Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trouble,Trouble and more Trouble

Could anyone have more trouble than I do? 
I am too cold to get up!
Sunday in preparation to move from Sun Country  to Thousand Trails Lake Whitney, I decided to start getting ready by dumping my black tank, and back flushing it. My daughter would come Monday morning to help me move, I thought I would at least have half of it done. So, I cleaned my kitchen really good, took my shower, washed two loads of clothes. Everything was ready to dump. So, I go out to do that, and my RV door locked behind me! I had not taken my keys with me, something I always do, but I was aggravated at Kandi for crying wanting to go with me, and I didn't pick up my keys. So, here I am locked out of my rig, no phone,no truck keys either. So, I walked across the street and asked my neighbor if he could help me, he came with a key he had and tried to "jimmy" the door but no luck. I told him I do have a trap door down to my bays, if he knew someone small they could crawl up from under and gain entry and unlock my door. Well, he took off walking and brought back a neighbor that was not as heavy as either one of us. Had to take stuff out of the bay but he was able to scrunch under and come up through my trap door. He then just came out my front door,stepping over all the trash I had bagged, ready to take to the dumpster. How embarrassing is that? I will have an extra key made and hide it outside! Then I did dump and back flush the black tank. Put the sewer hose away, then tried to disconnect the green garden hose from the back flush connection. No way I could unscrew it. They more I tried the more the hose twisted. I finally just gave up and left it to do Monday when my daughter would be there to help me. All we had left to do was disconnect the water hoses, put the back stabilizers up, hook up and go. Should be simple right? Nope! More on that tomorrow.  


  1. Ah, my van will sometimes lock itself, so I always have to be sure that I have my keys in my hand. The RV, no, fortunately. The best made plans never seem to follow right do they? I'm glad ya'll found someone small enough to make it through that trap door. So I take it Kandi didn't care about the stranger in her house?

    1. Kandi didn't say a word. Think she thought he came to see her!

  2. Oh, don't you just love days like that! Seems there always seems to be one or two when you are trying so hard to get ahead of the game! Glad it all worked out.