Thursday, August 23, 2012

A restful day

Yesterday was a busy day for me. A trip to town, and the grocery store. Took my trash out, brought my ladder in from the truck. I have to get up on the ladder to clean the A/C filter, and also I want to get my truck cleaned out. I thought I might make the drive to Ft.Worth today (70 miles one way) to Camping World. I decided I wasn't up to that, and needed to make a list. I want to get my truck washed while I am there. It won't fit through the drive thru car washes and that leave a "hand wash" only wash, or I could do it. Those car wash power washers about knock me down, and I don't do a really good job, so I thought I would splurge while I was close to one that did hand washing. My moving day is Monday, guess I will go back to Sun Country for a week or two. By staying here for two weeks free, it just about paid for my new batteries for the truck. My inspection sticker runs out the end of this month too. I am "sorta" making plans to travel to Albuquerque,NM for the Balloon Fiesta in Oct. Everything is planned in Jello, for the moment. I haven't decided if I am really up for the trip. It will be "boondocking" and this rig is not ready for that. I will have to have my Catalytic heater installed before I can do that. Not everyone here in Texas will do it, they say it is not legal because it isn't vented. But, last time, I found someone to do it for me, and never had any problems. I kept the heater when I went from the Big Sky to my apartment. I kept a most of my RV stuff. Must have known I would be back!