I had just turned on a new tank. I kept fiddling with it, but it never did warm. So, I went back to bed after turning the furnace off. I fired up my little Heater that uses 1lb LP bottles. That little jewel has saved my bacon more than once. Didn't take long to warm up the living room, but the water was frozen. I leave the furnace at about 55 or 60 so my water lines won't freeze. I think maybe the cause may be a fuse, but I didn't feel like checking it out today.
I went to town and checked out the price of diesel at the truck stop. It is $3.27 so a little cheaper here. Located the bank, and stopped and got DQ for supper. I had filled my fresh water tank before I left for town. Made a mess of that too. Oh well. 
I took a sinus allergy pill and hope it will help me breathe a little better. Still really short of breath, and I feel like I am running a little temp. 
I heard from one of my RV friends in Yuma, he has the same symptoms I have! 
Still haven't gotten my Insulin from Wal Mart. They said they would e-mail me when ready. This is the first time I have done this over the internet, would be easier if it works. I missed Happy Hour again today. I am not too Happy anyway! Maybe things will get better, it helps when the wind isn't blowing. My daughter Cherry and I were here in 2008, and I don't remember it being this cold or windy. We had a good time, went to Rock Hound State Park, and hiked some of the trails, looking for "rocks". Then went to town to the Rock Shop and bought them!!


Boondock Area at LoW-Hi Ranch

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LoW-Hi RV park, Deming, NM

Cold and Windy at Deming,NM

I awoke to the wind just howling! I put my TV antenna down, afraid it would be blown off! The wind didn't die down until about 2 pm. I went out then and connected my water. I had run out of LP on one tank, so I switched to the other one while I was out side. I took advantage of having water to do some dishes and wash a load of clothes. Once again it will be freezing so I went out and again, disconnect the water line. Not very pleasant  vacation so far. I didn't even go to the Happy Hour today, yesterday it was really cold in the "bunkhouse" where they hold Happy Hour, I wasn't very Happy! I spent part of the day on the internet/phone with Wal Mart, trying to get my meds. transferred to Deming. I tried to get my Insulin before I left, but was told they didn't have any! Hopefully they will have it tomorrow. I have enough for awhile. Just don't like to run short.
Texas looks better and better! I am beginning to think it is time for me to look for an apartment in Ft.Worth, or close to Ft.Worth! I wasn't for sure I wanted to do that, but this trip has just about made up my mind!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I left Pecos about 9:30 am. Wasn't in any hurry, I really didn't think I would drive all the way to Deming. I did not want to go through El Paso,TX just when people were getting off work. Traffic is horrible any time you go through, but really bad at 5:00 pm. I forgot about the time change and gaining an hour, so I found myself scooting through. I find the best way to do El Paso, is to get in the middle lane, set your cruse control at 55 or 57 (speed limit is 60) and just put the pedal to the metal! If you get in the far right land (for slower traffic) you might have to exit, or move over to let someone in. That is not always easy to do pulling a 37 ft 5 th wheel! Just the other side of Anthony, in New Mexico the highway in under construction, and you will find uneven pavement. It was a nice drive, and I arrived in Deming about 3:30. The road to the Low-Hi Ranch RV park was under construction! That is a 6 hour drive, and not an easy drive either. I got a nice pull through site with full hook ups. $80.00 for the week, including electric, taxes and motel tax! 
Got to say I am not feeling well at all. It has been cold, and windy until today. Cold today, but not much wind. Kay beat me here, she is parked on the row behind me, and has been very, very good about checking on me to see if I am OK. That is great for someone you just met! I didn't feel like setting up until today. I finally made it outside and took my time, set down on my little "stool" and did get level and unhook from my truck.Went to "Friendship" hour and saw a poster, turn off water and unhook hose, as it will freeze tonight. Great! I just got all that hooked up. Ah, the life of an RV'r. 









Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baird to Pecos,TX

A grey and drizzlie day. I left Baird at 9 am, and I 20 was OK, not too busy. I got diesel at the Flying J, they did honor my discount card. It was $344 cash price. I drove about 256 miles to Pecos,TX (my mapping programs says it is 266 miles) A lot of big trucks on the road. I arrived at Pecos, around 3:20 pm. Tra Park is an Escapee's park. It's in the middle of nowhere! I have stayed here many times. No cable, and no TV unless you have a dish. It is $15.00 a night. Once again I just pulled in and hooked up to the electric. I still have enough water in the holding tank. I met a lady that I had seen in the Baird RV park, come to find out she too is heading to Deming,NM. So, guess she is also a LoW and Escapee. We talked a little while as she walked her two big dogs. We will meet up again down the road (DTR). 
I cooked a nice dinner and washed up the few dishes I had. I stopped at lunch and made hot chocolate and ham sandwich. Mostly using paper plates and bowls, but tonight I did make a mess.
I took some pictures as I went down the road and of this RV park, and for the life of me I can't find them. When I do I will post them. 
Now, somebody please tell me how to map my route using MS streets and trips, save to picasa to make a picture to put on my blog! I have done it, but guess I have had a senior moment or two!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Heading West

I had a very cold start this morning. Everything was frozen. I was late leaving the park. I didn't get away until 12:15. I took hwy 174 to Meridan,Tx and then Texas hwy 6, up to I 20. A good road, but a lot of little towns so you don't make good time. Also ran into road work, had to wait in line for about 30 mins. Then we stopped at a nice rest area for lunch and kick the tires. So it took me about four hours to go 150 miles. Not very good time. But, I was really tired, and when I got on I 20 west the head winds were really fierce. I remembered looking at RV parks one year and Baird Motel and RV park was one that gave Good Sam discounts. Well, I whipped in there about 4 pm. They don't give discounts any more! It was $20.00 for full hook ups, including cable. I was just too tired to hook up cable, and the wind was blowing so bad! I didn't unhook from the truck, just hooked up elec. Got my dinner, my electric blanket it waiting for me, and I am soooo ready!!

Friday, January 21, 2011


My two weeks here at Lake Whitney TT/N will be up Sunday, so I plan to move tomorrow. I had thought about leasing another site for a few months, but after talking to the manager I decided I wouldn't. Seems they have increased their rates quite a bit and I just can't see paying that amount for the site you get.
Taking some of my "blogger friends" advise and heading west. Thank you blogger friends for "caring". Well, wish me luck!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Winds are really blowing today, with temps. in the 30 s I don't think I will make it outside. I had plans to do some "work" outside today, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I am supposed to be out of this park on Sunday, the 23 rd. It looks like rain, so I was trying to get things ready ahead of time, and maybe leave before then. I know you can't control the weather or predict it but it would be foolish for an old lady to pull this big rig in ice, or really bad wind. I try to be safe first and then do what I can do alone. 
I went to Wal Mart yesterday, had my list and of course forgot half of what I went for. It will just have to wait. They were completely out of insulin, can you believe that? I do have a spare, but it's getting close to having to open the spare. I like to keep a spare, just in case! I don't mail order my insulin, I can, but it is such a hassle. Has to be shipped in ice paks, express. I just as soon pick it up at the drug store.
I haven't talked to any of my kids in a week, guess they aren't too worried about me. That's good, I guess. My friends do call and check on me every few days. They know where I am and the phone number to the ranger here at the park. Ain't that great???

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cold and Rainy

It has been raining for two days now. I am cold, and haven't done anything at all. My old bones hurt, and I go to bed every now and then to get warm under my electric blanket. Even my dog seems to be cold, she is wearing her sweater too. I do have a down comforter but it just gets me too warm, I only use it when I don't have electric, as in boondocking.
Still looking at maps, and trying to decide where to go, or if I should go at all. My friend in Quartzsite says Diesel is $3.42 a gal, I just don't know if I can justify spending that much money to set in the desert! I will have to do more research and planning before I just take off. I guess my new roof is good, as I can't find any leaks! 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Feeling Better

I had a restless night, up and down, with pain in my elbow. I took some pain meds. and I guess they did some good as I went to sleep. I am really sore today, and my plans of going to Wal Mart will have to wait.
The only place I feel comfortable is in my warm bed, under my electric blanket!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stupid Mistake I

It's been very cold here in the last few days, I have been using water off my holding tank, and drinking water I had saved for that purpose. Today I decided to hook up my water, and sewer. It is still 30 outside,but I did get the water hooked up. Went back inside to warm up, then decided to go back and hook up the sewer. I have in mind leaving the water dripping, so I needed to have the sewer hooked up. I bought a new end for my hose and was bending over looking at the sewer, to see which end to put in there, as the connector has different sizes on either end. I turned, and promptly fell face down in the gravel! I had tripped on my electric cord. I could not get up, no one around. So, I crawled in the gravel, ouch!! to where I could get hold of my RV and pulled myself up. I bruised both knees, and my right boob! But, I did get the sewer hooked up. Too much for this old lady! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back up heater

This is my back up heater! I have used it, and I did use it for a couple of nights this week. It uses the one lb LP bottles, I think there is a larger one now, that uses the 2 lb bottles. I was running low on LP, it has been so cold, in the 20 s at night and not getting above 30 in the day time. I am still running on my fresh water holding tank, but will soon have to refill it or hook up my water. I had some gallon jugs of drinking water, and some bottled water stored for just this occasion. I did get out and get one 30 lb LP filled, so I upped the thermostat! I think being cold is a part of being OLD! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Glad to be home.

I am glad to be back in my rig. I slept so good, but I am so cold! It will get to 19 here tonight. I am running low on LP, I know I won't freeze to death, because I have for "back up", a Mr. Heater that uses the one pound LP bottles, and I always keep several of those. I just don't like being cold. Guess it is old age, or poor circulation. I am looking at the weather and my maps, trying to decide where to go. The Texas coast looks good, and it is not too far, but I so wanted to go to Quartzsite,AZ. Seems like the bad weather is coming from the west, I don't want to head into it. Decisions, decisions!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Home at last! So glad to be back in my little home. Just as I left the motel, it started really raining, I had managed to get most of my stuff loaded before it started, Kandi didn't like getting wet! And, it started snowing! Of course it didn't stick, was it was messy and very cold. Jason returned my rig to the same spot I was in. He and his wife, Monica, had to set up in the rain! He He, that's a RV'r for you. I did help. I did not connect to the water, I have some in my holding tank, and I want to put on my new hose I bought at Camping World. Did not take me long to get the truck unloaded. It stopped raining and the sun came out, so I got busy and got it all done. I got back here at 2 pm and had everything unloaded and put away by 3 pm. Getting fast in my old age.
It is cold, and I sure will be glad to get into my own bed! Kandi found her ball, and was so happy. We had to have a "ball" game before I could put things away. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saying Good-Bye

I had a nice visit with my grandson, Travis this afternoon. He leaves for the Air Force on Monday. First to San Antonio for basic training. Enjoyed visiting with my great grand daughters too. 
I made a stop at Camping World to pick up some needed supplies, I always spend too much money in that store! But I know I can find what I need, I am not up to going to many stores to shop. My back and hip has really been giving me fits.
Kandi and I shared a chicken sandwich and french fries at Micky D's. Got home before the cold weather hit. Looks like here in Central Texas we will be in the clear until tomorrow afternoon. I also talk to Jason, and my rig should be ready in the morning! I will be so glad to get back in my own bed! Funny how we get attached to our "stuff". I don't like Motel living, and I don't think I would like apartment living either! I am used to peace and quite!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Loves Truck Stop

There is a Loves Truck Stop right behind this motel. I thought the noise would bother me, but I don't hear anything. Kandi barks at people closing their doors, but I really don't hear any noise.
Last night was rough, I had trouble sleeping, got up in the middle of the night and took allergy tab. Then at six am the alarm goes off! Well I didn't set the alarm. Had to get up again, figure out how to turn it off! Slept late, had a cup of coffee I had brought a package of instant Folgers cafe latte I didn't know I had! I had Straight Up Latte, it was good. Then I tried Carmel Groove, it's good too. Glad I found it in the pantry in my RV. Had a cup of instant oatmeal, I brought from home for breakfast. In the Lobby they do have coffee, and a vending machine and ice machine.
Then I took a drive to the mall, went into Layne Bryant, nothing that I just had to have, then to Burkes discount store. My bank is close, so made a deposit to it. I will need it before all this is through. And for supper I went thru the drive thru at Taco Bell. Just barley made it. Not made for dullay's. 

Clouds are rolling in, expecting rain tomorrow. I hope to go see my grandson in Crowley, TX. I am not feeling very well, and my vision is really bad. I think it is all related to diabetics.

Outlet Mall

So many stores are out of business!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Motel 6

I made it to Motel 6 about 1 pm. I got a down stairs room, about half way down the hall way. At the end of the hall way is a door, that leads out to a grassy area for Kandi to enjoy! I think I brought everything, but the kitchen sink! I didn't think I would ever get my truck loaded, and my RV ready to move. This is not a bad room, I have stayed in better, and worse. The sheets feel like sand paper to me. I will manage for three days anyway. I hope Jason has my RV repaired before the cold, wet weather come. I am getting too old for this!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Packing up

Now I remember why I wanted an RV! I hate trying to pack everything even for a few days. So much to remember. Plus now I have a dog, have to pack her "clothes" and food.
In dumping my black tank this morning I jerked the end that goes into the dump out, and it hit the cement and broke. So now I have to buy a new one. I was going to anyway, but not just this moment. I think I will get a new water hose too.
I washed a load of clothes, I always try to wash a load after dumping the black tank, it washes out that hose real nice. Then I turned off the water and put my hose away. So, in the morning all I have to do outside is unhook the electric. Now, my clothes still have to be trotted out to the truck. I am tired already. My allergies are driving me nuts. The mountain cedar is the cause of it. It is terrible right now. My LP is still in the green, either I have not used as much as I thought, or my gauge is not reading correctly. I hope the repairman will watch it, I don't want my refrigerator  to go off.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Motel Bound!

Today I took my satellite dish to my storage bldg. I had the service disconnected back in Sept. but still had the dish. That storage bldg. is another source of irritation to me. I sure would like to get rid of it. I do have some things in there that mean a lot to me, but I sure don't need to keep all the junk I have accumulated over the years!
Picked up my mail and in the Highway's magazine (Good Sam) featured on the last page was an article about Quartzsite! Makes me wish I was there now!
I went to the Dollar General store, got my doggy treats, and canned food. I also got me some "treats" for my Motel stay. I think I will have a microwave, so I bought some of those Hormel dinners, on the shelf. Doesn't require refrigeration. If I use them OK, if not then that's OK too.
Then I hit the grocery store for a few items, and got back here to my little abode about four. There is not a single soul up here in the pull through sites, or the row across from me. Kinda scary! Well, great news, a really cold cold front is on it's way. Gee, life just gets better and better!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year, better I hope!

Any day I am not under the "dirt", I am OK.
I hope things will get better this year.
I heard from my repairman this morning , he will start on the roof on Thursday. So I am going to stay at Motel 6 in Hillsboro. My son in law is painting and already has a house full. I am really not feeling up to so many kids and paint fumes. I feel like I am taking a cold, and I don't want to expose anyone.
My youngest grandson, Travis, graduated high school this past May, is going into the Air Force.
He will be leaving Jan. 11. I hope to be able to see him before he leaves. He follows his Dad's and grandfathers footsteps. I wish he would wait a year, maybe get a year of college before he goes, but this is what he wants to do. So, bless him, God, keep him safe!