Friday, November 2, 2012

Doing chores

Yesterday was a "chore" day. First I gave Kandi a much needed bath, then I need a bath! Then wash all the wet towels I used bathing Kandi. I discovered these great Tide Pods. No more spilling powder or liquid soap. I think they are great for RV'rs, if you have a washer/dryer or if you have to take your clothes to the laundry. They don't take up much room, weigh nothing at all, easy to use, just drop one in the washer and start filling with water. The only draw back I see, is if you have only one or two garments, such as reds, or blacks you want to wash alone, you wouldn't want to use as much detergent. I guess you could use dishwashing soap to do just a few garments. I traveled in my class C motorhome years ago and without a tow car for years. That meant hauling the laundry to the laundry room of the RV park. Sometimes, I could park close, sometimes not. I had a mesh laundry bag with a pocket for your soap, dryer sheets etc. I usually took a pocketful of change too. That is when I decided I wanted a rig with a washer/dryer, even if it was a small one. I am happy with my Sears Stak Pak washer dryer. This is the second one I have had, wouldn't trade it for anything. Check them out. I get mine at the Family Dollar store for $4.50 a package of 14. That is 32 cents a load, not too bad is it?

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  1. Haha, for a moment there, I thought you got the washer combo at the Family Dollar store ;-)