Friday, February 22, 2013

Back on Potassium

Tuesday my daughter took me to Cleburne to my doctor. They re checked my potassium and blood thinner levels. Then we enjoy a nice lunch dinner at Chillies. We went to Walmart while in Cleburne. 
Wed. my doctors office calls me to say go back on Potassium, my level is too low, it is 3.2. So I am making an effort to take them, even though they make my tummy hurt. Also trying to raise my Potassium level by eating a banana per day. As a kid I was allergic to them, but I froze a couple and made a "smoothie" and seem to tolerate them OK.
Thursday my doctors office calls to tell me my blood is too thin! Skip two days, then one half, a whole one,half one, etc. Re-check in a week. However I do feel a little better these last two days. If any one has a recipes for "smoothies" that will raise my Potassium, please let me know!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hanging in there

It's really been a ruff time lately. Seem I can't take the potassium. Really did a number on my stomach. My daughter took me to the doctor, using my walker! Had more blood work done, and he took me off the potassium, gave me an RX for my tummy, and with in a couple days its much better. 
I can not eat some of the veggies I love because the blood thinner doesn't agree with them. Now, I need a diet high in Potassium, and how to get my vitamins by eating properly. In other words, I need a dietitian.Can't take my one a day vitamins because they contain Vitamin K. My doctor is sending me to a Neurologist.
It's pretty hard not to get depressed.  On top of every thing else, I think I am losing my vision!