Monday, February 28, 2011

Just relaxing

I haven't done much of anything in the past few days. Just relaxing and doing some internet searches for a bed. I have some furniture, but no bed. So far Sam's Wholesale has the best price. I think it will be fun, for a while to decorate my apartment. There are a lot of "furniture, and used furniture shops" in Cleburne. I need to get a recliner too. I have to get my feet up, due to poor circulation. The apartment is not very big, 832 square feet, so I don't want to overload it with stuff.  I have a storage bldg. full of Junk. I will be glad to quit paying for that!
It is very windy here today. I must get outside sometime today and prepare to move this rig! It is also chilly out. Not looking forward to doing that, but I AM looking forward to going back to Thousand Trails Lake Whitney park.

Friday, February 25, 2011

My Nest

This is my little "nest". I am going Mar. 4 th to sign the lease and make final inspection.
I think this is a good fit for me. I talked to several ladies here and they all said they loved it there and wouldn't move. There are activities, pot lucks, and games. They have a beauty salon, and a work out room too. A beautiful swimming pool, which I will never use. A pond with a fishing pier and walking trails, so I shouldn't feel like I am "pent" up! They will accept my dog, with a deposit.
Cleburne,Texas is my birth place, never lived there, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would. Cleburne has many grocery stores, and places to eat out. Six screen movie theater, and down town a play house with "live" actors. I think it will be good for me. I am ready to get out of the RV. I may take some trips some day, but right now I think I will be happy to just "veg" for awhile. I will put up some more pictures when I can get to my scanner. Have not put my rooms out as I am not level. Moving again on the first of March.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting ready to move

My two weeks here at Thousand Trails Lake Whitney are up, so I have to move. I am going just down the road to Lake Whitney RV and Golf Resort (otherwise known as Sun Country). I will stay there seven days. I am getting so slow. Maybe I have always been slow, so I am getting slower! I made a fast trip to the grocery store, and while there my sugar dropped too low. Really hits me hard. I bought a candy bar and ate about half of it. Felt better by the time I got back to the park. Really hard to get into my RV with no steps! I just put the grocery's in the door way,pushed them in, and then climbed in. Put away the cold stuff. I started working on getting ready to move tomorrow. Got the sewer dumped, and the hose put away, WD40 my rear stabilizers and got them up. Getting the water unhooked was a job. I filled my holding tank with fresh water and unhooked the water. By that time I was played out. So I came in and rested and had dinner. Tomorrow I will have to move the furniture, put the rooms in, then hook the truck up and hopefully get that jack up that has no foot!
I haven't heard anything from the apartments, I really didn't expect to because of it being a Holiday. I did stop by and get the number to the senior housing apartments here in Whitney. I really didn't want to live here, but I know they are less money, and they are all one story duplex. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

When IS the right time to hang up the keys?

I am having a lot of trouble even thinking about giving up my RV and what little traveling I do. But, when is the time to hang up the keys. When you don't enjoy traveling? Maybe when it is too expensive? Or when you aren't able to do it by yourself? 
I have found a nice apartment in a senior community, on the ground floor. They seem to have a lot of activities, and I have already met some nice ladies. I have made an application, but haven't heard back yet. It's just in talking to some of my RV buddies, I really want to keep on keeping on! Still want to travel, make some camp outs. But, I remember how hard this last trip was on me, and my pocket book! It's still not over. Hard to get in and out of my rig, with no steps. I am using a step ladder for now. Also lost a "foot" pad on the front jack. I have looked in Camping World, and asked other people where to get a replacement. No one seems to know. I am not looking forward to moving. I have way too much junk!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday Pizza Party!!

We celebrated my twin great grand daughters second birthday. They were born on Feb. 16, but today was the party at Peter Pipper's Pizza. They are only two but they are really into all the rides! They had a cupcake cake, and got to make their own Pizza. 

Was also nice to see my grand daughter, as well as my extended family. Here is a few pic's from the party!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LoW-Hi RV park, Deming, NM

I am just going to make a few comments on LoW-Hi Ranch in Deming,NM and won't say anymore about the subject.
I realize that Deming was hit hard by the weather, and I just got caught in it. 
The first tank of LP I got by myself, but needed help to put it back up in the rig. Now, I know, there are people out there that think if you can't do it, maybe you shouldn't be in the RV. But, if all of us had that attitude, then all disabled people would never get to do anything. I just keep trying and usually don't need much help. I was told by the person working the desk, they don't have a maintenance person at all. That is really hard to believe, being such a large park, open to the public, and a Passport America park. It is also an Escapee Discount park. When I ran completely out of LP, and called the park office for help, I was referred to the manager, I think her name was Terri. She offered no help at all, and told me there might be a member in the park, willing to help me. Well, duh, if I were able to go around and knock doors asking for help, then I could have gone and got my own LP. I am telling you, for true, I couldn't breathe, the wind took my breath away. I am a diabetic, and heart patient. I really thought I would freeze to death. When you can't breath, and are having chest pains, YOU do panic! I just feel that she failed to do her job, which is taking care of the park.
I have been a member of LoW's for well over ten years. I have gone to that park many, many times and always enjoyed it. Things have changed. The LoW's are changing. Their membership is dropping. Their news letter is a mere page or two. They keep cutting things to save money, and I think it will eventually put them under! The individual chapters are another subject. They seem to be doing well. I have many friends in the Cen-tex group. A fine bunch of people. Had I been with them at a camp out, it would be a whole different story.
I am a Charter lifetime member of Good Sam. and I called them, in their system they have a Standby Sam
group that is willing to help other Sam members when they are travelling. The lady they referred me to had just had surgery and couldn't lift my tanks, BUT, they were so concerned they called the Sheriff's 
department, and they did come out, but went to the wrong trailer. Wonder how he got the wrong site number?  I don't know, but it does make you wonder.
Now, when I was a young woman I was the night manager of a large,88 room motel in Ft.Worth,TX.
Even with me being so young and dumb, if one of my guest had called for help, I would have gotten them help, and if I didn't Know who to call, I would have found out. I would have gone myself to see if I could help! This is what has turned me against LoW's park. I have known many of their Presidents, and thought they were great. This was a Park Manager, she may have been "new", but should have had enough sense to get help for me.
That is all I will say on the subject. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Story Continues

I thought I was "home" safe when I got in Thousand Trails Lake Whitney. I did some "cleaning" and laundry. Even cooked and cleaned my kitchen. As the night got darker, my rig got colder. I had two 30 lb tanks of LP when I left Deming,NM, just five days ago. I never thought I would use two 30 lbs bottles of LP in that amount of time. BUT...... I ran out of LP in the middle of the night. I had my electric heater on in my bedroom, but when it is 16 it just doesn't keep it warm. So out comes the Mr.Heater. With only two one pound cans of LP, I had to really limit my use. They say one will last up to four hours, but they won't. If you run them on low setting it might last three hours. So, I stayed awake all night, running it about 15 minutes at a time, getting the room warm, turn it off until it was so cold I couldn't take it, then turn it on again. About 7 am I started on my last bottle. At about a quarter of 8 am I called the Ranger and told him I needed help, that I was out of LP and about to freeze to death. He said he would send Randy, one of the maintenance men here. After about an hour, no Randy, I called again. This time Randy came. It was about 9:30 am by then. He left with my LP tanks, and at about 10:30 he returns. My last Mr.Heater bottle had just sputtered and was out. I thought thank God! Randy, knocked on my door, very upset. He said I had a LP leak and he had to turn it back off, for me to call my repairman, Jason.
So, I called Jason on his cell phone, and he happened to be in the park, so he came really fast.
He said both of the hoses were leaking! He didn't have one of them, and would be back. Finally around 12:30 he came back with the hoses and with in a few minutes had my heat on! He had to go several places to get the one hose he didn't have. My tanks are located one on each side, and connected in the middle by a pipe where the regulator is. Any how, I got my heat on, and went back to bed! This trip has been one from Hell, and has prompted me to look at senior apartments! I hate to give up my RV, in fact I am not one to give up on anything. I hold on like a "Bulldog". But I think there is a time when we all will have to hang up the keys. I think this may just be the time for me!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Catching Up Pecos,TX to Baird, TX

When I left Pecos,TX I had intended to stop in Abilene,TX at a KOA I had stayed at before, but as fate has it, I passed right by it. I drove on to Baird,TX, a total of 266 miles. That was a little more than I had planned, but I knew where to stay, and pulled in at the Baird Motel and RV park. The man at the desk said the water was shut off at some of the sites, and if I needed him to turn it on, let him know. Well, of course the water at my site was off, and I had been without water for a week. There was no way I could walk back to the office, and I thought I had enough in my fresh water holding tank to make it one night. It was very cold and windy, but I left about 9 am and headed for Whitney, thinking I would arrive at the park about 11:00 am. Well, I missed a turn in Meridian, couldn't get turned around, so had to go around through town and finally back on the correct hwy. It was a rough ride, over some really rough rail road tracks, and pot holes. I arrived in Thousand Trails Lake Whitney about 12:00 which is check in time anyway. I lost about an hour, but no big deal. Got a pull through site with 30 amp and begin to set up. First had trouble hooking up the water. TT/N puts a gizmo on their water faucets that lets them drip, and they don't freeze that way. When I tried to put my water connections on, their whole deal fell off.  I tried to fix it, but couldn't. I called the Ranger station, but got their voice mail, left a message. No one showed up in an hour so I called again. Still no one showed up. I got busy setting up, and noticed one of the "foot" pads on the front jack was gone! Nothing there at all. I got some leveling blocks and brought it up to the same height as the other one. I guess when going through that rough rail road and pot hole area something "got" it and it came off. There was no pin, or anything. This is on the opposite side from the step mishap. Got unhooked from the truck, and trying to get things set up inside. I had a lot of trash, so I made a run to the trash can. Thousand Trails wants you to have your trash out before 4 pm. 
While doing that little chore, I stood looking at the water faucet. Now, I have been without water for about a week, and no one has showed up to fix their water. So, I dug out my trusty channel locks, and took their gizmo off and connected my water! Finally, a hot shower and a good meal, clean my kitchen and wash a load of clothes. The next day weather warning about storm coming in. I made it home safe. You think so, well, you would be WRONG!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leaving New Mexico

This is the last rest area before entering Texas! I left Deming, NM on Sunday and made it through El Paso,Texas just fine. Light traffic. Just about ten miles outside of Pecos,Texas I saw a dark cloud to my left (west) I first thought it was either rain or cold weather coming in. I had been driving almost six hours at that point and was really getting tired. I tried to out run the storm, but was caught right in the middle. It was a DUST storm. Terrible winds, I had to run in the middle of the road to keep from being blown off the highway! The dust was very thick, and visibility was not good. Big tumble weeds blowing across the highway.  I made it on to the Escapee's park, Tra-Park and pulled up to the check in point. The wind was still blowing, but no dust. The check in office had a sign on the door, I am in my rig space #1 watching the Super Bowl, if you need help, knock on my door! But, he saw me and came over to check me in. He is one of those fella's that whistles while he works. Drives me crazy! I told him I just wanted to pull in, hook up the electric and nothing else. I also said I wasn't feeling very good. My sugar was dropping at this point. I saw a golf cart at his rig when I pulled in, and I thought he would direct me to my site. He took my $15.00 and told me what site to go to, and to pull way out, so I could get my slide rooms out. I told him, I wasn't putting them out, just wanted electric. I said to him, wish me luck. He replied, why would you need luck? I told him again I'm not feeling well. So, I did as he said, pulled way out, turned in and promptly clipped the covered table! I heard metal on metal, and just got sick! About three Tejano's came running out and one said I had hung my steps, and awning. I asked if he could help me, and he said, yes, got in my truck and backed and pulled up and the three fellas got me straightened out. Here comes the manager on his little golf cart! I said to him, I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T FEEL WELL. He never said a word, went back to his ball game.Those three fellas and one gringo helped me, got my steps up and out of the way, no I didn't leave them down. I got my little step ladder from my truck, and they helped me get into my rig. Enough fun???

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Going back to TEXAS!

This has been one of the roughest trips I have ever made. I have boondocked in the desert at Quartzsite and not been as cold! I know that all the nation is getting cold and icy weather. New Mexico really got hit hard. There are 10's of thousands of people with out gas for  heat. Of course they get their gas from Texas. I had never heard of Texas having "rolling" blackouts, but guess they are this winter. I have never been so upset with an RV park, or LoW's membership group in my life. That is another blog, I will have a lot to say, but not today. I am still too mad!
I heard from an apartment for Seniors in Cleburne,TX, that I had checked out some years ago. She says she has an apartment for me when I get there! So, I am on my way back home. I hope it works out,if so I am going to take it, and look at other ways to travel when I want to. Motel 6 opened up some doors for me! Didn't know I could do it, and enjoyed my stay there. I think it would be a lot cheaper too! When I got diesel the other day it was $3.31.9 gal, now it is $3.59.9 a gal. It will put a halt on a lot of travelers. I would like to have something like a Roadtrek, small enough to park on the street, and could overnight in. I still enjoy going to camp outs with my Single friends, but pulling this big rig is not fun, and especially for just a week end camp out. 
Life is about changes. I think it is time for me to make some changes in my life. I want MORE fun and laughter! I have had enough sadness and stress!
The wind is blowing up a gale right now, I tried to hook up, but I just can't do it at the moment. Maybe it will calm down and I will get hooked up, except for the electric. I will be able to get through El Paso pretty early. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

8 in Deming, NM

It was 8 this morning when I got up, it has finally made it to 14! The weather man says we will be -2 in the am. Coldest it has been in NM in 30 years! About all I can do it stay in bed,under my electric blanket, and pray the wind will stop blowing! My furnace has been running all day. I had to go out at 8 this am and turn my last tank on. I hope I don't run out, before I can get out to get more. I have my electric heaters running also, but they don't do much when it is this cold! This life is just too rough for this old lady!! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bad Weather in Deming!


It is very cold and windy, and I am not budging one inch! Just not smart to be on the road in this type of weather.
Kandi started off the day by being sick. Bless her little heart, she jumped up in my lap to be cuddled and promptly threw up on me! She has not been her best through this trip. I give her bottled water, but something has upset her tummy. She has been OK the rest of the day.
I just can not see moving, so I have extended my stay here at this park. Don't know how long I will be here, guess it really doesn't matter, safety matters!