Monday, November 26, 2012


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my daughter at her house in Hillsboro,TX. 
I had some blood work done on Monday  before Thanksgiving, and on Wed. the doctors office called me to tell my my potassium level was too low. Well, I knew something was off as I have been feeling so bad. I thought the last time I had my blood work done it was too low. So, I am taking Potassium, 10 m. once daily. It is making me so sick. I read the side effects and seems I have them all. I have been really short winded, and I still am. The potassium really does a number on my stomach, I have gas like you wouldn't believe, stomach cramps, and my stomach burns. I am trying to stay with it, he only gave me 20 then I go back for another blood test. I am so hoping I will feel better. Don't feel like cooking, so my diet is not that good, just grab what I can. I didn't realize that a low potassium level could make you feel so bad and cause a heart attack.

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  1. Would prevacid or something like that help? Call and ask your doc.