Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nothing New

Nothing new going on here, just trying to keep cool. I was 106 here yesterday. Just too hot to get out and do anything. 
My daughter Cherry, came Thursday and we played Bingo again. Didn't win a thing. Guess I shouldn't have griped about winning a package of purse size Kleenex last time we played. It was nice, package of 9, so I won't gripe any more.
I am still sorting through clothes, and have a "pile" for Goodwill. It's not a job I like, so, that is why I keep putting it off. I keep thinking I will loose weight and they will fit, yeah, right!
I enjoy reading the Blogs, even tho most people don't seem to be traveling much this summer. I am still "looking" for a RV. One day it's a small travel trailer, the next, a class b or c, and the next, back to a fifth wheel, just smaller. There is an RV dealer close by that is having a Super Sale this week end, but I am just not able to look at RVs in triple digits. You know they wouldn't be hooked up to have A/C.
I will just keep trying to figure out what I want, then, go looking. I like some of the 22-24 ft. trailer, but they seem not to have space for a recliner. I have to get my feet up. One I looked at was ARTIC FOX, it had a bed, no sofa, or chair. I don't think I would be happy with that. Meanwhile, I will try to get rid of my junk. I have several items listed on e-Bay right now. One is my Honda EU1000 generator. Really wasn't sure if I wanted to sell it, but, I think I had rather have the money, than the generator.

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  1. You and Gypsy seem to be in the same boat; trying to figure out if you want another RV. :)