Thursday, April 29, 2010


I don't do "waiting" very well! I still have not heard form the insurance adjuster. I will call the agent again tomorrow. I hate dealing with him, he is so rude. I am thinking of calling AARP Foremost home office and see if I can learn anything that way.
The wind is very high here today. Steady at 28 mph with gusts up to 37 mph. I am just holding my breath the window in the truck doesn't fall out. It looks very "iffy".
I am running out of groceries, rather than chance driving to the store, I drug out the old bread maker. Make a fine loaf of home style white bread. There goes my diet! It is better than store bought anyway. I gave in and turned my a/c on about 6:30 pm. couldn't take the heat and the wind. Hope tomorrow is better.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am still waiting for the Insurance company to send their adjuster out! All of this happened April 21 st and still no one has shown up from AARP Foremost Insurance to look at the damage. I did as the Insurance agent asked, got estimates for the glass. Had them faxed to the Ins. company. Their agent is so rude to me. They act like it is my fault! My neighbors are too. I told them several times I need to get the glass in my truck fixed in a hurry, because I need to go to Wal Mart to get my meds. They sure didn't offer to take me to Wal Mart! They are the ones that caused the damage, and they act like it's no big deal. I am the one dealing with the Insurance Co, and finding someone to repair the glass. It is my diesel at $3.00 a gal that will be used to go to get it put in! The glass in the truck is falling out into the back seat! The Ranger here came again and tapped it up for me. I am really sick and tired of dealing with all of this "stuff". I can't seem to get any help. I am a diabetic, and heart patient. I think stress is the one thing I can't handle! If I EVER get my rig ready to move, I will get out of this Park, and try to do some travelling. That is what I set out to do, not sit in an RV Park! My Lone Star Single Sams club is meeting at a park just down the road from me, I want to go and visit, but afraid my back glass will fall out! We are expecting more stormy weather here this week end. I was so hoping to get it repaired before then. The back glass in the trailer is tapped up and may hold, I wasn't moving right now anyway, so it should be OK. I would like to make some travel plans for the summer!
I was considering changing my Insurance to AARP, but for sure I will not now. They have been so rude to me. That is not necessary.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Windy Sunday

A very windy day again today. After seeing the storm damage in Mississippi I am so grateful to be alive. I feel sorry for those people. I used to live in MS many years ago and it is one of my favorite states.
Today is Sunday, the Lord says to rest! So I really did! Just watched TV, and did my "phone calls" while I have free minutes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


We had storms across Central Texas last night. I kept watching the storms/tornado watch on TV and they looked like they were about 30 miles south of me around the Waco area. The weather man warned of winds up to 70 mile per hour with soft ball size hale. I think everyone should have a Midland Weather Radio, especially RV'rs. I have one but had turned it off because it drives me nuts with the loud alarms. I knew by the TV that the weather was not coming thru Whitney. We did get rain and what sounded like hale. Some wind, and I worried about my back glass falling out. What I didn't expect was my roof leak right on the foot of my bed! I had worked so hard cleaning the bedroom, washing my sheets. My bed is so hard to make up. Nice clean sheets felt soo good. So in the middle of the night, I am up trying to stop the water coming in from around my TV antenna! Finally put a rag around it with a rubber band to hold it. Maybe at least it won't drip on my bed until I can find someone to caulk around it. I cannot get on the roof, it is a simple job, finding someone to do it is the problem! TV showing towns about 40 mils east of me really got hit hard. So guess I am lucky after all. The storms seem to follow I35 north, I am a little west, so they missed me. Thank goodness. Another reason to get out of Texas!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Well you sure knew it was Texas today. We had tornado warnings all day. I get very nervous when the warning get close to Central Texas. I would not want to be in this RV if one should hit. In fact just winds of 30mph is enough to turn over this rig. The only storm shelter here is, to go to the restrooms. If a tornado was coming, I doubt I would have the presence of mind to do that.
I thought the insurance adjuster would come, don't know why I thought that, maybe because THEY TOLD ME SO!
Spent most of the day keeping busy, cleaning, watching for the insurance man. Oh well, tomorrow is another day! I am tired and ready for bed. Enjoyed Ancestry's show tonight. I do Genealogy, and I know it's not quite as easy as they portray it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010



I had such a trying day yesterday. First of all I didn't sleep well the night before, Kandi kept me up until about 5:30 am. Finally went to sleep and quarter to 10 my neighbor is mowing! He has a little "plot" of ground between us, really no grass, just rocks and weeds! I was really pissed he was mowing and all that stuff was hitting the side of my RV. I did take all my meds. run my blood sugar etc. When I raised the shade on my back window, I just about had a heart attack! My big picture window glass was shattered! I was so mad, just couldn't handle talking to him. I took a nerve pill, and put a nitro under my tongue, and called the Ranger. I told him I need help, and about the window. He said he would be right down. The Rangers and other workers here are just great. I threw on some clothes, and sure enough he was right here. He went to get some tape, to put across it so it wouldn't fall out. Meanwhile I went out to dump my black tank, something I had put off, but really had to take care of. Well there was my neighbor sitting and talking just like nothing had happened. So I asked her, are you not even going to say anything about breaking my back glass? She said she didn't know anything about it! Her husband did the mowing, so I guess she really didn't. Well Warren the Ranger came back, he and another fella tapped up the window. As we walked down the drive, that fella says to me, what about your truck? Sure enough, he had broken out my back glass of my F350.

They never did come over to look at the damage, so I marched over to their rig. I told them, their insurance would need to take care of it, after all it wasn't my fault. She got kind of "huffy" , but I didn't back down. She did come over with her insurance information, and her insurance co. did call me. Of course I am the one that has to call around (on my Ceil phone time) and get estimates, etc. So that is what I did. As of yet, no one has called me back. The window in the truck is pretty sturdy, but the window in the rig is real "squishy" very unstable. We are expecting rough weather here Friday, maybe even tornadoes. If it blows out, I may have to go to motel.

More flowers!

Blue Bonnets Galore!

Yesterday was beautiful and sun shining. I got some great pictures of Blue Bonnets and Indian Paintbrush flower on the way out of the RV park here at Thousand Trails Lake Whitney,TX

Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, they say April showers bring May flowers, we will have an abundance of flowers this year! Been raining for two days. It is chilly too. Keep putting my little electric heater away, and then getting it back out again. Bluebonnets are in full bloom here at the Park. Tried to take more pictures, but the sky was just too cloudy and dark. Tomorrow will be better and I will try again, they are well worth the effort.
My big day was going to the Dollar store for dog food and cleaning supplies. Then the grocery store. Seems it is impossible to buy any fresh veggies and fruit, simply too much $$.
Took Kandi to the Vet Friday. She was scratching her ears, shaking her head. I thought she might have ear mites, but she didn't, just "poodle" ears. He gave her a shot in the butt, which she didn't like. So while I was busy paying him, she left him a little surprise on his nice clean floor!! Ha! Ha! Serves him right!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Beautiful days here in Texas, Blue Bonnets blooming, also brings out the "critters". The newscasters are warning we have an abundance of Rattle Snakes this year! So the Vets in Central Texas are warning not to let your pets out without supervision. There have been two dogs bitten by snakes this past week. I am assuming that goes for children too! I am not in the habit of letting Kandi go out off her leash, but I will certainly be more watchful!
Wonderful warm days, with cool temps. It was 36 last night. Had to drag out my little electric heater. Not much doing today, just listed some computer software on e-bay. This park is always full on the week ends. I am sure tomorrow will have a slew of kids, and parents enjoying the nice weather and the games offered here at Thousand Trails Whitney,TX

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It has been a great first week of April here in Whitney. The temps have been in the low 80's but the winds have been really howling! The Blue Bonnets are beginning to bloom.

Today was a nice day, so I gave Kandi a bath. Then I needed one! Managed to get my trash down to the trash can. Did a load of laundry. Then the winds turned, coming from the north. Will be down in the 40's tonight! Well it is Texas, weather changes from hour to hour!