Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Jason's Mobile RV came yesterday and finished up the work on the RV. He replaced the vent caps that seem to be missing. Not being able to get on top of the rig before I bought it, I didn't know they were gone. Fixed now! He also installed two 12 volt plugs, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. Now, I can run my 12 volt fan if I don't have electricity for some reason. I wanted one in the kitchen because when the slides are in I can't get to the cook stove. I can get to the refrigerator. I will have to Plan Ahead. So, now I am looking for 12 volt hot pot, or maybe a single burner. Some way to have some hot water, or maybe a frying pan. Any ideas?
Tomorrow is a Wal Mart day. Look for a new electric heater. Weatherman says here comes a cold front! Time to drag out the long handles!   

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