Tuesday, May 31, 2011

America the Beautiful

Memorial Day at Buena Vista

We celebrated with hot
dogs, and everyone brought a dish to share.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Texas Weather

We are getting hammered here in Cleburne as I write this blog. I don't think it will be as bad as the people in Okla. City. Several of the cities here in Texas had some damage,but nothing bad. I keep losing the TV signal, great for watching weather!
I went to my rig today, finally got everything out! Good Bye old girl. We had a lot of fun. Took a truck load to the storage bldg. Now, all I have to do is clean out my storage bldg. My bones hurt and I am TIRED.

Cleburne,Texas lower left hand corner just below Ft.Worth,TX


Saturday, May 21, 2011

I was wrong!

It is Mountain View, Arkansas that I was hoping to visit. The Ozark Folk Center is a state park. Lots of arts and crafts, music shows. The lodging is pretty pricey! Now I remember why I had an RV. I think the fall of the year would be a good time to go, when the leaves are changing colors. There are a number of National Parks in Arkansas also. The rental cabins are not cheap, and a $40.00 non refundable deposit is required for my dog, and not all the parks have cabins that will accept the dog. Motel's would be the next choice. I think tent camping would be the cheapest, but I am not able to do that. So, I have to start looking in earnest for a camper van if I ever want to travel again! 
The Clinton Library is also on my list of to dos' Very pretty area to visit anyway. Just a "dreamin".

Friday, May 20, 2011

Another day

of doing nothing! Over slept again, even after setting my alarm clock. I don't know how I am going to break the habit. Managed to do laundry and clean my kitchen. Stormy day, lots of thundering, Kandi does not like that. We got very little rain, but east Texas got some of the storms.
Talked to one of my RV friends, that sells in Quartzsite,AZ. She is back in her hometown of Houston. She has a lot and is getting electric installed, preparing to settle down for a while. I think she wants to quit the road. It does get hard as you get older. I am still getting my apartment in order, but looking for a class b van too. I would like to go to Arkansas, I think it is Mountain Home, there is arts and crafts and music, I believe they give lessons also. I guess I could go in the truck and stay in a motel or cabin. We will see, maybe the diesel will come down by the time I am ready to travel.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Made a trip to

Wal Mart. I just can't seem to get up early, maybe because I stay up watching crazy shows like the "storage wars" on TV. It is about people bidding on storage buildings. Some turn out pretty good, as far as getting their money back and making a few bucks. One couple has a Thrift Store, and that is how they supply it. Another older fellow is a collector, seems he has no luck and all. Any hoo I got a late start, and after making my list I still didn't get all my goodies. 
Guess that means another trip. I did buy a tomato plant, pot, and potting soil. Also found some curtains that will work for the bedroom window. My truck is still loaded from the last time I went to the rig, had trouble getting in all my grocery's. Maybe I will get around to cleaning it out tomorrow. It is supposed to rain again this week end. I was going to the rig to get the rest of my things out and make a trip to the storage bldg. If it is raining I won't. Want to see what the new curtains look like, course they need a press. Wonder if I still know how to iron? 

Monday, May 16, 2011


Well I missed Bingo again! It was at 3:00 and I was trying to find change for a $20.00 dollar bill, by the time I did Bingo had already started. You don't want to interrupt old ladies when they are playing bingo!!
I stopped on the way back to my apartment and visited my neighbor Barbara, I had met her when I first moved in, but you know I can't remember names. That's called CRS,(can't remember shit) a decease a lot of old people have, and some who are not so old! Barbara has her apartment fixed up really cute. She is into plants and has every nook and cranny filled with plants, and other decorative items, they even spill out the door and along the hallway. Enjoyed our visit, and I was looking at her patio door, thinking about screening mine in someday. She has a regular screen door that opens out to her plant filled patio. It is something you have to buy, and find someone to install. Did find out, after you are here one year, they will clean your carpet for you. That's nice. Barbara has lived here eight years! Cooked a meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Tried out the dishwasher tonight as I was not feeling very good. Only the second time I have used it. Barbara did show me how to use the self cleaning option on my oven. See, I am not too old to learn new tricks!



Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just lazy

Guess I am just lazy! I didn't get anything done today. My truck is loaded with stuff from the storage bldg. that I thought I just had to have. Guess it will be there when I get 'round to it.
I have been having trouble with my HP all in one printer. I went on line to HP and followed their trouble shooting guide. It ended up telling me to get new ink cartridges, so I went to Staples the other day and bought both the color and black. Yipes! I could have bought I new printer for what I paid for the two cartridges. In fact they had one on sale as a close out for $59.95, but of course they were out. If they were out, why then was it still on the counter? Anyway the ink cartridges with tax was $62.00. I have not installed them yet. I am thinking about going to Wal Mart to see if they have the printer, if not I can install them then.
I still have my mail forwarding service from Escapees, and today I went to the mail box and picked up my mail. I got my Loners on Wheels news letter, and lo and behold there was a Roadtrek for sale by another LoW member! It is just what I am looking for, 17ft. has a full bed in the back, potty,shower and only 78,000 miles. It is an 2002 and she is asking $16,000 for it. Two draw backs, it is in MO and there is another lady coming to look at it next week end. It is a Dodge, and I really rather have a Ford, but, if it is as clean as she says, I would be interested. It has new tires, and new battery. Just have to wait and see. Of course I don't know how I would go get it, if I sold my truck to purchase it! Well, I will work that out if I have a chance. Also I am looking at a small 23 ft fifth wheel. It is new, 2011, has one slide and it is about the same price as the Roadtrek! I already have the truck to tow anything,new brake controller, hitch and all. It is just a thought. I am just looking at all my options. I think a new trailer might be the best deal. Then I would have to pay storage, insurance and tags etc. With the van I could use it everyday and park it here with no problem. Only one insurance, one license,one inspection. So hard to just wait. I haven't even unpacked!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Went to the rig

Yesterday I drove down to Whitney to my rig. I took Kandi with me, a big mistake! The weather was very cool and I thought it would be a good day to work on getting the rest of my bays cleaned out. First off, the highway from Cleburne to Whitney is and has been under construction for months. I think it is actually getting worse. It took me one hour to go 27 miles! By the time I got to the rig, had to go to the bathroom. Lucky I have the rig! I stopped and paid my storage rent for another month, $25.00. Not bad, but it is just out in a field, and this time the RV parked next to mine was gone. I pulled up close to the side with the door, and the wind nearly blew the door off. Still, I was able to unload that side of the bay. Kandi had to get out and do her thing, and picked up a few thousand stickers. So much for grooming. Then I moved the truck to the other side, sunny over there and seems like the wind wasn't too bad. After about an hour I realized I needed to eat, and the bed of my truck was full anyway. Where DID all that stuff come from?? The grass was very high on that side, guess they couldn't mow because of the fifth wheel that was parked there. Something really was biting me, even though I sprayed with Deep Woods before I left the apartment. Made it to Sonic for a hamburger and fries, Kandi enjoyed it as much as I did. Forgot to get her a water "bowl", so after I got my drink, I let her have my water I had brought in my travel glass. She is really funny looking drinking out of my glass! She got the idea though. I have a case of drinking water in my truck. It is still there from my stay in Deming,NM. Wasn't worried about not having water for her. Then to the storage bldg. which is just across the street from Sonic. Every time I go to the storage bldg. I think how stupid I am. I have a 10x20 and have been there six years. There is NOTHING in there worth that kind of money! Here I am putting more stuff in there. By then it was hot, and I was feeling sick. Don't eat a big meal, and then try to work. I finally got the truck unloaded, had to just lean over the seat and rest several times. Couldn't manage to actually get in the truck. Really over did it, but I was determined to get the bays cleaned out, which I did not do. I really need help, and guess I will have to hire someone to help me. Either that or just quit paying on it, and let them auction it off. Thing is I still need to go back and pick through boxes and get what I want. The storage won't let me have a "sale" or I would do that. I am NOT able to haul all that to a flea market either. So, don't know what I am going to do. I first had intentions of downsizing and now, I want to have no storage at all. The next move I make will be to AZ and I sure won't drag all that junk along. So tired today I can't move, plus the bugs had a nice meal on my legs. Looks like fire ants got me. 
I am having trouble with Blogger too. I worked for an hour changing the looks of my blog, and it didn't save it. Looks the same. I did notice one day, I could read only, couldn't post or leave comments.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Escapee's Magazine

I received my Escapees Magazine today. I always enjoy reading Kay Peterson's article Thoughts for the Road. If you don't receive the magazine you are missing a great read. Kay was telling about a letter she had received asking how to choose from all their possessions to go full time in a 25 ft. RV. Kay response was to choose things, as if your house was on fire, and you only had 10 minutes to get out! What would you grab? Make a list of those things, then pretend you only had 5 minutes to get out. Cross off five things from your list of 10! When it comes right down to it the things we value the most are friends and family! Memories of past trips, and gatherings are things you don't have to put on a list, they are with you always. Kay said she would grab her computer, because it has her information on the hard drive, pictures, phone and addresses, and other records. Let me just add, always back up your computer! I am really bad about not doing that. Maybe you don't have your medical information on your computer, I don't. That is another thing I need to do. I have been seeing a commercial for a "new"scanner that lets you scan your documents to a folder on your computer. Wouldn't that be great, scan every receipt, RX, maybe pictures right to a folder. I don't know how much they cost, but it would be great. I look forward to reading my magazine every time. It always reminds me of something I should do. Thanks, Kay!
I wish my computer would unpack all my boxes for me. I seem to have gotten one of the dumb ones, it can't even spell!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day. About all I have are great memories of past, with my Mother and children. I really don't have any family any more, and holiday's are really hard. Enjoy everyday, you never know when it may be the last.

Friday, May 6, 2011

White Shell Jewelry Box

This is one of the Jewelry Boxes I sold in my booth at the Antique Mall.
My daughter and I went to Harlingen,TX in 2007. While down on the coast I made contact with a wholesale company to sell some of their shell gifts. All sold but the Jewelry boxes , I have one white, and one natural shells. They are beautiful, and I will be listing on e-bay soon.
We had a great time while on the Texas coast. It gets pretty hot in the summer, but we went in Jan. and it was pretty warm then.
One of my favorite places it Port Aransas,Tex. you can boondock right on the beach. They do charge a fee for a permit to do so, but it's not much, maybe ten or twelve dollars for a couple weeks. There is a County Park there too that is very reasonable, but my rig wouldn't fit into their spaces. I was able to drive right on the beach! A lot of people fish off the jetties, and there used to be a "gambling" ship that went out close to the jetties. I am looking forward to going there again someday. Hope I have a smaller rig by then and can stay right on the beach!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nothing New

Nothing new from me for the last few days. I did buy an under the counter light to go over the sink area, and the maintenance man installed it today. He also fixed my patio door, the weather strip was too low and dragging and made it very hard to open. 
It has been rather cool here, in fact I have the heat on.
Going through boxes trying to find all my important papers. I don't have any drawers in my computer desk, so I am wondering how to solve that problem. I can relate to Gypsy's  frustration!      
My twin bed is for sale on e-Bay. Decided I don't have room for it, hope it sells. Also thinking about the generator, I may sell it also. 
I was watching a small class b van on e-Bay. It started at $22,000. It was a 2004 Pleasure Way with about 50,000 miles. I really liked it, but it sold for over $30,000. I wouldn't have paid that for it, even if I could. It was nice, but not that nice. It does tell me that when I am ready to get a van, I will be able to find one. Since I am rigged to pull a fifth wheel, I may look at a real small one, about 22 ft. 
I had at one time a booth in an antique mall, in fact I have had three. Well, I found some "left over" sales stuff in the storage bldg. Guess I will be listing more stuff on e-bay. May open a store!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lazy Day

It turned cool last night. I put an extra blanket on my bed! I still couldn't get to sleep. Seems like every time I go to the RV, I can't sleep that night. I was still awake at 4 am! This is the second time this week I have done that. I think I am disturbed about my decision to get out of the RV and move into this apartment. I would move right back in if I thought I could. I have to remind my self why I wanted to get out of the RV. Doesn't make me happy! The apartment is nice and I hope I will get used to it. I am not much of a "joiner" even though I belonged to several RV clubs for singles. Most of those camp out were just for three or four days. Here it is a constant, noise from people going down the hall, or stopping at my door to talk. It is just me. I like it here, but it is depressing to see so many people in electric carts, or on walkers. They zoom all over the place. Most of them are very friendly, and seem to be happy. There are a lot of families that come to visit and bring their children. The play ground is right outside my front window. The dog goes nuts when she sees the people out there. There is no stopping her from barking. It is very startling to see someone standing right in front of your window! I know they are not thinking about me, just "peeing" their dog! I really enjoyed staying at Thousand Trails, because of the birds and other wild life that would come to my site. Here, I have the birds, but I really didn't want them to "nest" on my patio, there is bird poop all over it! I guess life moves on and so do I! Not happy about my oldest daughter being in a nursing home either. It does weigh on my mind. Her children did not want to let her go, and won't concede the fact that she won't ever wake up. Even though the doctors have told them she will always be just like she is now. Life just gets to me some time, and I have to do a lot of talking with the Lord to make it.