Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flap Flap!

Yesterday I did manage to go to a dealership that carries accessories for trucks and got brand spankin new mud flaps. Took about an hour, they had to weld the bracket that was broken, all total was $75.00. The mud flaps were only $12.00 each! Anyway, had to have them, don't want a "green stamp". It was really hot and I think I got a little too hot. But, that didn't stop me from looking at a used fifth wheel! The lot is right next to where I had my mud flaps installed, so I just had to look. It was really to hot to be in the RV for long, with no a/c. so I just did a quick run through. It is a "vintage" Dutchman, in pretty good condition. I did not like the bedroom.There are several things I would want to look at again, when it's cooler. I do think he is about $3000.00 to high. I told him that too, I think he might come down some, but first I would want the A/C and fridge to be on before I even went any further. It does have a place for my washer dryer. That is important to me. Too old to haul clothes to the laundry mat. 
Enjoyed today with my daughter Cherry, we did a little Thrift Store shopping and Mickey D's for lunch. I am tired, and in pain tonight, so I'm off the bed.

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