Monday, October 1, 2012

September is gone!

I have been in a "funk" all month. I think it is because one year ago I lost my oldest daughter. Really sad to remember her death. She fell and broke her hip, and during surgery had a heart attack.She never came out of it and passed away 9--30-2011, at 55 years old. Such a waste, and yet here I am an old woman, still kicking. Not kicking too much these days. Feeling a little depressed. Saturday it rained here all day, and yesterday was cool and cloudy. I could never live in an area where the weather was dreary and damp. 
I feel like I need to be making some plans to move on, just not sure of where. So, instead I just stay in bed. I can do that pretty good!


  1. At 55, your daughter was way too young to die, but I think those who die during surgery are probably the luckiest people in the world. At least she didn't have a long, drawn-out painful death, but I know it's still no consolation to you. Hope you can get your spirits back up soon.

    By the way, I've tried to leave comments on your blog several times but can't get through the word identification nonsense.

  2. My deepest sympathy oh your loss. Wow 55 way too young to die.
    I know loosing a child must be the hardest thing to go through.