Friday, December 21, 2012

Laugh if you want to

but it worked! After listening to the flip flop all night, I discovered the roof vent over my bed had been damaged in the wind. I have Max Air vents over all my roof vents, otherwise I would have had a big hole looking back at me. I tried different size pillows, none fit sung enough, and then I thought about this piece of windshield cover I had cut up to use on my front door glass. So, I get on the bed, on my knees to tape it over the vent opening, promptly fell. Almost hit Kandi who was in bed. I rolled around like a big rubber ball trying to get up, all the while, Kandi is barking her head off, and trying to help me. I sorta fell between the mattress and the sliding door to the bed room. I finally managed to get in a position to hang my feel off the bed, sit up and stand up. About this time my Daughter calls me, and I try to explain the situation. She tells me to wait and she will come tomorrow and see what she can do. Well, after I rested awhile, I tried it again and did manage to use duck tape to hold it over the vent, thus preventing the cold air to come in when the vent flopped open. During the night, the darn thing fell, scared Kandi to death. I give up!
So, today Cherry and Delbert come and Cherry get in the bed on her knees, and is able to re apply duck tape and so far it has stayed up. I know I will have to have it replaced, but maybe after the holidays. What a night!


  1. Oh no, must have been really heavy winds to damage the vent even with the Maxx air covers. No laughing, such a pain to have fix things in the middle of the night.

    1. Yes, but I am so glad I HAVE the MAXX roof vents, or I would be looking at a hole in the roof.