Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Just had to say it! I won't live long enough to see that number again. 
Took my trash to the dumpster, went to the post office, and to the Family Dollar Store. Not much in the paper, but I get my grocery ads, some time I find good buys. 
It was cold again last night, 26 degrees, but nothing froze so I'm OK. Another cold night and then we will warm up some. I think I may have to get LP tomorrow, or the next day. I was trying to get both tanks filled at once, I have to ask someone to help me, and that way I won't have to bother them again.
I usually don't send out Christmas card anymore, but there are a few people I like to keep in touch with, so I bought a box of 10 cards.
Kandi isn't feeling well tonight, been throwing up. So hard to know what to do when they can't tell you. 

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. My mom used to keep some of those glucose tablets in her pocket, her sugar was always going to low. Maybe the doc needs to adjust your med's.