Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Fan

I really do like my new fan! The base is a little larger than the other one, but I moved things around and it fits. It will blow the hair off your head! It has three speed, and the lowest one is greater than the highest one on the old fan. It oscillates, and the head is adjustable, you can tilt it up or what ever angle you like. I had to aim mine at the ceiling! I slept good for a change, it is quite.
Made a meatloaf today. It was really too hot to turn on the electric oven I used, but a lot better than a big oven. I will have my Sunday dinner already cooked! I talked to my friend that came to see me, but left because of her air. She says her air is cooling now, but claims that putting the slides in makes it cooler. It might do that, I don't know. I have way too much junk in the way to be putting my slides in and out. She will sit days with the slides in. If I am parked in a RV park for several days, I will put my slides out. I might not pull my recliners out, and put all my stuff back out, but I am a little claustrophobic.
I am still dealing with the "mice", putting bait everywhere I think the dog won't get into it. My ant problem seems to have slowed down, guess it is too hot for them too. And I haven't seen anymore ticks!
I am glad I am not in California just now. I have friends there, and even though they are not in the fire, the smoke is really bad. I used to live in San Diego, and I don't remember any fires, or the winds. I do remember the quakes. Just shook up my apartment a little. Guess that is "youth" for you. Ah the good old days!

Friday, July 30, 2010

View from my Front Door

This is the view from my front door. I feel like I am isolated in a jungle. When I moved here about five years ago, the manager told me that Thousand Trails did all the yard mowing, tree trimming etc. I guess I misunderstood. I thought they would do all the park. She did tell me if I wanted to plant anything, that caring for my plants would be my job. I never planted anything. The ground is too hard, and there are too many "critters" around. We have a lot of rabbits, wild turkeys, squirrels, and possums, and lets not forget the "mice", not my favorite! I have had this lease lot five years come August. I traveled and was gone three or four months, then come "home", now this time I have not been anywhere in two years and I am so ready to move on. That is one reason I don't think I want to rent an apartment. I feel trapped now, if I had an apartment, and had a lease to deal with, and furniture, I don't know what I would do! I first thought when I sold my house that I would get an apartment, or a small house. But, now I don't think I will ever be happy if I know I can't just pick up and move! I found out yesterday my neighbors, who were here when I came, are moving to a house. They have a travel trailer, never pulled it. They designed it to live in, here. They are senior couple, and they do travel, but in the car and spend the nights in hotels. It did surprise me, I wish them all good things.
I made it to Wal Mart today, I stopped at McDonald's for a Mc Chicken sandwich. Friday is NOT the time to go to McDonalds or Wal Mart, but I need to pick up my prescription they didn't have ready last time. I bought a small fan for my bedroom too, I have one, but it is driving me nuts with squeaking, and after reading Old Fat Mans Adventures ordeal with his, I decided just to replace mine instead of trying to fix it! I just need the air to be circulated and during the night seems I can't breathe.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

TV Sucks!

TV is so bad right now. I am seriously thinking about doing away with my satellite dish. I am wondering about watching TV on my computer! HULU I think is is called. I also see you can get Netflix to your computer too. Everything is a re-run. It really galls me to pay to watch re-runs. My Direct TV runs about $40.00 a month with taxes. I have noticed that most of the programs are geared to kids, or they are old movies. If you want to watch a new movie, then you can rent it at $5.95. It is a "bitch" to put up that dish alone. I have to haul it out, find a level spot to place it, then find the satellite. To find the satellite, you aim it at the south. I go inside, turn TV on to the satellite, and find by signal. I open all the windows on that side of the RV, and go outside to "rotate" the dish until I hear the signal meter. You can tell by listening when you "hit"it. Sometimes it is not hard, sometimes you have to keep coming back inside to check the signal meter on the TV. It will tell you "turn the dish so and so degrees" so, you go back out and turn it again. If I had lots of money, I would have a roof mounted automatic one, but I don't, and, sometimes when parked in the trees, you can't use it anyway. When you aren't moving around it's OK. But if just staying a week or so, it's not worth the effort. When boondocking in the desert you won't get anything without a satellite , but then you won't have electric any way! Then I have to find a place to carry it. I usually fold it down and put it in a bay, but for some reason, I don't think it will fit this time. Guess I have accumulated more junk!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cooling Rain

I have really been enjoying the past three days. It has rained almost every day. Of course I know when it ends the humidity will really be high, with temps in the 100s and the heat index will be 105. Not nice weather!
I have been cleaning and trying to get things arranged so I can put my slide out rooms in. When you sit in one place for a long time you get complacent and don't put things away! I think I got it made, I have just one more table to wax and figure out what to do with my plants. I like my coffee table, but it's a booger to move when I am ready to put slides in and go. I put it on the slide out ledge and bunge cord it to the sofa. I also have to move both recliners. I have several plants on my dining table and I used Handi Tack to keep from having to move them. That is really good stuff. I get it at Wal Mart for about a buck a package. They have several different ones, but the yellow is the best. The blue is more for posters and is not easy to remove. I have all my pictures on the wall with Handi Tack. My desk holds my computers, I have them sitting on slip stop, that works too unless I really hit a rough road. My printer sits next to the computer, on slip stop also, so mainly when I am ready to move I will just have to run bungee cords through the handle, pulls, to keep the drawers from coming open. When I have my three slides in I can still use the living room, but it is difficult. I don't put the slides out unless I am staying in a location more than a day. I only connect the electric, I don't unhook from the truck, but sometime I will put the front jacks down and raise the trailer just enough to take the weight off my truck/tires. It doesn't take me long to get going in the morning. I am not a early riser, and I enjoy my coffee and breakfast before leaving. By about 9 am everyone that is going to work is gone, and the traffic is not so bad. There are a few cities I try to go through on Sunday. El Paso,Texas is one! I am studying my maps, and just marking time. I am so hopeful to see the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. After all if you don't make plans, you won't ever go!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Son

I have been thinking about my son all day. He would have been 50 years of age! He was murdered April,2006 by three black men. They robbed him and took his life too. He worked with a company that re-built nursing homes, and was headed to Arkansas to do a job there. I had just talked to him the day before, he told me he wanted to come out and spend the week end with me but he needed to collect his pay from the last job, before he went with that company again. He said he had about $3500.00 coming, he was saving for a new car. He was upset that every time, this company would make the crew wait to get all their pay. He was staying at a Motel, and the security camera caught everything! He must have know them, he opened the door and the tape showed the two black men stepping in. They were all caught. The driver was not prosecuted, one turned states evidence on the shooter. The shooter got 10 years. I just imagine he is out already! Justice is blind!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Broken Promises

If there is anything that puts me in a bad mood is broken promises, even when I am the one making and breaking them. Earlier I had written in my blog, I intended to read my Bible through this year. So I started out trying to read every day. Well that didn't work out so well, so I thought I will read on Sunday! I was so tired from all the work I have been trying to do these last few days, I did not finish, and so it spilled over to Sunday and once again I did not do my reading. I know I should be actually going to Church, for I was taught this is what the Bible says. When I was a little girl, my Mother took me to Church every Sunday for Sunday School, and Church. I met a lot of kids my own age, and learned a lot. I liked it so well, I joined the choir, and went on Sunday night, and Wed. night also.
Raising my own kids, we went to Church every Sunday. I put a roast in the oven and it was about ready when we arrived back home. My husband wasn't a church goer, but we went any way. In his later years he would occasionally go when our youngest insisted. She was in the choir and he couldn't say no to her! Everyone should have a day of rest, weather you choose Saturday or Sunday, whatever religion you follow you need time to pray or meditate. To tell the truth I miss those "family"days of church, visiting with friends, and family. We always had cake, just in case we had company! It puts me in a bad mood when other people don't do what they say they will, but it really irks me when I AM THE ONE!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Updated my Droid

I received a notice that I had "updates" available for my Droid phone. So I thought OK, must be important, so I updated it. Well that changed all my settings! For two days now I have been re-setting my favorites. I took some pictures of the park but have not been able to figure out how to transfer them to my computer. It worked before the update. One thing it added I do like is "shopper", just point your phone at say a book cover and it will find where you can buy it, or at a bar code. If you want to you can say, find, whatever it is you are looking for. I still think it is a great phone. I can tether it to the computer and get online when I don't have WiFi. See, Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks!
I worked pretty hard all day. Washed my bed linens, groomed my dog. Put Frontline Plus on her! I did find two ticks. Uck! Then I felt like I had ticks. So I washed me and my hair. Made Burritos for dinner. Cleaned my kitchen, did another load of clothes. I am so tired I can't wait for bed!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unwelcome Guest!

Seems I have a mouse in the house! After dealing with the ticks, and I have been fighting ants all summer, now I have a mouse. I am afraid it is a family of mice. I put out mouse bait every where, under the cabinets, and in the bays. Just one thing after another.
I finally made it to Wally world today. I get my meds from there, and from a mail order pharmacy. Of course Wal Mart did not have all of my meds. and that means another 40 mile round trip to Hillsboro. O well I forgot half of what I went for anyway! Really hot and humid, I had a hard time getting all my grocery's from the truck to the rig. Still haven't put them away. Save something to do for tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Another cleaning day. I had an area rug I put out on my cement patio, I sprayed with liquid soap, scrubbed with a broom. I think I should have just thrown it away! I did get my trash down to the big trash barrels at the end of my drive. Squirted the tree sap off my truck. It needs to be washed again. I had intended to strip my bed and wash my sheets, but instead, I laid down and took a nap! My Bad! I was not feeling well after the scrubbing with the broom. All day was sorta a rest a little and work a little. Fixed a early meal. Tired tonight.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Slow Monday

It's been a slow day today. Just cleaning and called in some of my meds. It did come a few sprinkles yesterday and cooled things off some. Still looking at maps, and trying to decide if I really want to spend the money on going to the Balloon Fiesta. Thirty dollars for boondocking is a little steep for me. Seems I have to make reservations pretty quick. That alone sorta puts me off. I just don't like to make reservations. I realize that some time it is necessary, when I stay at Thousand Trails in Palm Springs, or Las Vegas you must make reservations about 90 days in advance. That is hard to do sometimes. I will have to do some more planning. Right now I would be happy to get out of my space and see if I can still handle this rig. We will see.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Texas Cheese House

If you are travelling north or south on I 35 though Texas, you might want to make a stop at Texas Cheese House. Lunch would be a great time to stop, but you might want to get some fresh cow or goat cheese! You can visit their web site Texas Cheese House
You can also follow them on Facebook, and read their wonderful reviews.
Today is my day of rest. That is exactly what I have done. It is too hot to get outside, so I am content to watch TV and make some travel plans. I am still trying to figure out how I will do the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. I am trying very hard to get ready to move out of my site. I need to take my rig and have the wheels pulled and have the bearings lubed before I make any long trips. Also the brakes checked out. I was counting on my friend Pat to help me with air in my tires, she has a 110v air pump. I don't think my tires are at their proper pressure, after sitting here two years! She is gone, so I will get out my little 12 v air pump. Takes for ever, but it can be done.
A quote from one of my RV buddies,
Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end, the faster it have fun!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How Hot is It?

How hot is it? The hens in Texas are laying "boiled" eggs!
My friend Pat is gone. She is from Pennsylvania, can't take this Texas heat. No, really her air conditioner wasn't working, she tried moving to a shady pull though, but it just wouldn't cool. So she left about 2pm. We did make the Dollar store, and Frugals discount store before she left. She has a place that she and her doggies can stay until getting her air repaired. I am not so lucky, I guess I would have to rent a room somewhere.
Some places in Texas with the heat index hit 107 today. That is hot even for Texas.

Friday, July 16, 2010

yuck Ticks!!

My friend Pat is parked up in the pull through spaces, and she invited me for dinner and to bring my dog Kandi. She has two dogs. My dog is not used to dogs period. Or other people. We don't get out much. But I took the little baby with me. It was so hot I could not breathe. I had to park behind her and walk up a small incline to her door. I was not sure I could make it. Had a few chest pains, and it was so hot. She took Kandi in and I went back to the truck to get my purse and drink and the dish I had brought to share. Put a nitro under my tongue and soon felt better. She had changed her mind about what she was fixing and we didn't need my dish after all. Sat in her recliner and talked for awhile, Kandi in my lap. She would not get down, would not play with the other dogs, would not accept a "treat" or a bite of hamburger! Such a baby, but she is my baby! Well I noticed a tick crawling on me! I hate those nasty things! I felt like they were all over me! So we went home after a while, and I discovered another tick on me. When I got up this morning, another tick, on me. I am covered with ticks! I was looking through Kandi's hair, and sure enough I got two off her. Not happy about the ticks. I hadn't seen any ticks until my visit with Pat and her pooches. We had plans to go to Waco tomorrow, but she called and canceled that, she is going to move her rig to another space. She says ants are crawling all over her outside hoses, and has been invaded with ticks! I don't know if another site will be any better. DON'T YOU JUST LOVE CAMPING??

Thursday, July 15, 2010


What a nice surprise I had yesterday when a loud banging on my door jarred me awake from my noon "nap". I was quite upset that some one was waking me up, I jerked the door open and there stood a long time friend! I had just talked to her the night before and she did not mention she was coming for a visit! Haven't seen her in two years. She is also a member of Thousand Trails. We met about ten years ago at a Single Sams camp out. So yesterday was spent chatting and just girl talk. Today we went to the discount grocery store, and the regular grocery store. She made our dinner. Plans are to go to Waco, TX one day for shopping and some Chinese food.
I have been planning a trip west for this October, I want to go to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM. I have given up on going to Goshen, IN to the Escapade in Sept. I can't manage both trips, and there is just better camping for me in the west. The Loners on Wheels October Fest is right after the Balloon Fiesta, and I plan to make both! After that I will be going to see friends in Arizona. So much to do, so little time!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Campground for Canines

Made a trip to town to get my mail, and I got my Escapee's magazine. This article on Campground for dogs caught my eye! It seems there is this Campground in the foothills of N.C. in Rutherfordton, about 45 miles east of Asheville. They have a large fenced in, off lease area for big and small dogs, with fresh water, pools, toys and agility field with equipment. The owner of the campground is an agility and obedience trainer and gives private lesson should that be of interest. A spring-fed pond with grass is a perfect place for you pet to cool off and roll around. There are hiking rails that lead to a nice forest. A self guided obedience park is also on the grounds. The "doggy bath House" with its do-it-yourself grooming is nice after a long day of playing, and if the adults want to out for the day, there is a dog-walking service. for more info visit
I did stop by the office to report my "tree". We have a new manager and she really did not have it under control today. She said she would come over and "look". No maintenance man today. I can't imagine a park without some sort of maintenance personal, at all times! She couldn't take my money for my electric bill, she couldn't find the keys to the register! So, I have to go back again tomorrow. It's a good thing my truck doesn't use diesel!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kindle Reader

I had mentioned in an earlier blog I had downloaded a free reader for my pc. I had been researching the Kindle Reader. It will hold 1500 books! I think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread for RVrs. The price? It is on sale at Amazon, but still too much for me. I discovered you can download a free version for your phone, or pc. I did just that. You will have to establish a Amazon account if you don't have one. Then look for Kindle , then free download. To the left look for books for Kindle, and then free books. It didn't take long to download my choice. A murder mystery, I have been reading it on my computer, and have learned how to enlarge the print, I don't even have to wear my glasses! You can bookmark it, and when you return, it's right there where you left off. I have yet to figure out how to burn it to CD. I don't want to take up space on my hard drive. When I started this, I had in mind, when I was boondocking, with no TV I could read my books on my PC! I could envision sitting in the desert holding my computer, reading my books! One problem, my computer is heavy! And it does get pretty warm. A friend of mine has a TV tray, minus the stand, and holds it in her lap. My computer is a 17" screen, and will not fit on any sorta of tray I can come up with. I have TV tray, and a tray that has a pillow bottom, but my computer will not fit either one. I have to come up with something not to heavy that will accommodate the computer and mouse!
So, you don't have to buy a $200.00 Kindle to read e-books! Hopefully you will buy e-books through my blog. :0)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Thought It Was A Day Of REST

Some time during the night I woke up, hearing this scraping noise just outside my bedroom. I kept listening and in my sleepy thoughts, I will have to check on that in the morning. Well morning came, I had my breakfast and listened to my favorite Church Services, In Touch Ministries , with Dr. Charles Stanley. Then another cup of coffee, another minister came on, another cup of coffee, and I was so sleepy so I thought I would lie down for about an hour and then try grooming my dog, Kandi. When I got in bed I heard that scraping. So I thought I might as well go look. By now it is HOT! I pulled on my work shorts, sprayed the bug spray all over me, got my work gloves, and out I went. The wind was blowing pretty good, so it wasn't too hot. I have a long tree trimmer pole, I carry with me in the bed of the truck, just in case I have to trim a tree to get in a space. Got my work gloves on and went after it. The problem is my neighbor has a dead tree in his space, and it is leaning over my way, pushing some Crepe Myrtles on my bedroom slide out roof. I have had enough roof problems! So I am determined to cut the tree limb off. I had to trim the Crepe Myrtles in order to get to the dead limb. By now my hip is hurting, my back is hurting and my chest is hurting. I heard one of my neighbor men out side talking to some other man. I kept watching, I thought I would ask for help if they came out in the yard. I got the pole tree timer in the dead limb, but I don't have enough muscle to pull the long rope to cut it. In fact, I got it hung there for awhile. I was too tired to walk over to the neighbors, so I came in and called on the phone. His wife said he was watching the races, and she would send him over when the they were over. Well it it 11:20 pm , I guess he is still watching the races! Tomorrow is Monday, and hopefully the parks maintenance men will be here, and just maybe I can get him to finish what I started! I just didn't want that limb scraping the paint, or maybe getting on my rubber roof! So much for a restful day!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Travel Decals

This is just a sampling of my decals. I mounted them on a piece of Plexiglas,and mounted that on the back of my RV. When I traded RVs to the fifth wheel I have now, I had no bumper to mount the Plexiglas on. So, when I travel I put it inside the rear picture window, with suction cups. Since you can see I have been to Alaska, I have been through Canada! I don't have a decal for Canada, or Mexico, or the Bahama's! The states that I have not been in are Minnesota,Wisconsin,Maine,Vermont,New Hampshire.
In all fairness I should list Michigan, as I went just a few miles inside the state line, saw a casino, boondocked for the night, and next morning talked to my Mother who was wanting me to come home, so I did.
The first trip to Canada was to Banf National Park,ALBERTA. We pulled a 26 ft travel trailer. I don't remember the exact route we took from Texas, I do remember crossing the border at Cardston,going up Canada hwy 2, at Calgary, we took hwy 1 up to Lake Louise, where we stayed in the Provential Park. All the signs were in both English and French! A beautiful campsite, no water at the site and no dump at the site. There was a place to get water and dump. I think we did have a trickle of electric. We drove to Jasper National Park, didn't take the trailer, just drove up the highway in the truck. A beautiful drive. We stopped at the Columbia Glacier Icefields. A sight to see. We took a ride on an half track, out on the Glacier, the driver stopped and let people off to get a "drink" from the water melting from the Glacier. I didn't get off, I had a hard enough time climbing up in that thing in the first place! We made side trips to the ski lifts, took a ride on it too, no snow, but I can imagine what it would look like snow covered. When we returned we crossed the Rocky Mountains and took Hwy 93 down though Idaho, back to home. I have pictures, but they are in storage. More on Alaska later.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

I am so glad Jason came yesterday and fixed my roof leak. It has really rained off and on all day. I checked for leaks and everything looks OK. I was going to the store, but after the rain started I decided I didn't need anything that bad.
So instead I have been doing Genealogy all day. Ancestry has some new records for the Revolution, so I was able to search for some of my Ancestors. I did find two, but it really didn't lead me anywhere. They are basically index cards showing the name, and the state they served, and not much else. Maybe I just don't know how to look for them. Of course that led to more researching! I am like a blood hound on a scent! I print a lot of records, it is so much easier to refer back to them. I did back up my Genealogy records on CD-W. I was really afraid I lost records when I had trouble with my Dell computer. It is wonderful to be able to see Census records and print them out, rather than actually go to the library.
I did figure out how to download a book to my computer, using Amazon's free reader. My book was free, just in case I decide I don't want to read it that way. I am looking for Travels With Charley by John Steinbeck. Amazon does have it as a download for I think it was $8.95 or paper back shipped to you for $8.00. I think I will try reading the one I have downloaded, maybe put it on CD, before I purchase anything. It was a nice rainy day, just right for reading!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just in Time!

Lot of rain forecast for this area in the next few days. I was so hoping my repair man would get my roof leak repaired before it rained again. He was due to come tomorrow, but he showed up today about noon, just as I had decided to take a "nap". That was OK with me. Hopefully he got everything fixed before the rain. He said the water was leaking around the TV antenna, just as I had thought. He also inspected the roof and caulked a few other places. He says just sitting in the sun will cause the seal to wear out. Very expensive to have it repaired. Very expensive to have a roof put on too. I have done that, don't want to again! At the time I still had my house, so I had some place to stay while it was done. They took almost a month. I think just because they knew I wasn't in a hurry. That company did some damage to my expensive hubs, and my toilet seat. Standing on it I guess. They have to remove all the vents, air conditioner etc. It was a mess, I hope to never go though that again! Any way, Jason said he caulked the roof pretty well and it should last another year! We'll see. I am getting a little fed up with all the repairs that go along with RVs. I sold my house to get out of yard work and repairs, I don't know if I am any better off. Seems like I have had a lot on this rig, however, some of my friends have had more and their rigs are newer. Go figure!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great Day

I had a great day. Didn't do a lot. Made some cranberry/orange muffins. I know I'm not supposed to have any sugar, my bad! Took my trash down to the big trash cans at the end of my driveway. Kandi went with me. It didn't take three minutes for her to be covered in stickers! I picked up my wash bucket and stuff I used to wash my truck. Going to rain again! I hope the RV repairman gets my roof leak fixed before that. Dumped and back flushed my black tank. It was really hot. The heat was like a blast furnace when you opened the door. Came in and tried to pick all the stickers out of Kandi's hair. Poodles have a lot of hair. They don't shed, but you do have to groom them. I was going to get my clippers out and do just that, but I laid down on the sofa to rest a minute, and fell asleep! Is that a sign of old age ?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone enjoyed the PBS fireworks program. As usual they had great entertainers and a beautiful fireworks display. I have been to Washington DC long ago, in 1986 to be exact. A wonderful trip with my husband and youngest daughter on our way to Massachusetts. I am so glad we were able to go at that time, now you can't even get close to the White House! My husbands company sent him to New Bedford, so my daughter and I were able to go. We toured while he worked! Went to Horseneck Beach, was so nasty we decided we wouldn't get in the water! My husbands friend there took us for a "sail" on his sail boat. Little did I know there was rough weather coming, or I wouldn't have gone! When that boat, I think you call it,"keeled" I thought I was going in the water! I don't swim, scared me good. They also took us out to eat, I ordered sweet clams. I loved them here, at Howard Johnsons. Well there they cook the whole thing, including the "bellies". NOT something I want to try to eat again! We also drove down to the Kennedy compound, went to see the Plymouth Rock , and a whaler museum. Didn't have time to go to Boston, a big regret for me. We turned a business trip into a vacation! Drove both the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the one that goes through Virginia, sorry I have CRS! (can't remember sh%^. ) Better days, good memories!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just Running Errands

Friday was a rainy day, between rain drops I managed to go to the Post Office and pick up my mail. What a line, I had forgotten it was a Holiday week end, I guess everyone was doing the same thing I was doing. Went to the Dollar store. I get my dog food and dog treats there, and I always manage to find some else I just can't live without. I bought some DVD+R to put my "movie" on, just as soon as I learn how! I think pictures or movies that can be played on TV must be put on DVD. Then to the grocery store for just a few items, back home in the rain. It did stop raining long enough for me to get my "loot" in the RV.
Today I have been busy doing laundry, and general cleaning. I washed my sheets. That is a all day job. I wish I could figure out an easier way to do it. The park, Thousand Trails is having their Fireworks display tonight. My dog is going crazy! She is barking her head off. Last year I sat outside on my patio and had a great view! She sat in my arms, and did not bark as much. I decided not to go out tonight, it is sorta misting, I really don't want to get wet. In other words, I am just lazy! I have seen a lot of Fireworks displays in my life. The ones I enjoyed the most were with my children. Just not the same when you are alone. My roof seems to be holding! I hope it doesn't leak anymore and the repair man can take care of it without any problems.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

When it Rains it Pours!

I was really enjoying the cooling effect the rain had, at times it was pretty heavy. When I got ready to go to bed last night I discovered my bed was wet! Yep, got a leak, water dripped from the TV antenna, which is just over my bed. This happened several months ago, and I called my Son In Law to come and put a little caulk around the antenna on the roof, but he did not have time. I really forgot about it, and it rained and it didn't leak again. But this time, it really soaked my bed. I called the mobile RV repair man that I use, course they were going on vacation, so I will have to wait until July 8th! I hope it didn't ruin my roof! The mobile repair guy is so $$ he charges $85.00 hour with an hour, plus $20.00 service call. That is $105.00 just to come out here. If it takes longer, another $85.00! I am on fixed income and it really is hard for me to pay that much for someone to put a little caulk around my TV antenna. I hope that is all that is wrong. I put a cloth around the antenna, held with a rubber band, maybe it won't drip on me. I had a lot of expenses in May, birthdays, graduation, etc. I was a little short any way, now this. Guess that is the price you pay when you are an old widow lady! I shouldn't gripe, I am grateful I can get out of bed in the morning! Well, I am done fussing, I am still working on downloading my free book from Amazon. Seems after downloading the free reader to my PC you must register it. I will do that tonight, maybe.