Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time really flys

Time really flys when you are having fun! It has been almost one week since I moved from Thousand Trails to Sun Country. I really haven't done much. Took my time in getting everything "tweaked" and went to the P.O. and grocery store. Isn't that a busy week? Oh, well I will do better next week. Sun Country has a nice club house with activities almost daily. Of course I haven't been yet, but give me time and I will. I am not in the best spot, there is a cedar tree right at the end of my space, and when the wind blows it rubs on the very end of my rig. I did asked if it could be trimmed, but so far no one has done that. I may just get my clippers and try it myself. 
I had trouble with my computer for a few days, and wasn't able to get online. I had to go back and restore from a different date. Seems all is working fine now. Time to watch the new shows! Later.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Moved back to Sun Country

Rental cabin at Thousand Trails Lake Whitney
 cabins rent for about $85.00 per night for members

fenced in dog run.\
I was booked in Thousand Trails Lake Whitney for two weeks, but when I arrived, they didn't have a full hook up site. I decided I would go back to Sun Country RV Resort a few days early as my holding tanks were pretty full. I really didn't have much to do before leaving as I was never hooked to the sewer, just the one water hose and moving stuff around inside to get the rooms in. I did check the battery for water, and found it dry. Add distilled water to the battery. I thought this move would be super easy, and I would get out early, NOT. My daughter Cherry came about 10:30, brought my RX she had picked up for me. We chatted awhile not being  in a hurry. Then the fun began. Put the rooms in, backed into the hitch, no problem there, all was needed was to put the front electric jacks up. Did that, and then you must push the legs up by hand. Frist one came up fine, second one would not budge! Then Cherry noticed the foot pad was loose on the second jack. The pin that held the foot plate on had come off. Lesson here is to carry extra. But the leg would not come up no matter what we did. So, I called the Ranger station and asked if anyone was there that could come and help me. It wasn't long until maintenance man Randy came. I have know Randy for several years and was glad to see him! He worked the leg over, eventually taking the foot off. Was really glad to get that worked out. We finally left the park about 1:00 pm and made our way the mile or so to Sun Country. The office is closed until 3 so didn't stop, just went to my site. Pulled in and got set up, but what to do about the leg with no foot. Well, we just put the foot pad back on the leg, minus the pin and let her down! I will have to find another pin or a nail or something to keep the foot from falling off and loosing it. While cooling off outside, I noticed Jason's Mobile RV Repair next door. I know Jason and he is a great repair man! Jason came over and took some measurements to replace the slide out topper, and put in some 12 volt plugs for me. Forgot to ask him for the pin. Well things work out don't they?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moving again

It's almost time for me to move again. Time flys when you are having fun? Well, maybe not so much fun. It has been cloudy, and damp, and rainy, and now we have a cold front that passed through last night. Temps are in the 80s, so thank goodness it won't be so hot when I move. I am going back to my old standby Sun Country,for the next month. I need to take my rig and have some work done. I haven't made any appointments yet, if I can get it done here in Whitney, then I will. I may have to go to Camping World in Ft.Worth. If that is the case, then I will have it all done in one place.
I am still trying to decide if I want to go to the Texas Coast for the winter, or, head west. I really want to go to AZ for the winter, but the price of diesel is still right at $4.00 gal. Decisions, decisions. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

To continue, Monday, Sept. 10 th

My site A 32

A Neighobor

My rig in A 32

Behind my rig, trail to Lodge


It's only about a mile down hwy 933 to the Thousand Trails park. I was really wiped out as was my daughter. At the gate, there is a sign to "keep right" and I did. Parking at the Ranger Station to check in. I saw the Ranger in the shack, but she didn't come out to register me. So, after a few minutes, I got out of the truck, left the engine running and air on for my dog, and walked up to the door. She opened the door, I said I thought you would come over to my truck to register me. She replied, (rather sarcastically ) you have to come over here to get your paper work. OK, I said, I am somewhat disabled, and have a handicap license plate. Most of the other parks have you stay in your rig, out of the traffic, and the ranger comes to your window. I asked if there were any pull through sites, and she says, yes, we have plenty of pull throughs as a lot of people left this morning. By now it is about 4 pm. I find one pull through with full hook ups. Pulled in, begin to set up. I ask my daughter to hook up the electric, and turn air on in the rig as it was hot. She tells me, the air won't come on. I check the connection to the electric box, and she checks the connection to the rig. The breaker on the box won't stay on. Great, I call the Ranger and report it, and I am told they can't do anything about it, all the maintenance people go home at 4:00 pm. So, we put all the stuff back in the RV and pull out to look for another space. You have to pull out and around the roads to come back in to the pull through sites. I see several, but they are not full hook up sites, no sewers. Well, OK I can handle that for a while. I dumped everything at Sun Country. So, I pull in, put my blocks down, try to get level. Even though I am not level, I unhook, connect the electric, and my daughter connects the water. Guess what! NO Water. The handle to turn the water on is completely gone. Now it is 6:00 pm and I am totally shot! I tell my daughter to go on home. I can't do any more today anyway. I have drinking water, and water in the fresh water holding tank. I call the Ranger at 9:00 am sharp the next morning, and the maintenance man came right away and turned the water on. So, I am Semi boondocking. I did a drive through the park yesterday and all the pull throughs are full except for the one with no electric. 
All I can say is Thousand Trail Lake Whitney is not in good shape. I wonder what happens to my dues I pay every year? It is not spent to repair roads,trim trees, or update the sites! I am wondering if it is worth it to keep Thousand Trails membership?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well, it's Monday Sept.10 time to move to

Down town Whitney,TX
Thousand Trails Lake Whitney, just one mile down the road. No problem, right? Wrong. My daughter came about 10:30, check out time is 12:00, shouldn't be too bad. All we had to do was unhook the water hoses, put stabilizer  jacks up, hook up and go. You know about Murphy's Law. It sure applies here. Worked and worked to get the water hoses, and the garden hose disconnected. Neither one of us could do it. I found some "spray" and sprayed all the connections. Finally got them loose, and I put the back jacks up. Now all we had to do is back into the king pin. It took several tries to get lined up, then decided the jaws were not locked, so would come off the truck and try again. Well, they would not unlock, or lock. Lower the king pin, try, nope, raise the king pin, try to get off, nope. Stuck for some reason. By this time it is way past my lunch and my sugar is dropping, so went to get a McDonald's. Came back and sat in Cherry's car to eat, because I had Kandi with me, the rig was already disconnect from the elec. and the rooms in, too hot to go in there. While sitting in the car, we saw a fifth wheel under one of the covers, and decided to go and ask him for help, thinking he must know about fifth wheels. A very nice older man came to the door of his Cedar Creek fifth wheel and yes, he would come and help. He said it was back pressure (yes, I do know about that) and he released the brake, put the truck in N, and it came loose, trailer fell off the blocks, but did not hurt my truck. Scared the you know what out of me! But, then he backed it in, and made sure the jaws were locked around the king pin before he left.
It is about 3:30pm by then, so off to Thousand Trails. That will have to wait until tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trouble,Trouble and more Trouble

Could anyone have more trouble than I do? 
I am too cold to get up!
Sunday in preparation to move from Sun Country  to Thousand Trails Lake Whitney, I decided to start getting ready by dumping my black tank, and back flushing it. My daughter would come Monday morning to help me move, I thought I would at least have half of it done. So, I cleaned my kitchen really good, took my shower, washed two loads of clothes. Everything was ready to dump. So, I go out to do that, and my RV door locked behind me! I had not taken my keys with me, something I always do, but I was aggravated at Kandi for crying wanting to go with me, and I didn't pick up my keys. So, here I am locked out of my rig, no phone,no truck keys either. So, I walked across the street and asked my neighbor if he could help me, he came with a key he had and tried to "jimmy" the door but no luck. I told him I do have a trap door down to my bays, if he knew someone small they could crawl up from under and gain entry and unlock my door. Well, he took off walking and brought back a neighbor that was not as heavy as either one of us. Had to take stuff out of the bay but he was able to scrunch under and come up through my trap door. He then just came out my front door,stepping over all the trash I had bagged, ready to take to the dumpster. How embarrassing is that? I will have an extra key made and hide it outside! Then I did dump and back flush the black tank. Put the sewer hose away, then tried to disconnect the green garden hose from the back flush connection. No way I could unscrew it. They more I tried the more the hose twisted. I finally just gave up and left it to do Monday when my daughter would be there to help me. All we had left to do was disconnect the water hoses, put the back stabilizers up, hook up and go. Should be simple right? Nope! More on that tomorrow.  

Friday, September 7, 2012

A hard day at the beauty shope

So hard to be a lady, just spent the day at the beauty shop. All those other "girls" barking their heads off, and the fellows just lay there and watch. How do you like my pink bows? I'm driving all the boys nuts!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting ready to move again

Had the oil changed in the truck today, also the fuel filter, and air filter. So, I am about ready to start preparing the RV for the road. 
Monday I will move back to Thousand Trails Lake Whitney for another two weeks. Then, I don't know, it just depends on how I feel, and how much work I can get done on the RV. It's for sure I will have the wheels pulled and bearings repacked. Of course there are some other things I would like to have done, but I am working with a limited budget you know! It was 101 here today, I am looking forward to some cooler weather, hope it gets here soon!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My spot at Sun Country RV and Golf Resort

Moving from Thousand Trails, about one mile down the road, was a bitch this time. My daughter came to help me, I really thought I didn't need any help, as it turns out I did! We got into this space, actually the wrong space just as it came a nice shower. Ringing wet, we took a break and went for lunch. Having this much trouble makes me doubt my abilities to do this alone. I really want to make a trip west one more time. I have been getting my truck ready, got my inspection sticker Friday, $14.50. It's cheap because it's a diesel. Now for oil change, and fuel filter. That fuel filter will be $$. Then I will start on the trailer. There has been some discussion on whether I need to have the wheels pulled and re pack the bearings. I think this needs to be done. I can't find any maintenance records on this rig, so better safe than sorry. I want to have the breaks checked also. This is a holiday week end and this park has more rigs than I have ever seen before. Also they have part of the park closed for upgrading the electric and water. I will be here for another week, don't want to be on the road on Labor Day!