Saturday, September 1, 2012

My spot at Sun Country RV and Golf Resort

Moving from Thousand Trails, about one mile down the road, was a bitch this time. My daughter came to help me, I really thought I didn't need any help, as it turns out I did! We got into this space, actually the wrong space just as it came a nice shower. Ringing wet, we took a break and went for lunch. Having this much trouble makes me doubt my abilities to do this alone. I really want to make a trip west one more time. I have been getting my truck ready, got my inspection sticker Friday, $14.50. It's cheap because it's a diesel. Now for oil change, and fuel filter. That fuel filter will be $$. Then I will start on the trailer. There has been some discussion on whether I need to have the wheels pulled and re pack the bearings. I think this needs to be done. I can't find any maintenance records on this rig, so better safe than sorry. I want to have the breaks checked also. This is a holiday week end and this park has more rigs than I have ever seen before. Also they have part of the park closed for upgrading the electric and water. I will be here for another week, don't want to be on the road on Labor Day!

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